[Editor’s note: The following excerpt is taken from a message delivered by Minister Farrakhan at Compton Community College in Compton, California on August 15, 2004.]


In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.

In the Book of Genesis, Allah (God) makes Adam and speaks directly to him. He offers Adam everything in the Garden, except one thing. Allah (God) warns Adam: “Don’t eat of this tree, because the day you eat this, you will surely die.” Adam says, “Sure, o.k., fine.” Allah (God) says, “I don’t like for you to be alone.” He didn’t make Steve, He made Eve and gave Eve to Adam to help him meet the responsibility that God had put on Adam.

Minister Louis Farrakhan

But then Adam disobeys Allah’s (God’s) instructions, so God kicks him out of the Garden. When God speaks, He does not lie; it’s impossible for God to lie. So, when He tells Adam, “The day you eat this, you will surely die,” and Adam ate what God told him not to eat, why isn’t he dead?

He was to die in the powers that would make him a ruler after God. So, a culture of death has ruled the earth for 6,000 years. A culture of death.

The Bible says that Adam, when he disobeyed, it opened up a whole new world for him—but it’s the underworld. When you talk about heaven, you look up. When you talk about hell, you look down. What did Adam discover in his rebellion against God? He discovered a world that exists under the Divine world.

You live in that underworld, as we speak. You do not know the heavenly life, because you have never been asked to live it. The Bible says, “You are born in sin and shaped in iniquity.” What is sin? Paul said, “Sin is transgression of the law.” The law is what Adam broke in the Garden. What law was that? It was the law of Islam.

What is the law of Islam? Submit to do the Will of God. If Allah (God) ordered Adam to eat of everything but the tree that was in the midst of the Garden, he broke the law of submission. When you break the law of obedience to God, then you have to obey another force. What is that force? When you disobey God, then you become obedient to the guidance of the desires of the flesh. That is the carnal mind that wars against the spiritual mind.

So Paul again says, “As by one man, sin entered into the world, and death came by sin, all men have sin and all men then have tasted of death.” Right now, Brothers and Sisters, you are dead. Right now. You may say, “No, not me. I woke up this morning.” But you didn’t wake up in your right mind. You may say, “Now, don’t insult me, Farrakhan. How dare you say that I woke up and I’m dead?” Let me explain what “death” is.

When Brother Rick James passed away, he had a body and a soul, but in that final moment when the breath—which was the last thing to come in—became the first thing to go out, then the body had no more life in it. Then, the degenerative process begins and rigamortis sets in. That’s why the people of God are called stiff-necked, hard-hearted and rebellious. It’s very difficult to bend something that’s frozen stiff. The heart is a lump of flesh, but it is hard when you can shoot and kill your Brother, then go to Wendy’s or McDonald’s and eat a burger, although you have sent a family into grief; a mother is crying in the streets, yet you can go home feeling good, eat with your buddies, and talk about how easy and thrilling it was to kill someone.

You say, “I got a charge when I smoked him and saw him gasping”—that’s a hard heart. That’s a person that’s stiff.

When you can rob an old lady, who has lived a long life and she’s trying to get from the supermarket to take her groceries home, yet you can hit her in the head, take her groceries and what little money she may have, and laugh about it, your heart is not a heart of flesh. You have become stone.

At the funeral of Brother Rick, I explained that the earth can only claim what the earth gives. Look at your flesh and look at a leaf from a tree. You see the same thing in the leaf that you see in your flesh: veins, pores. The blood that runs in your veins is from the water of the earth and the bone in your body is the stone of the earth. But that’s not you; that’s the house in which you reside.

The Spirit of God that enters the flesh is the energy that guides the hands, feet and the tongue. That energy can be used for good or evil. If you live according to the Word of God, the energy of the Word of God is Holy; some call it the Holy Spirit. When you live by the Word, the Word empowers and transforms you. So, when death comes, you cannot die. The only thing that dies is what the earth gave you, but a life lived for God can never die.

The Holy Qur’an explains it in this way, “Speak not of those who die, or are slain in the way of God, as dead. They are alive, but you understand or perceive not.”

But you, dear Brothers and Sisters, you’re dead in that you live to feed your pleasures. So your soul, your spirit is dead in you.

