[Editor’s note: Editor’s note: The following message is excerpted from a nearly three-hour lecture delivered by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan on May 27 in a major Sunday address from Mosque Maryam in Chicago.]


 I thank Allah (God) so much for remembering His promise to Abraham, that his seed would be a stranger in a land that is not theirs and they would serve a strange people in that strange land who would afflict them for 400 years; but He said to Abraham: “After that time I will come, and I will judge that nation which they shall serve, and afterwards shall they come out with great substance.”  That’s a great promise—and Allah (God) never breaks His promise.

Black people have wondered, “Why, God, have You allowed us to suffer like this?  What have we done to deserve what You have caused to be put upon us?”  And the scripture teaches of Jesus: When he met the man born blind, and the disciples asked him, “Who did sin?  Did he or his parents?,” Jesus answered, “Neither did his parents sin, nor did he sin.  He is born blind, that the works of God may be manifest in him.” (John 9:1-3)  In other words, his suffering was a part of a well-thought-out plan; that Satan would have his (Abraham’s) seed and put the seed into such a condition that only He (God) could get them out of it.  In essence, we were put in this condition so that the people who have not known God in these last 6,000 years of the rule of a strange people: that our rise on The Call of God when He comes would make Him known to a world that has not known Him.  They know of Him—we talk about “God”; but in that day, His people are going to learn about Him, and have a personal relationship with Him.  And as the scripture teaches (Ezekiel 37:13): “When (not if, “when”) I have raised you out of your graves, then shall you know that I, The Lord, am God, and beside Me there is no Saviour!”

I greet you, my dear brothers and sisters, thanking Allah for the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, this great master teacher that I have been blessed to be taught by.  Today, we want to know him better, and we want to know Al Mahdi, his Teacher, better. 

Keys for enduring trials

Sometimes in a basketball season, you have to have someone do an extraordinary thing to seal the knowledge that he or she is “the best.”  You can’t claim to be the best until you have shown your prowess and defeated all the rest. 

God allowed Pharaoh to become great:  He allowed Pharaoh to be looked upon by the people as a god beside God; so, He had to show on His coming that He, in fact, was God.  He was so much of a God that He took one of the slaves and made him a god over Pharaoh, to declare to the world that the one that He made a god over Pharaoh was one of millions that He would bring back to where they originally were.





I have been among you a long time … and the scripture says you would treat me “like a lovely song”—like it was with David.  The scripture teaches that he had “a lovely-sounding voice, and he played well on an instrument.”  But the people: Even though they loved to hear him, they hardly ever did what he taught them; but after he was gone from among them, they really recognized that a prophet of God was among them. 

Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, lived for 62 1/2 years.  Do you know that I have been preaching this word in America for all the years of The Prophet’s life?  Sometimes people, when they walked by Noah, they laughed at him and mocked him.  I said, “Poor man!  A prophet of God was building an ‘ark’ (a ship, a boat) in a desert where it doesn’t rain.”  When I think on Noah, I’m so inspired, because I can imagine this poor man, with his poor little family around him, whispering: “I think daddy is … I think he’s ‘off’ a little bit.  Don’t tell him I said this, but for him to be talking about a flood, water coming—and we haven’t seen water in a long, long time. …”  That poor man, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, taught for 150 years.  So, people want to know: “Well, why do you keep saying the same thing over and over again, Farrakhan?  I heard this yesterday.  I heard it the day before.  I heard it 10 years ago,  I’ve been listening to you. … When is the ‘new’ message coming?” 

I say, “Why do you think you deserve a new message when you have never acted on the old message that you received?”  When a man stays this long on a post teaching his people, either he is crazy, or, he believes so thoroughly in what he is teaching, and he knows the results of what he is teaching, that it doesn’t bother him (the insults of the people and their mockery of him), because all the prophets knew they would be the winner in the end.  When they came, the prophets threatened the people.  Not that they had the power to fulfill the threat, but the word of God always is accompanied from the mouth of a prophet with a threat.  The people, after they heard the threat so many times, said: “Why don’t you bring on us what you threaten us with?”  The prophets would say, “Wait.  I, too, am waiting.” 


