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Grasping a time of change and divine wisdom

Many people do not believe that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is physically alive. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is not one of them. But he does not present his views on this subject with intolerance. His views are reasoned.

Have you thought deeply into exactly why Minister Farrakhan is so convinced that his teacher is alive? What if you don’t care to learn this “why?” What if you later learn you are wrong?

Is It Possible That The Honorable Elijah Muhammad Is Still Physically Alive is obtainable from www.writtentestimony.com. It contains twice the information of all of the editions that have been published. It now contains Minister Farrakhan’s own words, on how he became convinced his teacher is alive.

This e-book also contains a chapter titled More Than A Vision, from a book titled, Where is the Honorable Elijah Muhammad? It has verifying truth of Minister Farrakhan’s powerful experience on September 17, 1985. It shows his connection to the reality behind the sightings, talk of and the hiding of the truth of the “UFOs” by America’s government. And this e-book contains much more.

What I’ve presented above, and in this column, over the past several weeks, is directed towards major truths of the greatest realities all will soon realize. Even today’s (July 19th) newspapers, indirectly touch the imminent unveiling of “Jesus,” which may be the greatest of these realties.

In an article in the April 30th 1971 issue of Muhammad Speaks, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad seemed to state that the Nation of Islam was falling. I asked him if that was what he was saying. He responded: “Yup.” However, it looked everywhere (to most) that the opposite was true. It looked even more that way (to most) over the next few years, until he departed.

Now, many think that the Nation of Islam, under Minister Farrakhan’s leadership, is going down for the count. They point out “this” and “that” and “the other.” In some instances they are right, and yet they are wrong, especially on their ultimate conclusions about the Nation. They don’t see deep nor clear enough. More on this in upcoming articles, Allah willing.

They improperly estimate Allah, Who best knows how to conduct what He started. (Philippians 1:6) They don’t know why the Honorable Elijah Muhammad told Minister Farrakhan, and others of us, that the Nation of Islam would fall but that it would rise and never fall again.

Now, what did Master Fard Muhammad start? He started the resurrection of a dead Nation, with His raising of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. It continues now in Minister Farrakhan’s work. We are in the very early stages of the recreation of the heavens and the earth, described in the scriptures.

Many don’t see this. Many don’t see the divinity in the moves of Minister Farrakhan, despite overwhelming proofs supporting him.

Before this series ends, I hope to include notes I’ve made, some months ago, on the little deadly “isms” that are contained in the four major “isms,” described in Minister Farrakhan’s Study Guides. He also pointed out some of these little deadly “isms” in his letter to us, the Believers in the Nation of Islam, in The Final Call (November 22, 1995; Vol. 15, No. 2).

His letter included this sentence: “Narrow mindedness, self righteous behavior, tunnel vision, unwillingness to change when greater knowledge appears, impedes our progress and our growth toward a perfect union with Allah (God) and with each other.”

God’s beginning of the universe points to what has begun here in America. What hinders us from seeing that the “making of the new heavens and earth” is beginning now and here? Are these little deadly “isms” (which make up the big “isms”) bigger impediments towards true sight and acts than we think?

The following is excerpted from The Wheel: Is It Real or Reel? from the book, Where Is The Honorable Elijah Muhammad? Is He Dead or Alive?

“As I mentioned earlier, what we are looking at is hardly the tip of the iceberg of what some know about this controversy. Just think over this tiny speck of information thus far presented, in this chapter, which Caucasians are in positions to obtain while most Black people are not able to gather on this vital subject.

“É white people have proven, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that this government is involved in a cover-up, which makes Water-gate and Iran-gate look like the play of tiny babies. To repeat: this cover-up of what this government actually knows, a UFO-gate (really KFO-gate, because they are known flying objects) is really an attempt to cover up God after He has arrived. A God-gate.

“This is at the root of the persecution of the Nation of Islam, led by the Honorable Louis Farrakhan.

“Consider this from Farrakhan: The Traveler for The Final Call, newspaper, dated September 22, 1992 É under the headline that the editors wrote: U.S. Presidents, UFOs And God’s Judgment.

‘When he [former President Ronald Reagan] was governor of California, and about 40 reporters, and others, on an airplane, flying over the state of California, did in fact see one of those so-called UFOs. He ordered the pilot to chase it. Of course, they never caught it.

‘The point is: what truths about these planes, called UFOs, did President Ronald Reagan misrepresent to the American people? Or did he, like President Jimmy Carter, seek the government’s secrets concerning these planes, and was he, like Mr. Carter, told that this was secret even from him? Or, has he ever been allowed to know that which is among the top most secrets of this government? He has spoken of these planes at least five times in the public. How much, however, did he really know while he was President?

‘These UFOs are ‘so-called’ because those flying these planes know themselves and their planes. Those Powers ultimately responsible for the designing; financing; constructing; testing; and launching of that giant of a plane—a city in the sky—and the fifteen hundred “baby” planes, are not unidentified to themselves and their work.

‘Nor are they unidentified to those whites É who know the truth of the matter. And this statement includes the current president, Mr. George Bush. They know that the planes are not being flown by aliens from out in deep space.

‘A few nights ago there was on C-SPAN an interesting interview. One of the persons being interviewed and questioned by the public was a Ms. Sarah McClendon. She is an 82 year old newspaper woman who is respected among her peers, and others in Washington D.C., whose business it is to try to keep up with the forces at work there—the capital of this world’s most powerful government.

‘I was struck by the force and the manner with which she spoke of the current President’s total involvement in the policies of the CIA. She spoke of him, and his CIA activities, with disdain and disgust. Why?

‘Did Mr. Bush É inform Mr. Reagan of the truth of the Mother Plane and its relation to the Honorable Louis Farrakhan (and the Nation of Islam)?’ “

If not, why not?

More next issue, Allah willing.

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