WEB POSTED 08-28-2001

Divine Power backs Farrakhan

The wisdom and the power that went into the making of the Mother of Planes, often seen over America, is from the same Source which guided and backed the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and now guides and backs the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. That Source is Allah.

Minister Farrakhan was given profound instructions from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, on September 17, 1985, who was on the Wheel, or the Mother Plane. Minister Farrakhan has, and is yet carrying out those instructions. In fact everything of major significance he has done since 1985 has come from the communication he received that day.

Billions take for granted that the man, called “lamb,” in the fifth chapter of the book of Revelation, is up in the sky in a certain place. Billions think he was murdered; came back from death and was powered up to the place where God lives. Billions believe he has been with God for twenty centuries and is waiting the proper time to return to finish the assignment God gave him.

Billions think that God granted this man power over the forces of nature and the nations of the earth, with which he is to finish his work.

These beliefs developed during Satan’s unhindered time of rule. That rule is now being terminated. So, what’s the truth?

Read the first chapter of Acts. A man is seen leaving for the sky. Read the fifth chapter of Revelation. A man is seen entering a place where God is. Read the effects of his work on others on the earth. Acts shows Paul’s work.

(None saw the Honorable Elijah Muhammad depart to where his Teacher was except the angels who helped him.)

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad is the man described in Revelation 5:5 as “É a Lamb that seemed to have been slain.” (New American Bible)

From the Plane he spoke to Minister Farrakhan in 1985. Overwhelming proof is available to all sincere seekers of Allah’s truth. Look in the teachings and works of Minister Farrakhan and his teacher. Look around us.

Lay the book of Revelation over the book of Acts. Then compare this material to the work of Minister Farrakhan and his teacher. The correspondence of persons and events is not accidental. This is the real news, which the media of this world often misrepresents.

(Paul expected to meet his teacher, in heaven, to get his crown for the next phase of his assignment.)

This material contains readings of the intense love in the followers of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, under Minister Farrakhan’s leadership.

From Adil Salahi’s book, Muhammad: Man and Prophet, on page 537 we read: “The people of Makkah were able to see how close-knit the Muslim community was. They realized that the Muslims harboured the most brotherly feelings to one another. Every one of them loved every other Muslim. Their dedication to the cause of Islam was clearly visible in the way they talked to one another, in their high respect for the Prophet, in the total absence of any division between them.

Then on page 572 we read: “É Abu Sufyan witnessed some aspects of the ties which united the Muslim community. He saw that the Muslims were very happy with their new faith and recognized that Allah had bestowed on them His grace when He sent Muhammad with His message to them. None of them had any doubts about the justice of their cause. Moreover, love was the predominant sentiment in the Muslim camp. All the Muslims loved one another, and the Prophet was dearer to any one of them than his own parents or children. Indeed, they loved the Prophet more than they loved themselves.”

Their love was a sign of the love we are growing into, which we will even surpass, due, in a major way, to the superior wisdom we are receiving.

I’m writing this article on the first day of the month during which the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was released from prison on August 26, 1946. This is also the month, 66 years ago, when, as he wrote on page 257 of Message To The Blackman, “my own brotherÉrose up against me in 1935 and joined himself with those who were bent upon taking my life away. This was for no cause other than jealousy and envy of my mission.”

There is a connection between what I just referred to, that occurred 66 years ago, to what happened 66 trillion years ago. It involves a fundamental disrespect for God’s reality.

We are at the end of the effects of what lead to and took place 66 trillion years ago, which caused God to make His ultimate identity secret from humanity. We are also at the end of what lead to the out-break of hypocrisy 66 years ago. We are at the end of evil in all forms.

Six years ago there was an event of momentous proportions that is a sign of the end of what took place 66 trillion years ago; 6,000 years ago in the birth of this world, and the episode of hypocrisy 66 years ago.

It was the Million Man March. The call was made through a very special man, with a very special heart-Minister Louis Farrakhan.

There are hypocrites in the Nation of Islam, who hate what Minister Farrakhan (and those with him) stand for and represents. However, were it not for birth of this evil world this most virulent spiritual disease could not have been manifested.

Allah made the call and backed that event. Both grew out of the 1985 more-than-a-vision experience of Minister Farrakhan.

This is a stupendous sign of the answer to why the Nation of Islam will not fall again.

On page 275 of Mr. Salahi’s book, we read: “These hypocrites were certainly the worst and most dangerous enemies of Islam. Their objective–which was always present in their minds, and for the achievements of which they worked very hard–was the elimination of Islam altogether and the Muslims generally. They seized every opportunity to cause the Muslims all the damage they could. They adopted several means and tactics for the achievement of their goal.”

It makes no difference what they use. It’s written that they will lose! Surah 58:21, in the Holy Quran reads: “Allah has written down: I shall certainly prevail, I and My messengers.” This is being fulfilled today.

Minister Farrakhan’s success is guaranteed. (For more on this, please visit my web site: www.writtentestimony.com. There is much more to my e-book than what the ad, over the weeks, indicates.)

The Black preachers will soon stand with Minister Farrakhan, despite all of the efforts of the wicked. You doubt? Stay alive. Tunnel vision, short sightedness, narrow mindedness, and other such impediments soon will be destroyed, as it was written.

Nooruddin’s translation of the Holy Quran reads: “É We shall say, ‘Certainly you were heedless of this day. But now We have removed from you your veil and your sight is very sharp today.’ “The noted scholar, on the Holy Quran, Maududi, commented on this with: “That is, ‘You can clearly see that everything of which the Prophets foretold is present here.”

More next issue, Allah willing.