WEB POSTED 11-06-2000

Everything is possible with God

In the Lessons the followers of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad receive, under the leadership of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, is a question on the duty of a civilized person.

The answer, in part, that was given was that such civilized person(s) must teach the uncivilized people, who are savage “the science of everything in life.”

How deep, high, wide or vast and meaningful or significant is our conception of the words, “the science of everything in life?” What do we really see in those words? What thoughts run through your minds as you think on these words?

How close are we to the knowledge and understanding of “the science of everything in life,” in the present state of our knowledge and understanding?

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Minister Farrakhan are teaching the foundation, or the roots, of the teaching of “the science of everything in life.” Why should such vast teaching even be thought of, not to think of being taught today?

There are prophecies in the Bible and the Holy Qur’an that at a certain time God Himself would release the utmost of truth. Its scope would be “the science of everything in life.” These prophecies are being fulfilled today.

There are so many prophecies being fulfilled, or that are in their final phase of fulfillment, in various persons, groups, nations and in events, that one finds it difficult to keep up with them. A few days, or weeks, or more goes by, and then you learn that several aspects of the divine plan, written in advance, have passed and been fulfilled. In terms of the surface meaning of these two words, prophecy becomes history daily. This is awesome and humbling. It’s even more humbling when you are granted any of this information in advance.

Most people are asleep to these every day realities. If we would accept Minister Farrakhan’s request,to read, we would become aware of much which we now ignore. Our minds would be expanded. We would then see differently. We would also feel differently, if we are rightly motivated. These differences would be for the better. We could, then, act better by ourselves and by others—including Minister Farrakhan.

One of the major factors preventing us from taking his advice is false pride. Far too many of us think that whatever comes up in our minds are facts or truths, just because they came up in our minds. Out of this comes much talk that is false, to one degree or another. This generates confusion. This is Satan’s work. Confused communication results in disunity. Such confusion stunts unity. Unjustified dissatisfaction increases. This makes Satan happy. Satan is most happy whenever we help him against God.

Of course, learning time (life) management is a major key towards productive learning. So is humility. It opens up new circumstances. It is a factor that reverses Satan’s work.

What does humble and humility mean? Why do the scriptures teach that humility comes before honor? Is this expression a formula, or a principle, that expresses a law of divine origin, that continuously operates in the affairs of men? Does the fact of our humble origin indicate the nature of the roots of this observation, principle, formula: humility before honor? 

To define humility let’s begin with the response of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to a question I once asked him. It was, “What is the root of your humility?”

Without hesitation he replied, “I’m from an enslaved people and Allah raised me according to my nature.”

There was a three fold aspect or source of the root of his humility. He said that he was from an enslaved people. Then, he said, Allah raised him. This implied that he was raised perfectly. Third, he was also saying that he had a specific nature, according to which  Allah raised him.

The degrading and humiliating effects of slavery; his nature; the perfect manner in which he was raised, which was in complete accord with his nature, are the three factors he gave me of the roots of his humbleness.

To be enslaved is to be conquered; to be humbled; to be dominated; to be subjected to the will and whim of another. It is to be overpowered by one who hates, detests you, who seeks every opportunity to humiliate and degrade you. It is to be forced to think and do things, by your enemy, that is against yourself for the benefit of your enslaver. Such a one is your open enemy.

Slavery reduced us to nothing. From such a people came the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and Minister Farrakhan, and you.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad never forgot, for one moment, the cruel life-experiences of his people. He kept current on the mistreatment of his people. His love and concern for his people was intense. He always identified with the “little” Brother and Sister: “… the man and woman in the mud,” as he used to say. He well understood the value of those who were educated, but misled.

He work to make our educated, but proud, people humble and the humble and ignorant of us educated.

In all of this, he understood God’s working and God’s reason for allowing this misery to take place, in the first place.

Please keep in mind we are yet continuing the theme of the past five articles.

He was a hard working family man, with a wife and six children when he first met his Teacher, Master Fard Muhammad. They met in September, 1931. He was out of work, as were millions due to the depression.

It’s hard for most Black people (now) to realize the extent of the miserable state of condition most all Black people lived in at that time. We should read this history and the history which led up to it. This would enable us to see clearer why we are as we are today. It would deepen our gratitude to Allah for this teaching. That gratitude would show up in more study of God’s word.

So, in short, we were dead, in hell and in total subjection to our enemies.

Some groundwork for the resurrection process had already begun, by the time 1931 had arrived. It was elaborate. A part was seen. The rest was unseen. I won’t get into that here. That would make a book in itself.

Black people were totally unaware, however, of the elaborate work that had and was yet being done for their rise and future.

Now, if we were to pick a moment when the actual resurrection process  began, it would be the night the Honorable Elijah Muhammad went to a meeting where Master Fard Muhammad was teaching.

Master Fard Muhammad had been openly working, though yet under disguise, for 14 months in Detroit, by the time of His meeting with the man (the Honorable Elijah Muhammad) whom He was carefully drawing to Himself. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad would one day say that his Teacher knew what he looked like even before Their first meeting. He saw him at least 6 years before He met him.

This goes deep. For instance, there was a book in the Congressional Library which contained a picture of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. I am among those to whom he said that he was so shocked when he saw his picture, in a book in the Congressional Library, that he just slammed it shut and sat there for a while.

He met his Teacher, for the second time, about a month later. That was when Master Fard Muhammad came to his humble home, and knocked on his door.

During the next forty months the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was taught and experienced what no other human being before him had ever been taught and experienced. He was in the physical presence of the Divine Supreme Being. And, he knew it. During the next forty months his Teacher taught, trained and prepared him for the world’s most difficult job. In fact, his Teacher told him that He was giving to him the hardest job that any man was ever given or who ever lived.

Let us look at this in a general way. There are seemingly an infinite number of things that people have done and do every day. Some of these things, in the very nature of things, are harder to do than other things. The harder a thing is to do, the fewer the people there are who can do them. The harder a thing is to do the closer it is to that which is impossible to do. That thing which is the hardest to do is that thing that is right next to that which is impossible to do.

These three things the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to a few of us, one night, are impossible. God cannot lie. To be born one must have a mother and a father. When we are sho-nuf (sure enough) dead we won’t return among the living. These are the impossible. Everything else has, is, or can happen.

To repeat, that thing which is the hardest of all things to do, is that thing that is right next to the impossible to do. That thing, which is right next to the impossible to do, is the thing which only God can do—unless He empowers another to do it. That thing is the hardest of all things to do. And, Allah must continuously back you to do that which is right next to the impossible to do. Now go to web address: http://www.noi.org/study/traveler

More next issue, Allah willing.