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God uses a humble-hearted one to convey divine wisdom

The headline, placed over my article, by the editor, in Vol. 21; No. 33, read: “Each Believer must bear witness to the Gospel.” This made me to think of several passages from the Bible and the Holy Qur’an. I’ll mention only two.

The first can be found in I Peter 3:15, (Revised Standard Version)which reads: “Always be prepared to make a defense to any one who calls you to account for the hope that is in you. …”

The Amplified Bible reads it’s “a logical defense” and others used the word “explanation.”

The second one is in the Holy Qur’an, Surah 2, verse 256, which reads, “There is no compulsion in religion—the right way is indeed clearly distinct from error. So whoever disbelieves in the devil and believes in Allah, he indeed lays hold on the firmest handle which shall never break. And Allah is Hearing, Knowing.”


One of the most powerful, or penetrating observations, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan ever made, in my hearing anyway, was made in still another interview I conducted with him on May 1, 2002. It is being transcribed now, and be it the will of Allah, it will appear soon in this wonderful newspaper.

In preparation for what he said, in that interview, I feel compelled to ask those who study this column to really take quality time, not just a few minutes, and really reflect over the width and the depth or the height of the wisdom of Minister Farrakhan, as he fulfills his assignment. In doing so, remember that he has repeatedly identified the Source of the wisdom and power he has displayed and continues to display. He has stated, time and again, that the love and the mercy, as well as the wisdom and the power, of the Two Who back him up, is the Source of his own wisdom and success.

He is a true example of what he teaches. If you will, when you take the time to think over Minister Farrakhan’s wisdom, do so in contrast to what is considered the greatest unanswered questions, the greatest unsolved problems now confronting humanity.

This involves thinking over the wisdom in what people call “religion” and “science” or any other large fields of knowledge, on which men and women have built and maintain the institutions of this world.

Does this beautiful and humble Black man really have wisdom superior to the wisdom of the wise of this world? Yes.

What follows, at this point, is an excerpt from something I wrote back in the early 1970s. Deep thought on the following is a part of what will help us see and use the wisdom Minister Farrakhan presented to me on May 1, 2002. It ought to provide us with yet another reason God Himself put this beautiful Black man in the position he occupies and why we ought to help him non-stop. Here it is.

“To the question of why the Bible is the leading selling book in America, many Christians would probably give an answer which contains Jesus at its center. They would say Jesus is the answer. From the Christian point of view, Jesus is the central figure in the scriptures. They claim that the entire Old Testament tells of his significance and of his second coming.

“No less a scholar than Will Durant has observed that despite all the criticism of the scriptures … ‘the outlines of life, character, and teaching of Christ remain reasonably clear, and constitutes the most fascinating feature in the history of Western Man.’

“What is so fascinating about Jesus, on whom White people have placed the title, ‘Christ’? This fascination is manifested in many ways. For example, Irvine Wallace has recently come out with another ‘best seller’ entitled The Word. In it he wrote:

” ‘Some years ago, the top newspapermen in this country were polled by a leading public opinion firm. They were asked to speculate on what story, within the realm of scientific possibility or beyond it, could be the biggest story of this century.

” ‘There were many varied answers. Some newspapermen voted for the discovery of a cure of cancer. Others voted for a treatment that could enable human beings to live to the age of one hundred. Yet others voted for the landing on earth of creatures from another planet, or our reaching another planet and finding civilized life on it. Some voted for a day when the United States of the World was announced as a reality.

” ‘But do you know what the majority of the newspapermen voted as the biggest possible story of our time? They voted for the Second Coming.

” ‘If Jesus Christ returned to our earth in person, in the flesh, if He proved the Resurrection a reality tomorrow—if He came down amongst us tomorrow—that, those reporters voted, would be the biggest story of our time.’

“Of course, Mr. Irvine’s book was fiction. It contains, however, many truths. Again, the point the reader is asked to think over is the fact that the biblical Jesus occupies a larger place in the thinking of Americans than most actually realize, or would care to admit.

“It is in the nature of this thinking, a great deal of which is ‘subconscious,’ where we will come to see the root and nature of this ‘fascination’ with Jesus. It is here where we will also see into the reason for the seeming ‘split-minded’ attitude of White Christians towards Jesus and the Bible.”

Thirty years have passed since the above was written. But that has not changed the country’s “fascination” with Jesus.

There is something, which the majority of us do not actively pursue—not on a daily basis anyway—but there has been and is still, a relatively small handful of trained persons who do it every day. They are called physicists. The ones I have in mind seek the root understanding and control of everything. Of course, they are aligned with others, or backed by those who seek the same.

Many will say they have no time for this kind of thing and such a pursuit is an utter waste of time. Well, that’s an unwise statement when you consider, for example, what Einstein and others discovered and the stupendous effect of what they did, in laboratories, had on humanity. From a few formulas came the atom bomb and then the hydrogen bomb, to name just two items.

(Well, what does Jesus have to do with the explanation of all things?)

Those of us who have listened to Minister Farrakhan know that he has given truthful and clear answers to the simplest problems, as well as the most profound answers to the most complex in language anyone can understand. In this upcoming interview, you’ll see that this very humble man, in simple language, has already provided the public with the answers to the everyday problems, as well as the answers to the ultimate problems, which the physicists of this world yet seek to solve.

Study Holy Qur’an 6:36, which reads, “Only those accept who listen. …”

Please visit website www.writtentestimony.com for information about what the physicists of this world call “the explanation of everything,” which Minister Farrakhan and his teacher have already publicly answered.

More next issue, Allah willing.

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