Dress Should Identify Black Woman By Tynetta Deanar ~ July 1962


Just what’s wrong with the white woman’s dress? Some staunch critics of Islam’s entrance upon the American scene would like to think that anything that is associated with the white race in customs and dress is hated and despised by the Muslims. However, let us for the sake of qualifying ourselves to represent truth, avoid such ill-guided assertions.

Nothing is wrong with the white woman’s dress because it is her dress and she has the right to wear it as short as she desires. But when the Negro woman wears the same dress, there are more than a half dozen reasons why this is wrong. Foremost, and perhaps covering the entire span of the reasons to be considered, is that we, as women with national and international responsibilities, are not properly identified in such garments.

Morally, spiritually, psychologically, internally, externally, ethnically, mentally, physically and technically we have, by our appearance, gravely retrogressed into oblivion. Where is your touch of creativeness, originality and genius in this white woman’s wardrobe? We are simply playing the part of “copycats” .

Something as simple as a dress (as we may deem simple) is causing us to falter behind the rank and file of the advanced societies of the world. Here is an example of the Negro woman’s lack of taste and discriminatory values when it comes to selecting the proper dress for herself and her children. This should produce the picture once and for all.

Why doesn’t the white woman of America or abroad wear the long dress of Ghana or the dress and veil of Egypt? Because the people of Ghana and Egypt are of the Black Race and the American white women (are) of European ancestry and have developed styles of dress that are becoming to their race and which only serve to belittle and demoralize any black imitators.

Be Yourself!

Develop styles of dress conforming to the personality of your own people. Then you will be loved, respected, and admired the world over. Remember that there is as much difference between the white woman and the black woman as night is from day!

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