WEB POSTED 09-10-2002

Greater understanding unveils the improbable

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Two days ago, on Saturday, August 17, 2002, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, in about ten minutes, put in perfect perspective the whole matter of reparations, primarily for Black people in America, and for the oppressed in general.

Today, August 19, I watched via C-Span, an event titled, “Congressional Forum on Police Misconduct.” It was held in Inglewood, California. It was chaired by Democratic Representative Maxine Waters and about nine Black legislators worked with her.

The testimonies, by professionals and the public, were effective and revealing. It’s heavy supplementary material to update The National Agenda, which is still before America (and the world) by Minister Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, the subtitle of which is Public Policy Issues, Analysis, and Programmatic Plan of Action.

This televised event unintentionally served was to justify the efforts of the rally for reparations two days before.

As I watched many memories came back to me. Among them was a statement made by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad during a 1956 meeting at his home, when I was being confirmed as a captain, under my then Minister, Brother Philbert. I suppose a major reason I vividly recall that experience, is because that was the first time I met him in a personal way.

He said, “Until people do unto others as they would like to be done unto themselves, we will always have a need for a police force.”

Later I saw in his words, a part of which I’ll now state: a good police force enforces what good teachers teach—the law of love. This generates more love that becomes mutual wherever it wasn’t.

According to news reports, and our experiences, the planet earth is a dangerous place to live—especially true here in the U.S.A.

On page 207 of Our Saviour Has Arrived, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad wrote:

“The population of the earth is the greatest that it has been for the past 6,000 years under the rule of the White race.

“On our planet earth, every race in every country, city, and town is now so full of people that they have to look for room for expansion.

Later, he stated:

“Allah Himself threatens to reduce the seemingly over population of the earth by removing all of the people of the planet earth who are unwilling to submit in obedience of Allah (God), His Messenger, and the Message that he has sent.

“A great vacancy would be left, for there is only a small percentage of the population of the earth who want to do righteousness. “

The prophecy in Genesis 15:13-15 is relevant to all of the above. It contains a very brief but comprehensive description of Abraham’s experience during which Allah transported him to the horrible years of our physical servitude in America. We’ve done the 400 years mentioned in this prophecy. The extra 30 years, mentioned elsewhere, brought us to 1985 during which the Honorable Elijah Muhammad—who is very much alive—contacted Minister Farrakhan, on the Wheel.

We are coming up on the 17th anniversary of that communication, which was September 17, 1985. It involved great science.

This 400-year period of time began in 1555; not 1619. Certainly, we are not as physically abused as we use to be. But that can be misleading. We are in a great many ways more abused than ever by what many call by the phony term “the system,” when they really mean people. To get into this properly requires another article.

One of the main forms of this abuse, however, is the advantage they take of our disunity, which they produced during physical servitude. In very cunning ways they have now made it worse, through deception, now that our Saviour has arrived.

Disunity produces stress. Disunity is contrary to our nature. Disunity kills in countless ways. Disunity is Satanic.

Now we are at the last section of the May 1st interview of Minister Farrakhan. He answered questions on sciences leading to the explanation of all things.

How often have we discussed Abraham during the last week, or month, or year? He is more important, for instance, than Michael Jordan, whom we don’t mention in our prayers as we mention Abraham. How often have we discussed any of the Prophets—since they, their experiences, their followers and what went on in their days has a direct bearing on our lives?

Do you recall reading in the scriptures where the prophets did things you considered hard to understand? Did you read that they did things that seemed to you to be crazy, if not evil? If what was strange, or hard to grasp, is now familiar and easy to see; if there are things they said or did that seemed crazy or even evil, but make so much sense now, what caused the change in our thinking and feelings about them?

It’s helpful to know that a paradox “is a statement, proposition, or situation that seems to be absurd or contradictory, but in fact may be true; a statement or proposition that contradicts itself; somebody who has qualities that seem to contradict each other; something that is contrary to or conflicts with conventional or common opinion.”

There is a principle in higher mathematics that involves paradoxes and can be stated: the more improbable an event the more information it yields.

Whether or not an event is improbable to us depends on the state of our minds, the extent, the quality, the depth of our wisdom. What is impossible for one is easy for another. What is possible or improbable for some is impossible or probable for others.

A simple—expression of what we are getting into is that according to a law of nature (a law of aerodynamics), that I read several years ago, that the bumble bee’s wing span is too short for his body’s weight. So, it is not supposed to be able to fly. Yet, it flies.

The simple reality is that this insect flies by an aspect of that law of which those who say it is not suppose to fly, are ignorant. The truth is this insect flies in violation of their understanding of this law. It’s flying in accord with aspects of this law that is beyond or higher than what they knew, or of which they are even aware.

As these scientists come to learn the higher aspects of this same natural law, the less improbable this insect’s ability to fly will seem to them. In other words the bee’s activities, makes sense to them as they gain more sense. Increased knowledge and understanding reduces the sense, the idea and feeling of the improbable.

Meanwhile, Allah never doubted that the bumble bee could fly, since He created it.

The “Jews” condemned “Jesus” for violating certain laws of the Sabbath, even though they could not deny the good effect of his work. Their attitude was like those who said that the flying bumble bee can’t fly. But, if their information was greater and their hearts were cleaner to receive truth, they would have seen Jesus as fulfilling, not violating, the law.

It’s said that Jesus performed “miracles”. Were they that? Or was he manifesting higher aspects of wisdom, law and power that his critics did not understand?

More next issue, Allah willing.