[Editor’s Note: The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered this message on Sunday, June 23, 2019, in Detroit as he dedicated the new Muhammad Mosque No. 1, which was still under renovation. Min. Farrakhan, who was casually dressed, had planned to simply visit the mosque prior to Sunday services and review the progress of renovations underway. He had planned to stop and continue on to his home in Michigan. But the work done was so beautiful and the spirit so high with a standing room only audience, he was inspired to speak. His words, touching and uplifting, brought great joy to the audience.]

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

I bear witness to the oneness of God, the oneness of His Prophetic community, the oneness of the human family that He made into tribes and families that we may know one another and not hate one another. Unfortunately, our inter-relationship with many tribes has not been the best. 



But through Jesus and Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, both of these men came with a message that was universal. But in order to make the message of Jesus and the message of Muhammad universal, fully in its application, different quality hearts must be involved. There are too many people preaching Muhammad that don’t really know him because to know Muhammad is to know God who gave us Muhammad. To know Muhammad is to walk in His way which is given to him in the Book of Muhammad, the Holy Qur’an, which is the root of Muhammad.


To know Jesus is not to say His Holy and Righteous Name but it is to live the life that Jesus lived when he walked among men. He made a record. He never told us to worship him. He told us to follow him—big difference. We love worshipping a God that doesn’t make demands on us. So, we keep God out in space because we know he’s far out there. He’s not making any demands on us. How could you be knowledgeable of Jesus and knowledgeable of Muhammad and we can’t find him active in your life? It’s not about saying his name. It’s not about declaring your love for him. It’s about living the life that he showed us how to live.

When a man is bold enough to say, I am the way, the truth and the life. What man you know that could talk like that? If he did say it, and he did say it, and you love him for saying it, then why don’t you know the truth if you know him and he said, “I am the truth.” Why aren’t we living the life? Why aren’t we in the way of God?  I didn’t come here to preach today. I just came to see my brother, Minister Troy Muhammad, and to thank him and the wonderful people that made it possible for us to be in this building.

I met a brother who loved the teachings so much that he put up $300,000 of his money so that we could purchase this former Jewish synagogue. His wife sits beside him, his son, his mother, his mother-in-law.

I have to say to you, my dear brother, the Hadith says there are people that are the most hated of human beings: A rich man who gives away his riches to the poor because he makes the other rich people look bad, who keep on taking and taking and not giving. So, the master said, it would be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.

What is there about being rich and being niggardly? I didn’t say being a rich n—-r. But to be niggardly is to have and not share, not give, not be concerned about the suffering and the needs and wants of others. But here’s a man that had substance and he saw his brother struggling. He saw the Believers struggling, and he put up $300,000 to get this former Jewish synagogue and turn it into a mosque.

He couldn’t do it by himself. We think about his wife and the sacrifice she made. We think about his son and the sacrifice that he made. And, we think about a mother and a mother-in-law, because sometimes when you want to give away some money, there’s always someone in the family that wants to claim it. But look at them, how happy their spirit is that made us happy as a people. 

Then, the next most hated person is a wise person that gives away knowledge to the ignorant that they may become wise. Some of us are blessed to have knowledge, have degrees of higher learning; but we use our degrees to make money that may cause us to live a decent life, drive a nice car, have a nice home with some debt attached to it and we think we’re having progress when we die and leave our children our debt.

But the most hated man of all is the man to whom the Holy Qur’an is revealed. I want to thank the brother and sister that got on a bike and drove miles every day to do some work in this building. I just talked to both of them. And, to all of you who gave something that we could get to this point, the building looks nice enough to be dedicated, even though it’s not completed yet. But, it looks nice to me.

So, I’m going to dedicate this building right now. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us truth. He hates lies and liars. So, from this rostrum, we must teach what God revealed through the mouth of his prophets which is nothing but the truth. No deviation, no innovation—truth.

This building is dedicated to the rise of the people of God, first, who have been subjected to the tyranny of White Supremacy in all its forms.

We’re like a watchman on the wall that wherever we see Satan designing a trick to deprive our people of the essentials of life, we rise up to speak against it, to make it manifest, to bring peace to our people by inviting our people to submit their will to do the will of God. 

There’ll be peace in your life, your beautiful life, if you learn to live it as the Creator designed life to be lived. That’s why Jesus could say, “I’m the way.” He’s trying to tell us how to live the life that God gave. You don’t live life searching for pleasure. You live life searching for purpose for your life. The most blessed life is the life of those who offer their life to God in service to their fellow human beings. That’s why there’s a synagogue; that’s why there’s a mosque. That’s why there’s a church. It’s to offer people a chance to come in out of a world that’s governed by Satan into a house that is supposed to be governed by God. To heal the wounds that this world puts on us by the love and enjoy the brotherhood gained on the inside that strengthens us to face the evil that we face every day on the outside. That’s what this house is dedicated for—the education of ourselves and our children that will transform our lives. 

What does the Bible mean when it says, “we were born in sin and shaped in iniquity?” The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade was the beginning of our undoing. We were brought into America not to be made equal sharers in the promise of America. We were brought into America to be made the burden bearers of those who wanted to use the strength of our bodies and the strength of our minds to help to build a world that we were never designed to be a part of. You are not a part of this world even now. No, you’re not. You’re a tool to be used, to be kept in a state of ignorance thinking that this is really yours. 

