Galactic Spiral Density Wave and 2012: The Final Cycles of Transformation

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1. Introduction: Opening co-incidence – unlocking a terma
On Self-existing Moon 5 (22 October 2010) I noted that in the 1000 days to 2012 countdown it was day 791. I then noted that it was Kin 197. Remarkable, I thought, 197 is the perfect reverse of 791! Kin 197 I further noted is a galactic activation portal, and is the key that unlocks the fourth book of the Book of Seven Generations, the Red Lunar Earth. Very interesting, I reflected.

791, I then determined, is exactly 7 cycles of 113 days each. 113 is a key prime number, and as a kin equivalent, (Kin 113) it is the Red Solar Skywalker, and represents Quetzalcoatl as Lord of the Dawn. This is because Skywalker is the equivalent of Acatl, the Reed, the sign of Quetzalcoatl’s natal signature, and Solar represents the sun and the dawn. Sura 113 in the Qur’an is entitled, Lord of the Dawn, confirming the Kin 113 designation.

Furthermore, Solar is the 9th tone and Skywalker is the 13th seal. Nine and thirteen are the code numbers of the prophecy of Pacal Votan whose tomb was dedicated long count (AD 692). From these facts I intuitively knew I was dealing with a terma – a hidden mind teaching that is meant to be uncovered at precisely the correct moment in time – Kin 197, day 791 to 2012.

Since Kin 197 represents the fourth and central book of the enigmatic Book of the Seven Generations, and the only one that is a Galactic Activation Portal, I knew the terma would be the unfolding of the “contents” of this book, now understood to include the Seven 113-day cycles of the Lord of the Dawn.

2. Galactic spiral density wave and the seven cycles of the Lord of the Dawn
With day 791 we had entered a galactic activation portal: A heightened phase of accelerating transformation of the material plane of our consciousness, defined as the Seven Cycles of the Lord of the Dawn. These seven cycles of 791 days mark the final surge of excitation of a 104,000-tun (102,500-year) pulsation of the galactic spiral density wave. (Note: tun is a harmonic measure of 360 days)

In 1966, two astrophysicists, Chia Lin and Frank Shu, calculated that a galactic spiral density wave pulsing from the center of the galaxy gives both form and motion to the typical “spiral galaxy” (such as our own, the Milky Way). It gives structure by establishing the spiral pinwheel form of the galaxy, and gives motion because over hundreds of millions of years the density wave will have changed positions, creating new spiral arms, while the stars of the older arms will have dimmed or disappeared. The symbol of the Hunab Ku, One Giver of Movement and measure, also associated with the center of the galaxy, is very similar to the definition and image of the galactic density wave. As it pulses, the density wave affects the evolutionary status of existing stars and may even bring new stars into existence.

In the Mayan Factor I put forward the hypothesis that the Mayan calendar is actually a measure for calibrating different beams or density waves. The 13 baktun great cycle of history, for instance, is in fact the measure of a synchronization beam through which our solar system is currently passing. We entered this beam in BC 3113, and leave it in AD 2012. I also put forth that the 13 baktun cycle was just the last fifth of a 26,000-tun (25,625-year) cycle, encompassing the emergence of homo sapiens, so that in 2012, the cycle of homo sapiens also comes to a point of transformation. The 13 baktuns of history are really only the last fifth of this 26,000-tun cycle.

However, since the 26,000-tun cycle encompasses only 65 baktuns, it is only one quarter of the whole 13:20 frequency measure of 260 units, or a Tzolkin. Therefore the 26,000-tun cycle of homo sapiens is but the last quarter of a 104,000-tun (102,500-year) galactic spiral density wave pulsation. This 104,000-tun pulsation encompasses the emergence of man as the fire and tool-maker par excellence. It also characterizes the emergence of mind and consciousness as a factor that alters the environment. The galactic spiral density wave is in continuous pulsation, so we can imagine these 104,000-tun waves pulsing out in regular intervals. Bear in mind that a galaxy such as ours is some 100,000 light years in diameter. Our solar system, known as Velatropa 24, is at the far end of the Orion arm of our galaxy.

