WEB POSTED 12-22-1999
God desires perfection for human beings

In his valuable Study Guides, the Honorable Minister Farrakhan wrote: “Allah (God) says in the Holy Qur’an, when He desires a thing, He only says, ‘Be!’ and it is. Is it His Will that we be perfect? Yes. He has already arranged forces to bring this about. His Power is actively at work to perfect His Will that we be perfect human beings. And what does a perfect human being look like? A perfect human being looks like God.”

Notice, that there is emotional as well as intellectual power by which Allah creates.

Now, Min. Farrakhan’s conclusion is supported 100 percent by all of the prophets of Allah. In fact about it, it is plainly stated, in the scriptures that, in the hereafter, the people will live openly in the presence of God, as gods and goddesses themselves—fully mature human beings.

That was the way it was prior to 66 trillion years ago. So, the Original Nation is now being fully restored to what and where we were, in terms of our relation to the Almighty, our overall status and in the best use of all of our powers.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad made clear, time and again, that it is the will of Allah that we rise from our condition of spiritual death and up into the power of self. He made clear, for example, in “Message to the Blackman,” that is why God came. He came to raise us from our miserable state of condition and into permanent power. He came to restore each one of us into the state of our true selves, which implies complete oneness with Him and with each other.

Yes, many say that this is impossible. They say that this is dream talk. They say that this is impractical talk. They say, “Let’s get real. Man, don’t you know that niggers can’t unite. Besides, the white man will never allow that to happen.”

True. False. Right. Wrong. Let’s explain.

It’s true that “niggers” won’t ever unite. They can’t. However, the condition or the state of existence that that word implies is coming to an end as the power of the spirit of Allah enters Black people.

This world of evil, as well as all of its products, is coming to an end. God Himself is producing new people. “Niggers,” like their makers, can’t enter the kingdom of heaven. Every one must be made new, in order to enter the kingdom of Allah, as it was written. The process of making new those who would qualify for His kingdom is now taking place. This is the process that Min. Farrakhan works to get all into.

Truth preceded lie. Good came before evil. Right was prior to wrong. God was first, not Satan. Reason, rational thinking and common sense were, by far, much earlier than irrational thinking, fallacious reasoning and insanity. What was original is now being restored minus the root, which caused evil to come into existence in the fist place.

As Allah started the original process by which all that is came to be, He is the One Who is now bringing to pass this process, by which all is being made new. Just as there was none to prevent Him from bringing in the first creation, there is none able to stop what He now wills to come to pass and to bring to completion.

The more we understand this, the more in tune with Allah we can think, feel and act, then the more intelligently we can participate in the process.

Now, it’s vital for us to grasp the fact that the essential aspect of the process by which we can qualify for the new world, is Min. Farrakhan’s Study Guides, which were ordered by Allah. Some may doubt that they were so ordered. But ask this: does the study of them bring one into the spirit of Allah?

Allah is He, Who brought to us the knowledge of self, collectively and individually. If we don’t grasp this first knowledge, in the collective sense, we won’t grasp it for ourselves as individuals.

Allah started and guides what He determined is the perfect process by which what He willed comes to pass exactly as He has willed. (See page 108 of “Our Savior Has Arrived.”)

What, then, are we to conclude from all of the above? We all can overcome every evil, including jealousy and even envy too. How? We can with the healing power of His wisdom. But can we guide our selves into the use of His wisdom? No! We need His direct help, just as Israel did, according to the book of Exodus. They needed Moses and Aaron as we need the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Minister Farrakhan.

Yes, there are those who doubt this. We’ll come to that doubt later. Meanwhile, what is the basis of this doubt?

Now, the word “can” is not like the word “may.” We can, in the sense that we do have the innate powers to over come jealousy and envy. However, we cannot overcome such evils, on our power, any more than a baby can guide its self into the knowledge and use of its powers. So, we may, and we can overcome but only by the help of Allah.

In my last article I mentioned that Min. Farrakhan was told, by his teacher, to put only one star on the lapel of the collar of his uniform. There is a deep connection between the wisdom in this; Allah’s choice of Min. Farrakhan a long, long time before he was born and His use of the Minister’s specially prepared heart, to serve His cause, which I hope to cover this next issue, Allah willing.

Mr. Malududi, a famous translator of the Holy Qur’an wrote these words in connection with the opening verses of Surah 87, which states that Allah “showed the way.”

I am breaking up his statement into several paragraphs for easier reading. His words bear on what I’m working on.

He wrote of Allah: “That is, nothing was just created and left to itself, but whatever was created to perform a certain function, it was also taught the method of performing that function. In other words, He is not merely the Creator but Guide too. He has taken the responsibility to give guidance to whatever He has created in a particular capacity to fit its nature and to guide it in the way suitable for it.

“One kind of guidance is for the earth, the moon, the sun, and the stars and planets, which they are following in performing their role. Another kind of guidance is for water, air, light and the solid and mineral elements, and they are performing the same services for which they have been created accordingly.

“Still another kind of guidance is for vegetables, according to which they take root and spread in the earth, sprout up from its layers, obtain food from wherever Allah has created it for them, produce stem, branches, leaves, blossom and fruit, and fulfill the function which has been appointed for each of them.

“Still another kind of guidance is for the countless species of animals of the land, and water, and for each member of the species, the wonderful manifestation of which are clearly visible in the life of the animals and in their works, so much so that even an atheist is compelled to concede that different kinds of animals possess some sort of inspirational knowledge which man cannot obtain even through his instruments, not to speak of his senses.

“Then, there are two different kinds of guidance for man, which correspond to his two different capacities. One kind of guidance is for his animal life, by which each child learns to suck milk spontaneously on birth, by which the eyes of man, his nose, ear, heart, brain, lungs, kidney, liver, stomach, intestines, nerves, veins and arteries, all are performing their respective functions, without man’s being conscious of it, or his will’s having anything to do with the functions of these organs.

“This is the guidance under which all physical and mental changes pertaining to childhood, maturity, youth and old age go on taking place in man, independent of his will, choice, even his consciousness.

“The second kind of guidance is for his intellectual and conscious life, the nature of which is absolutely different from the guidance for unconscious life, for in this sphere of life a kind of freedom has been transferred to man, for which the mode of guidance meant for voluntary life is not suitable.

“For turning away from this last kind of guidance, man may offer whatever arguments and excuses he may like, it is not credible that the Creator Who has arranged guidance for everything in this universe according to its capacity, might have set for man the destiny that he may appropriate numerous things in His world freely, but might not have made any arrangement to show what is the right way of using his choice and what is the wrong way.”

His words bear on two sets of words by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, which are related to our salvation. They are:

“Almighty Allah has taught me that if we study the universe and the nature of the earth: its plants, animals and insect life; if we study this part of Allah’s creation and the natural laws working among them, we will have the key to the understanding of the way of life intended by God for you and me.”

The second was spoken to Min. Farrakhan. They begin “I want your mind.”

P.S. Recently, Min. Farrakhan’s Minister to the Latino Community—Minister Muhammad Abdullah—began a wonderful work in Phoenix. More on his visit, next issue, Allah willing.