December 5, 2016  · Fire Elementals also known as Salamanders
Question : do such things exist Mr Mahatmas Muhammad ? Answer” yes beloved Mystics Question: How do you know ? Answer: I’ve seen 1 feminine Salamander if I can call it that. What did it look like?
Answer : She was in-between matter and astral. Imagine a fire that is more fluid ,more controlled, more airy and less substantive than the everyday fire you see coming from the stove or a camp fire and visualize it being in a female human form. Imagine this fire having more white fire than red toward the surface of where the typical human being skin would reside and this will help to render a more appropriate representation of the Salamander that I saw. May this small and unique topic help the aspiring Mystic of Islam to understand that we must have friendships in all walks of life. Now to the topic of a Salamander The fourth group of elementals work with the fire element and are called salamanders. Their job is crucial, for they serve at the atomic level of all organic and inorganic life, infusing the molecules of matter with the spiritual fires of creation. The salamanders imbue the entire creation with the energies of the Spirit necessary to sustain life on earth. Capable of wielding both the most intense fires of the physical atom and the purifying, spiritual fires of Spirit, they control the spiritual-material oscillation of light within the nucleus of every atom. Whether in electricity, firelight or the flame of a candle, the salamanders are agents for the transfer of the fires of the subtle world for mankind’s daily use. Without the spark of life sustained by the salamanders, life and matter begin to decay, corrode and disintegrate. The burdens upon the salamanders range from the weight of mankind’s hatred to irresponsible uses of nuclear energy. Were it not for the fiery salamanders absorbing and transmuting the huge conglomerates of negativity over the large cities of the world, crime and darkness would be much more advanced than it is today. The very sustaining of life—the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink—is something most of us take for granted. Yet at the most basic level, we are utterly dependent on the selfless service of the nature spirits. The miracle of life is the miracle of the gnomes, sylphs, undines and salamanders. May you all find this posting in peace and in truth G.M.M