What does this Qur’an mean when Noah started crying out?  The people laughing at him, the people mocking him: he was all but overcome.  And he went to Allah, and asked for Allah’s help: “When is my help coming?”  Allah didn’t tell him “tomorrow,” “within 72 hours.”  He just told him, “Your help is nigh.”  When you are suffering, you want God to answer not “tomorrow,” you want an answer right away.  That’s natural for all suffering people, because suffering brings another thing up out of you:  “Hey God, where is the help that You promised me?”—people put it back on God, see?  And God doesn’t say, “Oh, don’t worry, I’m going to be there in 30 days,” He just tells the servant: “Your help is nigh.”  When you have been blessed with divine revelation that tells you things of the present and the future, patience is absolutely necessary.  Because if you are not patient with God, you’ll get right to the door of The Hereafter and turn around. 

Sixty-two years is a lifetime. …  Do I look tired?  Do I look worn out?  Then if your brother doesn’t look tired or worn out, or frazzled, he must know something. 

While the prophet is preaching, look at what The God is saying in the Holy Qur’an:  “I’m going to try you with something of fear, hunger, loss of life, diminution of fruit.”  The prophet says, “You’re going to try us with all of that?”  Then God says: “Give good news to those who are patient and steadfast under trial.  Allah certainly loves the steadfast.”  The Bible says it another way: “The race is not to the swift or the strong, the race is to those who can endure to the end of a process.” 

Elijah Muhammad’s (and my) job is to  make manifest God, the Devil, Self, and The Time

I would like to, with God’s help today, ask the question: “What did I say in February in Chicago at Saviours’ Day, or the Holy Day of Atonement in Newark, or our November press conference at The Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C.—what did I say, that when I spoke on Saviours’ Day, members of the Jewish community went a little crazy?”  They have been beating up on me and us since Saviours’ Day.  A congressional representative from Indiana (Todd Rokita, R-Ind.) is trying to get a bill [H.Res. 772] passed out of a committee to “outlaw what Farrakhan is saying.”

As I read the Holy Qur’an, Allah (God) tells The Prophet, “Say.”  That’s a wonderful Book where you’re having a conversation with God and He is telling you what to say.  Now when God tells you what to say, and you get weak in the knees and won’t say it, what kind of Muslim are you? 

Do you know that sometimes I ponder what God has put on my heart to say? 

These last three speeches, with the exception of Watergate, I had a book thick with notes—and threw it away when I went down to speak. … I said to my Research Team, “I want to say something” (back in October, and then again in November); I said, “Do you think I should say it?”  The Research Team, to a man and woman, said: “Say it, Brother Minister!”  Sometimes you can say something and it brings about consequences.  People may be comfortable with a milquetoast message, and a milquetoast messenger—where the people want the messenger to be pliant—so that they can justify being pliant too.  So, I wanted to know did I have pliant people around me?  But they said: “Say it!” 

This message today, I am not going to tell other than the truth: I thought about you.  I thought, “Are you ready?”  Because Allah never establishes the religion that the prophets bring without those who are the adherents to the message suffering because and for the message.  But in their suffering is their redemption and the establishment of their religion.  That is why we admire the early Christians, and the early followers of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon them. Muhammad and Jesus, peace be upon all of those who received the prophets and suffered because of it. 


In The Qur’an, God is talking a lot to the Jews, and He is telling them that “some of you have killed the prophets unjustly”; but God kept sending them prophets.