The entire 104,000-tun cycle consists of one 260-unit tzolkin module where one kin = one baktun, each baktun being a microwave within the larger wave which builds up in four 26,000-tun increments. The 13 baktuns of history constitute the 20th and final wavespell of the 260-baktun 104,000-tun Tzolkin. This is the phase when the density wave generates the synchronization beam, to create a planetary consciousness (noosphere). The 13th baktun – the last 260th of this great wave pulsation is the super heightened acceleration of the climax of matter (characterized by the globally transforming materialism) and the emergence of planetary consciousness – leading to the noosphere that commences after the 2012 threshold is passed. (See Graphic, Time Map I)

3. The Seven 113-day Cycles of the Lord of the Dawn

Quetzalcoatl he was a prophet
He made his people pure
Said one day he’d come back
Of that you can be sure

The return of Quetzalcoatl – Lord of the Dawn – is a natural self-existing process built into the final 791 days of the “beam” – a 104,000-tun density wave pulsation. The supermental powers of “galactic prophecy” program the beam, according to certain fractal timing principles set to occur or to be triggered at just the right moment. The seven cycles of the Lord of the Dawn build up as ever-greater density zones of solar planetary excitation. As these increase in intensity the destabilization of the material plane also increases, creating a descending curve of material destabilization. Note that 3 days after the 791-day program began, a manifestation of a major pair of sun-spots (number 1117) emerged on the solar surface, certain to trigger solar flares. The day after that the 7.7 magnitude earthquake and tsunami struck off the coast of Sumatra in Indonesia, and two days after that the Merapi volcano in Java erupted. A second volcano, Krakatau between Java and Sumatra erupted just three days after the Merapi volcano went off. And in the Kamchatka peninsula in Siberia, yet another volcano erupted at the same time as the Merapi.

Once these cycles have commenced it is the purpose of the enlightened elements of the planetary consciousness to ride and even be in advance of this accelerating excitation wave, spontaneously generating the call for a galactic intervention to help conclude the biosphere-noosphere transition, now that the human civilization is out of control. The seven cycles are mapped out on the 13- Moon calendar for the three year period, July 26, 2010-July 25, 2013. (See Time Map graphics I and II). These seven cycles are color-coded going from a cool blue building up to hot red (fifth cycle) and then into transformative purple and transcendent violet. This color symbolism also paces the narrative passage of the Lord of the Dawn through these seven stages.

1. First 113-day cycle, blue: “Lord of the Dawn Arises”, Days 791-679, Self-existing 5, Kin 197, 2 Earth (22 October 2010) Galactic 5, Kin 49, 10 Moon (11 February 2011) 5 Moon year

2. Second 113-day cycle, green: “Lord of the Dawn sets in Motion”, Days 678-566, Galactic 6, Kin 50, 11 Dog (12 February 2011) – Crystal 6, Kin 162, 6 Wind (4 June 2011) 5 Moon year

3. Third 113-day cycle, yellow: “Lord of the Dawn Electrifies”, Days 565-453, Crystal 7, Kin 163, 7 Night (5 June 2011) 5 Moon year – Electric 6, Kin 15, 2 Eagle (25 September 2011) 6 Wizard year

4. Fourth 113-day cycle, orange: “Lord of the Dawn Spectralizes his form”, Days 452-340, Electric 7, Kin 16, 3 Warrior (26 September 2011) – Resonant 7, Kin 128, 11 Star (16 January 2012) 6 Wizard year

5. Fifth 113-day cycle, red: “Lord of the Dawn Manifests Cosmic Radiance”, Days 339-227, Resonant 8, Kin 129, 12 Moon (17 January 2012) – Spectral 7, Kin 240, 6 Sun (8 May 2012) 6 Wizard year – Anticipate major 12:60 destabilization during this cycle

6. Sixth 113-day cycle, purple: “Lord of the Dawn Self-transforms”, Days 226-114, Spectral 8, Kin 241, 7 Dragon (9 May 2012) 6 Wizard year – Lunar 7, Kin 93, 2 Skywalker (29 August 2012) 7 Storm year

7. Seventh 113-day cycle, violet: “Lord of the Dawn Self-transcends”, Days 113-1, Lunar 8, Kin 94, 3 Wizard (27 September 2012) – Rhythmic 8, Kin 206, 11 World-bridger (20 December 2012) 7 Storm year – 791-day cycle concludes.

