[Editor’s Note: The following text is excerpted from the book “A Torchlight for America,” (1993) by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.]

In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.



The business community is so filled with greed that the bottom line means more to corporate America than the lives of the people and America’s well-being as a nation. Now both the business community and the nation are in trouble, and the business community is asking the taxpayer (through the government) to bail it out.

The fundamental motivation in this society is greed and the preying upon the weak of the country and the weak of the world, versus sharing wealth in cooperation with the weak and the poor. “Greed” is defined as a “selfish desire for possessions and wealth beyond reason.” When greed is exercised in the society, it is reflected by division among the people.


The whole society is modeled after division and that old mindset of “haves” and “have-nots”; of “the lord” and “the servant”; “the slave master” and “the slave”; and “the male” and “the female.” These mindsets are reflected in the doctrines of White supremacy and Black inferiority; and are perpetuated by the root problems of greed and pervasive immorality.

Speaking on the period after slavery, one of our giants, W.E.B. DuBois, tried to warn the South to move away from greed as the foundation of the society’s economy. In “The Souls of Black Folk,” W.E.B. DuBois wrote:

“Atlanta must not lead the South to dream of material prosperity as the touchstone of all success; already the fatal might of this idea is beginning to spread … For every social ill the panacea of Wealth has been urged—wealth to overthrow the remains of the slave feudalism; wealth to raise the ‘cracker’; wealth to employ the Black serfs, and the prospect of wealth to keep them working; wealth as the end and aim of politics, and as the legal tender for law and order; and, finally, instead of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, wealth as the ideal of the Public School.”

Rather than dealing head on with the root problem of greed, it appears that throwing money at problems is the thing that America has done most, and done most foolishly. There are many things money cannot solve. The response to the riots during the ’60s in Los Angeles, Watts and Detroit, was to throw money at the problem. But this did not get to the root problem of continued injustice to Black people. The same problems among urban Black people persist today. In fact, the problems have worsened.

America also throws away the taxpayer’s money by commissioning valuable studies, yet the government never really uses the results for the purpose of doing good. Though many of these studies are unpopular, they provide solutions that America could perhaps use to stop the ship of state from sinking. But this mindset of greed has permeated every aspect of society, blinding the rulership to the results of studies that they themselves have commissioned. Greed was in the very genesis of this country. Greed was at the root of the founding of this country. Greed was at the root of slavery, and it persists as a central problem to this date.

The business community is so filled with greed that the bottom line means more to corporate America than the lives of the people and America’s well-being as a nation.

Now both the business community and the nation are in trouble, and the business community is asking the taxpayer (through the government) to bail it out.

Rather than accepting less profits, businesses close plants, export jobs overseas and negotiate deals with the government that take America further into debt.

The military budget is as great as during war time, yet senators in states with strong weapons industries fight for military budget increases so that contracts can remain in their states—in effect saying to hell with the country and its budget woes.

Allah (God) has a way of showing His disapproval to those who are wise enough to read the signs. FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Act, was enacted to finance emergencies and recoveries from national disasters. Natural disasters are God’s way of indicating His displeasure and are a sign of impending doom. FEMA doesn’t have enough money to pay for the earthquakes that hit San Francisco during the World Series a few years ago. FEMA does not have enough money to pay for Hurricane Hugo, Cyclone Omar, the hurricanes in Hawaii, the tornadoes that have torn up Tampa Bay, and Hurricane Andrew. All of these catastrophes increase the budget deficit. And more of these catastrophes are on the way to America with ever-increasing rapidity. This is God’s way of nudging or forcing government leadership to accept real solutions to the country’s problems. Jehovah used 10 plagues against Pharaoh. Those 10 plagues, including natural calamity from snow, rain, hail and earthquakes, are seen in the world today, particularly in America.

There is a certain arrogance and false pride among the leadership that encourages the wrath of God. The leadership would like to keep up a reputation in the world that is not supported by its people. America gives away billions to other countries while she is suffering at home. What is the basis for this spending? It’s the lust for power and the maintenance of imperialism.

America gives $4 billion in aid to Israel, whose population is just six million, while giving just $1 billion in aid to all of sub-Saharan Africa, which has more than 600 million inhabitants. This shows us clearly where the government’s priorities rest.

America wants to keep up a posture and uphold White supremacy in the world while she deprives her people at home. America spent $10 billion for the homeless Jews in Russia while millions of her own people are living under bridges and in cardboard boxes or on the streets. These are yesterday’s workers—and America’s former taxpayers and soldiers—but America turns a deaf ear to their suffering to maintain her image abroad as a superpower.

In the Bible it is asked, “…what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” (Mark 8:36) There is a principle that charity begins at home. What good is it to spread democracy abroad and lose it at home? Has America lost all of its senses and become blinded by greed, arrogance and foolish pride?

Greed represents a moral problem. It’s a spiritual disease. The country needs a spiritual awakening and a spiritual change that will lead to moral consciousness. Even some of the spiritual teachers must be freed from this spiritual disease.

Qualified spiritual teachers have to be urged to teach the populace, particularly the rich, against their greed and immorality and put the people in a position to make sacrifices. Without the will to make sacrifices, the country will go down. The rich have to be imbued with that spiritual and moral desire to sacrifice more of their profits to help America survive. Or else, the future, which is already mortgaged, will most assuredly be lost to revolution and anarchy

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