The Head of the house of God (the man) must abreast themselves of the way of Islam as taught by our Messiahs-Master Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan,for both the men and the women and then be found conforming to those standards set 1st and foremost for himself and his kind which means sex in this case.

This exemplification of our way can never be ascertained while being ignorant of the law and mannerisms that are set down for each sex as Mystics of Islam. The man being the centurion guardian of his family must be perfectly astute of the laws and mannerism of both sexes,being that he has been deputized as the enforcer of the law of his own house hold.Righteous enforcement requires adequate knowledge,sensitivity,compassion and understanding of the law.

The men must do everything in their power to be found in compliance with our way as to be a motivating example for those under their charge. After setting the example they then must provide the things that allows the women to follow suit there by eliminating the reasons and or excuses that might be offered for a lack of adherence to our way and law. This adherence equates to divine protection,freedom,justice and equality.This must be followed by adherence from the women so that they can be a beacon of light of obedience to the children and extended members of their community,so that the children will not have a disdain for our way because they saw the parents as being hypocrites whom never conformed to what they professed to be strong advocates of. The children also must be supplied with the things that keeps them easily in the way of Islam.

Its starts at the top and works it way to the bottom family.

In mysticism please keep in mind that the top of the tree is its roots and the branches and fruit are the bottom. (smiling)

May this help us to understand the method by which we can establish positive influence and order in the home of a Mystic of Islam.

By Gary Mahatmas Muhammad