Ground zero: Rhythmic 9, Kin 207, 12 Hand (21 December 2012), 7 Storm year

4. The Magic of the Sacred Numbers
The prophetic date, December 21, 2012 marks the crest of the 104,000 year galactic spiral density wave, an evolutionary shift point of unprecedented magnitude, the shift from mind to supermind and the ascent of spiritual-mental values over materialist ones.

From the day following, 22 December through the end of the 7 Storm year, Day out of Time 2013, there are exactly 216 days. Six is the number of the cube, and as the number 6 cubed (6 x 6 x 6), 216 represents the frequency of the perfect cube. This means that there are exactly six 36-day cycles following 21 December 2012 through the Day out of Time, 2013, Kin 163, 7 Night. The next day, 26 July 2013, Kin 164 is known as Galactic Synchronization, the launching of the Timeship 2013. These six 36-day cycles represent the cubing of the Earth, during which there is a pause before the next 104,000-tun wave begins its next pulsation.

What is meant by the cubing of the Earth is the supermental telepathic creation of a cube of perfection around the Earth, representing the six days of the second creation generating a new heaven and a new earth. This is the perfect moment also for the Galactic Mayan return – the intervention to oversee the peaceful transition from the old order to the new.

Now when we add the numbers a new sequence of seven sacred cycles is revealed that run concurrently with the seven cycles of Quetzalcoatl and the cubing of the Earth:
791 days (7 113-day cycles of Lord of the Dawn)
+ 1 day, 21 December 2012, ground zero
+ 216 days (6 36-day cycles of the cubing of the Earth)
= 1008 days, 1008 = 144 x 7

This means that not only did the day 791, Kin 197 open to a sequence of 7 113-day cycles and the subsequent 6 36-day cube cycles, but it also opened the portal to the Seven 144-day cycles of the Return of Sacred Power.

Graphic Time Map III maps out the three sets of cycles. Just as the first day of the seven cycles of the Lord of the Dawn initiate the descending curve of material destabilization due to exponential increase of intensity of the climax of a 104,000-tun galactic density pulsation; this day also inaugurates an ascending harmonic curve of spiritual re-integration. This is brought about by an exponentially increasing focused intention to spiritually and collectively awaken the noosphere as a mental field of global coherence. So the seven 144-day cycles, Return of Sacred Power, are an index of the increase of spiritual energy activating the noosphere concurrent with the final excitation surge of the beam resulting in the destabilization of the material plane.

In the concurrent graphing of the cycles, note when the ascending curve supersedes the descending curve. Also note that 21 December 2012 is the 792nd day of the 144-day cycles, the midpoint of the sixth cycle, and that 792 = 11 x 72. Following that are the six 36-day cycles of the cubing of the Earth which comprise the second half of the sixth 144-day cycle and the entirety of the seventh, concluding on the Day out of Time 2013, when final preparations for the launching of Timeship Earth 2013 and full galactic synchronization will be made for the following day. The 216-day cube cycle represents a galactic program pause between pulsations of the 104,000-tun (102,500-year) wave.

5. Index of the 1008-day cycle of the Seven 144-day cycles of the Return of Sacred Power and the Six 36-day cycles of the Cubing of the Earth

1. First 144-day Cycle, Return of Sacred Power, “Magnetize the Power”, Days 791-648, Electric 5, Kin 197, 2 Earth (22 October 2010) – Solar 8, Kin 80, 2 Sun (14 March 2011), 5 Moon Year, 144 days complete

2. Second 144-day Cycle, Return of Sacred Power. “Stabilize the Power”, Days 647-504, Solar 9, Kin 81, 3 Dragon (15 March 2011) 5 Moon year – Magnetic 11, Kin 224, 3 Seed (5 August, 2011), 6 Wizard year, 288 days complete

3. Third 144-day cycle, Return of Sacred Power, “Serve the Power”, Days 503-360, Magnetic 12, Kin 225, 4 Serpent (6 August 2011) – Rhythmic 15, Kin 108, 4 Star (27 December 2011), 6 Wizard year, 432 days complete

4. Fourth 144-day Cycle, Return of Sacred Power, “Give form to the Power”, Days 359-216, Rhythmic 16, 5 Moon (28 December 2011) – Spectral 18, Kin 251, 4 Monkey (19 May 2012), 6 Wizard year, 576 days complete