Elijah Muhammad had a job to do: He was to make manifest God, the Devil, Self, and The Time.  He did that job.  One day I was on the radio in New York, and I was kind of “going in” on White folks.  Sometimes when you have knowledge and it condemns somebody who has been tearing you to pieces, you love it when you get a truth that you can “fire back.”  I was with Brother Malcolm X, a follower of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad for 12 or 13 years, at Harvard.  I was with him at several colleges, and he just tore people up—and he only went to the 8th grade.  There was something that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught him that he took into his heart, and he was not afraid to recite the history that he learned of the White race.  When we would come out to Chicago for Saviour’s Day, Brother Malcolm would take a group of us over to a museum where there was a section that talked about White people in the hills and cave sides of Europe.  We would gather around Brother Malcolm, and he would point it out: “The White man that you see terrorizing the world today?  He was in the caves of Europe; didn’t know how to cook his food, didn’t know how to bury his dead.  He went savage.”




“Went”: That means he wasn’t savage at one time, but he went savage.  This is very important for you to know the history.  To all of you that are listening around the world: You don’t know the White man.  Many White people don’t know themselves, but the wise among them know.  What is it to know?  What is the meaning of “anti-Semitic”?—because that’s the label that they put on me, and us.  Every Black leader of consequence was called “anti-Semitic,” and many White people have been called “anti-Semitic” including President Jimmy Carter. 

So, as I have asked you: “What did I do?” that all of the Jews jump on me for telling the truth about them?  Now, they are out there teaching you to hate me.  Many of you don’t know Farrakhan, but you heard about me from them, or their “instruments”:  “Don’t go near him!  He’s a bigot.  He’s a hater.  He’s anti-White.  He’s a misogynist.  He’s homophobic.  He is anti-Semitic.”  You say, “Boy, that guy is all of that?”  But that frightens you to come and hear your brother.  College presidents are afraid to invite me to teach the students.  How could a college professor that’s teaching the students science and wisdom be afraid of a “bigot,” a “hater”?  What are they terrified of? 

Know the histories of ‘two different natures,’  ‘upright’ vs. ‘crooked’

The Muslims say, “Adam is our father.”  But then the scholars say, some of them, there are 50,000 Adams.  “Well, which of them is your father?”  I don’t claim Adam as my Father, my Creator, my Originator, for Allah says in The Qur’an He created you “from a single essence,” from a single soul, “and created your mate of the same, and from these two He spread many men and women.”  What is that “single soul”?  What is that single essence?  It is He (God) Himself. 

“How do you know that, Farrakhan?  Are you making something up?”  No.  The Qur’an talks not about the land mass that you come from, it talks about the nature of the human being:  “Set your face for religion being uprightthe nature made by Allah in which He has created man.”  Who was Abraham?  He was not a Christian.  He was not a Jew.  The Qur’an says he was an upright man, and he was not of the polytheists.  Your nature is uprightness. That’s why you come out of your mother’s womb on a horizontal level; and as you grow, you crawl, and then you find something strong to pull up on so you can show yourself to be a “man” or a “woman.”  Why do you want to get up from crawling?  Because it’s your nature to be upright.  When you come from your mother’s womb, The Qur’an says, you are “complete, yet incomplete.”  What is “complete” when you come out of your mother’s womb?  What is complete is the physical form: you’ve got a brain, you’ve got a heart, you’ve got a beautiful nervous system, but now what do you need to be what God created you to be? 

Allah (God) introduces Himself to us in The Qur’an: “I, Allah, am The Best Knower.”  You can’t fulfill your purpose in life without knowledge; so those whom would deprive you of knowledge,  is that your friend?  The only thing that separates “man” from “beast” is knowledge.  What are the first words that The Prophet heard from Allah?  “Read!  Read in the name of your Lord Who creates man from a clot, and taught man by the pen what man knew not.  Read!”  Holy Qur’an Chapter (Surah) 96 

Did the slave master stop us from reading?  Was it a crime in America to teach a Black man to read?  Then how could the White man, who enslaved us and would not teach us how to read, how could you believe that he is your friend? 