The Bible says, “The first Adam was made from the dust of the earth. The second Adam was made of a quickening spirit.” So, you have everything within you to get out of your condition and transform, not only your community, but the world. It’s all in you. Jesus said, “The Kingdom of Heaven or God is within you.” What did he mean? The nature of God is already a part of you, but what has happened is that the flesh and its lusts have put the spirit to sleep, or death.

So, the Resurrection of the dead is not a trumpet, in the literal sense; it is a brassy truth. The Bible says, “Him that hath ears, let him hear,” because it is through the organ of hearing that the word will come in. Once it comes in, the Word will quicken the divine essence of you. Then, a war begins. If you’re not at war, you’re dead or you have been conquered, so you are no longer at war. A verse in the Holy Qur’an reads, “Oh soul that is at rest, well pleased with thy Lord and well pleasing.” In the Christian church on Easter Sunday, we used to sing, “The strife is o’er, the battle done, the victory of life is won. All glory to that risen Son. Hallelujah!”

You could be one of those risen sons and daughters. But the Word that you hear today, it may inspire you for a moment, but the flesh will war with the spirit, even though you would say today, “I’m ready to give that foolish life up because I don’t want the fate of those that went before me.”

But then when you leave here, your buddies will ask you, “Hey man, where were you today?” “I went to hear Farrakhan.” “Yeah, what did he say? He’s a bad dude. He’s a bad dude.”—as if I’m an entertainer.

But I am going to entertain you today, and if I never see you again, it’ll be alright, because what I tell you today, you will run into, in just a few hours. I did not come here to play with anybody. I came to warn you of a terrible thing that is about to happen on the West Coast.

This kingdom that is within you, once the word strikes it, it stirs something within. Then, you start fighting against the things that are bringing you down. But you can’t stay away from the Word. Once the Word has started quickening you, you have to keep feeding on the Word. When someone is hooked on drugs, they have to know where the dope man is and how good are his drugs. Then, they tell their friends, “I had some stuff last night. Boy, this dude here, his stuff is not cut.” Then they bring about 10 friends to buy some more drugs. Well, that’s the way it is with the Word of God.

If the Word is really alive in you, you can’t sit still. You’re going to bring somebody to that which gave you life. When you stop doing that, you’re coming to the mosque for what? Coming to say prayers? That’s nice, that’s good for you, but what about your Brothers and Sisters? Do you think this teaching is just for you now? If you have lost the love of your people, do you think that Allah (God) is pleased with you? No. A chastisement is on the way and my foot will hardly leave L.A. before you’ll understand what I’m about to tell you today.

The scriptures say, “Let Us make man.” The man disobeys and produces a culture of death. He has children, Cain and Abel, spoken of in both the Bible and the Qur’an. This is a dysfunctional family, because the head of the house has rebelled. You can’t have a good family if you are the head of the house and you’re in rebellion. Who is going to guide the wife if the head of the house is a rebel?

Most good women that marry no-good men, do not stay good. In order for them to stay good, they have to get away from what is no-good. If a woman marries a man that is no-good, watch how fast he takes her down. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, “There’s no such thing as a no-good woman. Every woman that is no good, was made no good by a no-good man.”

So, don’t think, Sisters, that you can hold on to what is no good and reform it. Once that marriage and relationship starts going bad, it starts imposing bad on you. So, you are always put in the valley of decision, with a no-good man. “Do I want to continue until he makes me as rotten as he is? Or do I want to make a decision for my life and my children?”

I’m not encouraging divorce; Allah (God) is, because He said in the Bible, “Two would be lying in bed and He’ll take one and leave one.” I didn’t say it. Jesus, the Son of Man said, “Think not that I come to bring peace, nay a sword. I come to set the mother-in-law at variance with the son-in-law” and “They of a man’s own household will be his worst enemy.” Allah (God) is not interested in unity with the wicked. So, even though I love you all, and would love to see you united, reality says that, if you are going to choose the way of the enemy, go to hell with the enemy.

Now, in the Book of Isaiah, we read of a human being that is crushed now under the culture of death. So, he is looking for relief. Who is going to relieve you from the culture of death?

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