5. Fifth 144-day Cycle, Return of Sacred Power, “Radiate the Power”, Days 215-72, Spectral 19, Kin 252, 5 Human (20 May 2012), 6 Wizard year – Electric 21, Kin 135, 5 Eagle (10 October 2012), 7 Storm year, 720 days complete

6. Sixth 144-day Cycle, Return of Sacred power, “Equalize the Power” Day 71 (to ground zero 21-12-2012) to Day 72 (Cubing the Earth), Electric 22, Kin 136, 6 Warrior (11 October 2012) – Galactic 25, Kin 19, 6 Storm (3 March 2013), 7 Storm year, 864 days complete

7. Seventh 144-day Cycle, Return of Sacred Power, “Channel the Power”, Days 73-216, Cubing the Earth (144,000 cubed within), Galactic 26, Kin 20, 7 Sun (4 March 2013) – Day out of Time, 2013, Kin 163, 7 Night (25 July 2013), 7 storm year, 1008 days, 7 cycles of 144 days complete. Sacred Power restored to Earth.

Ground Zero: New Sirius Cycle 26. 1.1, Kin 164, Yellow Galactic Seed, Galactic Synchronization, 26-year Cycle of Harmonic Convergence complete, Launching of Timeship Earth 2013. New 104,000-tun galactic spiral density wave pulsation commences. Noosphere Era dawns on Earth; threshold to cosmic consciousness successfully crossed. Rainbow vision of circumpolar rings is fully realized.

6. Six 36-day cycles (last 216 days 7 Storm year) Cubing the Earth
1. First 36-day cycle, Cubing the Earth, project the foundation (cube bottom), Days 1-36, Rhythmic 10, Kin 208, 13 Star (22 December 2012) – Resonant 17, Kin 243, 9 Night (26 January 2013)

2. Second 36-day cycle, Cubing the Earth, project the right side of cube, Days 37- 72, Resonant 18, Kin 244, 10 Seed (27 January 2013) – Galactic 25, Kin 19, 6 Storm (3 March 2013)

3. Third 36-day cycle, Cubing the Earth, project left side of cube, days 73-108, Galactic 26, Kin 20, 7 Sun (4 March 2013) – Planetary 5, Kin 55, 3 Eagle (Harmonic Convergence, 1987) (8 April 2013); First quarter, seventh 144 day cycle, 144,000 cubed within

4. Fourth 36-day cycle, Cubing the Earth, project back of cube, Days 109-144, Planetary 6, Kin 56, 4 Warrior (9 April 2013) – Spectral 13, Kin 91, 13 Monkey (14 May 2013); Second quarter, seventh 144-day cycle, 144,000 cubed within

5. Fifth 36-day cycle, Cubing the Earth, project front of cube, days 145-180, Spectral Moon 14, Kin 92, 1 Human (15 May 2013) – Crystal Moon 21, Kin 127, 10 Hand (19 June 2013); Third quarter seventh 144-day cycle, 144,000 cubed within

6. Sixth 36-day cycle, Cubing the Earth, project top of cube, Days 181-216, Crystal 22, Kin 128, 11 Star (20 June 2013) – Day out of Time, Kin 163, 7 Night (25 July 2013); Fourth quarter seventh 144-day cycle, 144,000 cubed within. Earth Cubed, New Heaven, New Earth ready for release into noosphere the following day, Kin 164 Yellow Galactic Seed. Evolutionary shift underway.

7. Seven Last Moons 13 Baktuns, Moon out of Time, Seven Mystic Moons to the launching of Timeship Earth 2013
In the 20 Tablets of the Law of Time and the 7:7::7:7 practices of the synchronic order there are definitions of the Seven Last moons of the 13 baktuns, the Moon out of Time, and the seven Mystic moons. These are derived from the 20 Tablets of the Law of Time which defines a cycle of 208 Moons or 832 weeks to accommodate the 832 13-stage permutations of the 64 DNA codons (I Ching hexagrams) – 64 x 13 = 832 = 16 x 52.

The 832 permutations are exactly the same as the number of weeks in the sixteen-year cycle from July 26, 1997 through July 25, 2013. Each codon runs its 13 permutations through one of the 64 quarters that occur during these sixteen years. Each week a codon is cubed, for each of six days of the week, one line of the six-line codons is placed on one of six sides of the cube, on the seventh day the codon is cubed, and radiated out telepathically as a purified and perfected genetic codon, or specific life signature.

