Master Fard Muhammad and his words to the Mahatmas family on why we should drink Egg Coffee


(Master Fard Muhammad )
Egg Coffee is how coffee should be drunk brother( gently said)


Yes Sir

(Master Fard Muhammad )

Coffee isn’t meant to be drunk the way its being drunk today because its to acidic and to strong brother. Back in the olden days coffee was always made with egg as to smooth out the taste and to remove all of the extra acid.
(end of paraphrased conversation)

This conversation came up as a result of my mind is made up to drink nothing but egg coffee. It was as if I had awakened with a whole new spirit and resolve not to budge on the point of making sure that I drink no other coffee but egg coffee. I have now entered the process of trying to perfect how I make the coffee. I remembered how the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad instructed us to make the egg coffee from ‘THE ORIGINAL COOKBOOK” that was given to the Nation of Islam (this cookbook was in circulation in the late 80s early 90s but seem to have vanished from among this generation of Muslims. That recipe seemed to have ingrained itself into my memory even after reading how it should have been made 17 years ago. I guess it was just meant for me to know this and abide by this.

So as the Mahatmas Muhammad family continues our journey and communication with Master Fard Muhammad, The Most Honorable Elijah and Angelic figure Louis Farrakhan