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Divine vindication of a righteous man

Farrakhan The Traveler by Jabril MuhammadIn my last four articles, I’ve offered my testimony concerning
why the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan said what he did in the segment of “60 Minutes” which aired on the 14th of May. I’ve offered my testimony concerning why the producers of that program lied on Minister Farrakhan. In this article, I’m outlining my testimony of the mind of Allah and His Christ, Who are Minister Farrakhan’s Backers in this entire affair.

God Almighty was Personally involved in the events that led to and included the CBS program, which featured the lies of the wicked against Minister Farrakhan. The Holy Qur’an teaches that whoever believes in Allah, He guides his/her heart. The scriptures warn us not to judge according to appearances, but to judge with a righteous judgment. What is a righteous judgment?

Allah guided Minister Farrakhan’s heart, which is filled with His spirit.

He knew in advance that Minister Farrakhan would say what he did, as he did.

Minister Farrakhan is fulfilling what was written about Aaron, in the scriptures. The scriptures teach that God was with Aaron’s mouth. You might say, “If Aaron was a sign of Minister Farrakhan, why did Allah permit him to use the word ‘complicit’ on that program?” I’ve answered that, on one level, but let’s now go the next level.

To do this we must also comprehend Allah’s ultimate aim and purpose, His plan and the means by which He is fulfilling it. This includes a grasp of the place—in Allah’s planning—of Minister Farrakhan’s appearance on “60 Minutes.”

I shared with Minister Joel Muhammad (of Muhammad Mosque No. 32) my full views of these events. His response included an analogy from his experience in the martial arts. He told me of a concept called “Creating a false opening.”

He said, “This is a technique in which a master takes a stance with his sword in a position to his side and behind him, that cannot be seen by an opponent who thinks that he has a full opening and the person is vulnerable.

“As soon as the opponent rushes in for the kill, the defender maneuvers in a way that instantly splits his head in half or takes his head off.”

I told Minister Joel that I would use his words, which applied to a part of what I saw, by Allah’s permission, even though he warned me beforehand that it was gruesome. I said what they did to Minister Farrakhan and to us was gruesome. He agreed.

In front of film crews, and a room full of people, Mr. Wallace read words from Minister Farrakhan’s December 1964 article, from the Muhammad Speaksnewspaper, that included this sentence: “Such a man as Malcolm is worthy of death, and would have met with death, if it had not been for Muhammad’s confidence in Allah for victory over the enemies.” Minister Farrakhan complimented him as the first media person [he knew of] who quoted the whole sentence and in context.

When Mr. Wallace went live on “60 Minutes” he maliciously misquoted Minister Farrakhan when he said only: “Such a man as Malcolm is worthy of death.”

(I wonder if I will ever get that issue of Muhammad Speaks back from Mr. Wallace. It was my only copy of that issue.)

I stated in Vol. 19, No. 32, at the start of this series, that when I first saw on the day (May 13th) before Minister Farrakhan was maligned on “60 Minutes,” a promo, and heard another via radio, I knew they were going to lie on the Minister. This would be a test for everyone. But Allah would vindicate Minister Farrakhan. Further, He was going to force the wicked to use their media in the vindication process. His punishment would intensify.

What made me so sure? I’m convinced of the truth of Allah’s words, as found in the scriptures, in the light of the interpretation given by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

Minister Farrakhan is a man God produced for the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Black people in America, and for the world. By my use of the word “world” I am including white people who have and still mistreat Black people.

He is the last warner for Black and Dark people, as well as for America, before the coming of the severest and most explosive chastisement ever to come from Allah.

One hour after the evil done by CBS on Minister Farrakhan, this same network carried a program titled “Jesus.” When part two was shown the following Wednesday, many of the wicked were joyously exulting over what they thought was a victory over Minister Farrakhan, whom they find so troublesome to their wicked plans against the oppressed.

Minister Joel’s explanation included the splitting of the head. There is and will be an increasing split among the wicked. This will include the producers of CBS’ wicked portrayal, to a massive audience, of an exceptionally good and decent man—Minister Farrakhan.

The Bible clearly says that in the Day of Judgment, God would divide the people into two groups. It hints that there will be a third group. The Holy Qur’an clearly states that the people will be divided into three distinct groups. Minister Farrakhan is one of God’s chief agents in the sorting out of these three groups. This process is going on right now. It’s done, in part, through the decisions we make.

Due to her rejection of Allah and His servants, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Minister Farrakhan, America is bringing on herself “… all the righteous blood shed on earth, from the blood of innocent Abel to the blood of Zechariah … .” (Revised Standard Version)

Jesus is quoted in the Phillips Modern English, as saying, in effect, that the fullness of divine wrath would fall upon “this generation.” Which generation is “this generation”? The fullness of God’s wrath didn’t fall on any generation of the past. Jesus’ words are prophecy of what “this generation” is threatened with today, especially for her evils done against the Black man and woman in America.

Again, what did “this generation” do to deserve the fullness of God’s wrath?

(How will the righteous escape?) Jesus said God sent to them prophets, wise men, and writers, etc., from Himself. He said they mistreated every one of God’s servants.

So, as Today’s English Version (of the Bible) puts it, Jesus said, “Go on, then, and finish up what your ancestors started! Snakes, and sons of snakes! How do you expect from being condemned to hell?”

In the Living Bible Jesus explained that the reason “you will become guilty of all the blood of murdered godly men” is due to the nature, depth and scope of your rejection of God and His servants.

In Master Fard Muhammad, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Minister Farrakhan, and others in this country, all of the godly men and women—and then some—have come again whom your wicked ancestors persecuted and murdered!

The work of the enemy against the righteous today is worse than the work of the wicked against the righteous in the past. This is because you have all the teachings of the prophets, including Prophet Muhammad and the Holy Qur’an, which verifies the truth that you permitted into the book you call “Bible.”

God permitted the wicked to spread their mixed portrayal of Him, and of His revelations to His prophets, to every nation on this earth. He has likewise permitted them to become the Goliath of the planet earth. He did this for the supreme of reasons.

What was written in Exodus of symbolic Egypt, points to America, that she would become the most dominant force on earth, at the end of this world.

Then God would reveal through her slaves—the least dominant—that which exposes and destroys the root of her power on His earth.

He did this through a Black man born in Georgia and a Black man born in New York City and raised in Boston.

Georgia’s record of oppressing and slaughtering Black people is well known.

Not so well known is the fact that Blacks, Latinos and others in the Bronx lived, and yet live, in a state that intelligent observers have accurately described as worse than any of the most depressed of the Third World countries.

These two servants of God have served Black people, as well as America, with the greatest truth ever revealed and with right guidance.

Allah permitted the latest set of lies against Minister Farrakhan to go throughout the earth, so that when He clears Minister Farrakhan’s name, the impact of his righteousness and the truth he teaches will have a greater impact on the world than if Satan had not lied on him.

One of the laws which underlay and explain the soon to come impact the whole truth will have is this: the more unlikely an event the more information—and thus power—it yields.

It’s written in the scriptures that Minister Farrakhan will be very much alive, in his body, to see his (and our) enemies lick the dust, with their nasty snouts. He will be very much alive, in every way, to see what he always wanted to see, since he was a little boy. Now, as a big man, he will see the full bloom of the fruits of his labors. So will his teacher, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

I have come to the end of this aspect of my testimony. Space factors didn’t allow a fuller explanation of certain points in every article, as I would like.

So, more on these points, next issue, Allah willing.


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