The 832 weeks also divide into 208 moons, coded in sequence from Kin 1 to Kin 208. The last seven moons leading up to the Rhythmic Moon of 2012, the closing of the cycle, are defined as the last seven moons of the 13 Baktuns. These are the Moons coded to Kin 194-200. These are the same kin that code the prophetic cycle of the Book of the Seven Generations. These seven moons are seen as the culmination of the prophecy cycle, not only of the Maya, but of all prophecy cycles, and define a spiritually heightened time.

The Rhythmic Moon of 2012, on the 9th day of which the cycle formally closes – Ground Zero, 21-12-2012 – is referred to as the Moon out of Time in anticipation of the cessation of time as we know it. Following that from the Resonant to the Cosmic Moons of 2013, 7 Storm year, are known as the seven mystic moons to the launching of Timeship Earth 2013. As we have now seen, these seven moons occur altogether within the 216-day cycle of the cubing of the Earth, during the spiral density wave pause before another pulsation begins.

Index of the 7 last Moons, Moon out of Time, and 7 Mystic Moons (the moons take their names from the Kin that code them)

The Seven Last Moons of the 13 baktuns
1. Kin 194, White Crystal Wizard Moon, First book of the Book of Seven Generations, 12th moon, 6 Wizard year (30 May – 26 June 2012)

2. Kin 195, Blue Cosmic Eagle Moon, Second book of the Book of Seven Generations, 13th moon, 6 Wizard year (27 June – 24 July 2012)

3. Kin 196, Yellow Magnetic Warrior Moon, Third book of the Book of the Seven Generations, 1st moon, 7 Storm year (26 July – 22 August 2012)

4. Kin 197, Red Lunar Earth Moon, Fourth book of the Book of the Seven Generations, 2nd moon, 7 Storm year (23 August – 19 September 2012)

5. Kin 198, White Electric Mirror Moon, Fifth book of the Book of the Seven Generations, 3rd moon, 7 Storm year (20 September – 17 October 2012)

6. Kin 199, Blue Self-existing Storm Moon, Sixth book of the Book of the Seven Generations, 4th moon, 7 Storm year (18 October – 14 November 2012)

7. Kin 200, Yellow Overtone Sun Moon, seventh book of the Book of the Seven Generations, 5th moon, 7 Storm year (15 November – 12 December 2012).
This completes the prophecy cycle of the Book of the Seven Generations as coded into the seven last moons of the 13 baktuns.

0. Moon out of Time. Kin 201, Red Rhythmic Dragon Moon (13 December 2012 – 9 January 2013). Cycle closes – Time quake – phase shift – spiral density wave pulsation pause.

The Seven mystic moons to the Launching of Timeship Earth 2013 (each Moon recalls a power of one of the Seven Days of Creation)

1. Kin 202, White Resonant Wind Moon, 7th moon, 7 Storm year (10 January – 6 February 2013), Recollection of the Power of the First day of Creation, “Resonant Spirit”

2. Kin 203, Blue Galactic Night Moon, 8th moon 7 Storm year (7 February – 6 March 2013), Recollection of the Power of the Second day of Creation, “Galactic Abundance”

3. Kin 204, Yellow Solar Seed Moon, 9th moon, 7 Storm year (7 March – 3 April 2013), Recollection of the Power of the Third day of Creation, “Solar Flowering”

4. Kin 205, Red Planetary Serpent Moon, 10th moon, 7 Storm year (4 April – 1 May 2013), Recollection of the Power of the Fourth day of Creation, “Planetary Life Force”

5. Kin 206, White Spectral World-bridger Moon, 11th moon, 7 Storm year (2 May – 29 May 2013), Recollection of the Power of the Fifth day of Creation, “Spectral Death”

6. Kin 207, Blue Crystal Hand Moon, 12th moon 7 Storm year (30 May – 26 June 2013), Recollection of the Power of the Sixth day of Creation, “Crystal Accomplishment” (Note: This moon is the fractal extension of 12 Hand, 21-12-2012)

7. Kin 208, Yellow Cosmic Star Moon, 13th moon, 7 Storm year (27 June – 24 July 2013), Recollection of the Power of the Seventh day of Creation, “Cosmic Elegance”

Day out of Time, 1008-day cycle complete, Earth Cubed, mystic era dawns. Kin 208 Moon completes four Dreamspell Castles of 52 kin each for a total of 208 kin. Kin 209 (Galactic Synchronization, 26 July 2013) is entry into the fifth castle, the Green Central Castle of Enchantment, the Age of the Center, the Era of the Noosphere.