The White Man is a grafted man from The Original Man.  Now, we are willing to argue with you, because the White man is a new man on our planet.  When he got here, he found you; everywhere he went on the Earth he found human beings of color.  Where did he come from?  If you don’t know where he came from, you really don’t know where he is going.  But Master Fard Muhammad, The Teacher Who taught Elijah Muhammad:  He knew the beginning and the end, the scripture teaches, “of all things.”  So He taught us the White man’s beginning, but He also taught us his end.  Why should there be an end to him?  Because his nature is not in harmony with The Nature of God and the nature in which the universe is created; and if he will not submit and surrender to God, his time on this Earth is up.  He was only given 6,000 years, “six days,” to rule. 

You can’t deny he has ruled, but on what principle did he rule?  Did he rule in righteousness?  No.  Did he rule in truth?  No.  Did he rule in the way of justice and fairness?  No, I don’t think so …  Then who is he?  And God, why did You permit this man to be a ruler over the aboriginal people of the Earth if he is not ruling us under the principle of justice and freedom and equity?

In the Holy Qur’an, Allah (God) is having a conversation with the angels; and when He is talking to the angels, He didn’t say “We,” He didn’t say “Us.”  He said “I”—that means it was a very independent thought, not dependent on them.  Allah (God) is telling the angels what He is going to do.  He said, “I am going to place a ruler in the earth.”  And the angels answered: “Lord, we extol Your holiness, and we celebrate Your praise, but what is it that You are going to give us other than someone who will create mischief and cause the shedding of blood?”  Allah (God) said to the angels, “I know what you know not.”  Those are big words, from an independent God, to the angels who are very wise—but they are not wiser than Him.  He said He made a man; and then He asked the angels to submit to this man that He made.  And then to show that He had made that man superior He said, “Tell them their names.”

When you can name a thing with wisdom, you know the nature, you know the function, and you name it according to your knowledge of the name you are using. 

“Tell them their names,” and the new man told them their names; then Allah (God) said to the angels: “Bow down to what I have made.”  The angels, all of them bowed down—except Iblis.  He was proud, even among angels!  You’ve got some people who their little knowledge drives them crazy … have you met people like that?  All they need is a little praise from the ignorant, and they begin to believe things about themselves that makes them delusional.  When The God asked him, “Iblis, what hindered you when I commanded you to bow to this new man?  What hindered you?”  Look at the answer, Iblis said: “I wouldn’t bow to him because I am better than him.  I am made of fire, while he is made of dust.”  Then The Lord said: “Get out.  You can’t be in this circle, if this is a circle of surrender and submission, and I am commanding you—and you think you’re going to rebel against Me?  Get out, for you in the earth is a time and a provision.” 

Again, the Caucasian is a grafted man from The Original; his father was Yakub, one of our great Scientists. … I would advise all of you, all over the world:  If you begin to admire Farrakhan, study my Teacher, Elijah Muhammad.  He has several books that every so-called scholar needs to study:  Our Saviour Has ArrivedHow To Eat To Live (Book 1 and Book 2), The Fall of America, and Message To The Blackman in America.

But a “message to the Black man” is not just a message to you who consider yourself a Black man, because everything on the Earth that is human came from the Black man.  When it’s a message to the Black man, in it is a universal message for every human being.


When the White man was made on the Island of Patmos, or “Pelan,” he was taught by his father a system of tricks and lies.  The only way “white” could come out of “black,” you have to “kill the darker, save the lighter.” 

“Kill the darker/save the lighter”:  Murder is in his nature.  It’s easy for him to kill.  You don’t have to give him a justifiable reason, all you have to do is show a little resistance.  Sometimes you don’t even have to resist: he wants to kill you.  When Yakub finished with him after 600 years of the grafting process, they sent him back to where he originated.  Where was that?  It was in the Holy Land, that’s where he started; and within six months he turned Arabia upside down, with lies.  He is a natural liar.  He can’t help himself.  A dog can’t help barking and lifting his leg at the fire hydrant; that’s his nature. …  What he does, he does it by nature.  What you do?  You do it by learned behavior from your master and your teacher.

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