Why Lord of the Dawn Quetzalcoatl?
Lord of the Dawn Quetzalcoatl, prophet and mythic complex of ancient Mexico is the patron saint or tutelary deity of the Harmonic Convergence. The Harmonic Convergence of 1987 was in commemoration of the completion of his prophecy of 13 Heavens and 9 Hells, and was celebrated worldwide as a global peace meditation.

One writer refers to Quetzalcoatl as the magician par excellence, “He who knows the secrets of all enchantments.” He is a culture hero and bringer of the knowledge of astronomy, mathematics and the calendar. He is the one who initiates man into the mysteries of the interior life. He is often depicted as a plumed serpent, representing the marriage of heaven and earth. He is an alchemical cipher of the cycles and stages of transformation. He is associated with Venus and its synodic cycles of appearance, disappearance and reappearance as the morning and evening star.

“It is said when he burned, his ashes were at once raised up and that all the rare birds appeared when Quetzalcoatl died, for which they all call him the Lord of Dawn. They say that when he died Dawn did not appear for four days, because he had gone to dwell among the dead. And then in four days he provided himself with arrows (rays of light), for which reason in eight days there appeared the Great Star called Quetzalcoatl, and they add that he was an enthroned Lord.” (Annals of Cuauhtitlan)

As a prophet he is known as Ce Acatl Topiltzin Quetzalcoatl – Our Lord One Reed Quetzalcoatl. He was born in the Christian year 947 in Amatlan in the present state of Morelos, Mexico. He was known as a model king of peace and promoter of the arts and culture, who was opposed to human sacrifice, and built his palaces in the city of Tula in the archetypal memory of the original Tollan, the city of the distant star born. After many adventures and wanderings, he departed on a raft of serpents on the eastern sea in the Christian year 999, traveling toward the dawn, vowing he would return on the year sacred to him, the year One Reed in the Nahuatl tradition, the year and day of his birth (1 Reed = 1 Skywalker, Kin 53). In the Mexica tradition this year last occurred in 1987, exactly 1040 years or 20 52 year cycles after his birth in 947.

In the Nahuatl tradition, Quetzalcoatl is regarded as a multiple avatar and the first human to discover and convert himself into a “god”, i.e., to attain and realize his divine nature. Quetzalcoatl taught that human greatness grows out of the awareness of spiritual order. The era of Quetzalcoatl is that of the advent of the soul, the unifying center which is the essence of all religious thought.

Quetzalcoatl gave three principle counsels or advices:

1. Always be aware that God is ever-present; don’t despair or become cowardly, but remain humble in your heart and love God.

2. Be at peace with everybody, regardless.

3. Don’t waste your time. You have been given a precious opportunity in this earthly life; use it wisely and creatively.

As part of the meaning of the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, the return of Quetzalcoatl signifies the awakening of consciousness during the 26-year Harmonic Convergence prophecy cycle, 1987-2013. In this regard, Quetzalcoatl is the awakened rainbow consciousness that characterizes the self-luminous entry into the noosphere. This is the meaning of the seven cycles of the Lord of Dawn and the Seven 144-day Cycles, Return of Sacred Power.

José Argüelles-Valum Votan,
Galactic Research Institute
Self-existing 15, Kin 207, 5 Moon year
(1 November, 2010, Day of the Dead, All Saints Day)

Sura 113, Lord of the Dawn
In the Name of God most gracious, most merciful!
113.1 Say, “I seek refuge with the Lord of the Dawn.
113.2 “From the mischief of the created things.
113.3 “From the mischief of darkness as it spreads over things.
113.4 “From the mischief of those who practice secret arts as they blow into knots.
113.5 “And from the mischief of the envious one as he practices envy”
(This sura is essentially a prayer for protection in dark times. Lord of the Dawn in this context is a designation for Allah/God).

Time Maps
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GSD Map 3

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