But every time you reach for what you think is yours, somebody tells you, “no, no, no, no. Not quite yours. Freedom is not quite yours. Justice is not quite yours. Equity is not quite yours. Life is not quite yours, except as we say it.” To be under a people that wrote a constitution that talks about the unalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

If you and I are on the road of self-development, discovery of our purpose, finding the gift that only God could give that he gave to each one of us, to find it, to discover it, to uncover it, to evolve and develop it. Then use it for yourself, your family, the good of your community and the good of the world in which we live. You don’t have that kind of freedom.

Somebody claims to love you, but they don’t. So, God has come to end a world like this one. If you fall in love with this world, you fall in love with a world that destroyed your fathers and mothers, your ancestors, and is on the road to destroying your life as you now sit here listening to me.

This House is dedicated to the truth that Jesus said, “You shall know the truth that would make us free indeed.” This House is the embodiment of that truth. This House is a house set up to make boys into men. Cory Booker, our great senator from New Jersey was upset with Mr. Joe Biden for using the term “boy.” Mr. Biden raised the name of Sen. Herman Talmadge of Georgia, and another racist demon from Mississippi, Sen. James O. Eastland. Mr. Biden said, “I worked well across party lines with rabid segregationists.” He was trying to tell us how good he was at working across political lines and ideological lines to produce some quality life for American citizens.

White people called us boys. When you got old, they called you uncle. Then, when they got real nasty, they would say, “you’re a monkey’s uncle.”

Now, this House is created by God through the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to teach the respect and protection of the Black woman. In this House, women are free to be all that God created them to be. Not “Sister Switcheroonie.” This House. Miss Switcheroonie can come here switching the roonie, but when we get finished with her, she’s the most dignified, respected, honored and protected woman in the community. That’s what this House is for.

There’ll not be any pedophilia. Little boys and little girls are safe here. “Is that what this house is for?” Yes. This House. Now, when your little boys are trying to grow up to be men, they need men in front of them to show them what a man is, how a man will not run away from his responsibility. He doesn’t make babies and run away and let the government take care of them. He goes to work to produce a living. So, in this House, we won’t find anyone pimping women. “In this House, you mean I got to put my pimping ways down?” Yes. The enemy made you a pimp. But in this House, God made you to become a God.



How can you be made into the image and the likeness of God and are out hustling, lying and cheating and playing three-card monte and all kind of games of chance? God doesn’t play games of chance. God says, “Be and it is.” And, He organizes the forces of nature and matter to bring about whatever is in His mind. In this House.  It’s a heck of a House. I’m glad I’m in it.  


In this House, knowledge is king. Going after knowledge every day of our lives, Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said, “A man who goes out in search of knowledge is in the path of God until he returns.” Wait a minute now. You went out in search of knowledge and came back? You mean you found it? You sure you found it? Because the moment you said you found it, you lost it because you never go out in search of knowledge and come back. You die searching for more knowledge.

So, the Qur’an, the book of scripture of the Muslims says, “If all of the trees were as pens and all of the seas with seven more seas added to that were as ink, you could never, ever, exhaust the words of God.” And every creature of God is a word, and you don’t know all the creatures. You hardly know yourself. So, we stay in the path of searching for more and more knowledge. God, who knows it all, who has the treasures of everything that he created, the treasure is with Him.

So, how do you access the treasures of God? You have to be in submission to Him. We have to recognize Him. You have to bow down in service to Him; and then He opens up the secrets of His Creation. You mean I can get that by being in this House? You know I’m a student. I’ve been a student of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad for 64 years. I never thought I was wise enough yet to say, “I’m out of the classroom.” I’m a made man, a well, made man. Because that is what God makes but you have to stay with him long enough, sincere enough to allow him to make you into Himself.

Paul was a very wise disciple. Paul saw Jesus beyond the other disciples, how they looked at him. So, some of the scholars call his teaching “A Pauline Doctrine.” It’s not that Paul was bringing up a different doctrine, but he saw into the wisdom of Jesus while others looked upon it and then could not duplicate what Jesus did.

The disciples were some trifling people at times. They were in the boat with Jesus. A storm came up and Jesus was in the back of the boat getting a little rest. A man who works hard like that, he needs a rest sometime. So, Jesus was taking a little rest and the disciples said, “Lord. The wind came up, the boat’s rocking, the waves knocking the boat about. Wake up the Master. Wake Him up. We going to die out here. Wake Him up. Don’t say he’s tired. Don’t let the waves kill us. Wake him up.” So, they shook the Master. He said, “What?” Boy, these were trifling people. So, they said to Jesus, “we know you’re tired. We know you’re getting a little rest, but could you please help us with the wind and it’s messing up everything and it’s about to kill us.”

Jesus looked at them. Look at his words, “O ye of little faith. If you had faith the grain of a mustard seed, you could say to the wind, be still.” 

So, that’s how you know when you’re getting up close to God because the forces of nature will obey your call. Just remember you will learn that in this House. …

Now, I’d like to complete what I started. I started with Jesus and Muhammad. When you hear a Muslim talking about Jesus like you would think he would talking about Muhammad, he hasn’t deviated. That should tell you two things: that the Mahdi is present, the Supreme Guide that was to come, and Jesus would be with him. Jesus is the only one that Muslims believe will return, the only one. 

So, when you hear me talking about Jesus, like no Christian can, then know that the Mahdi is present and Jesus is too. See, if you know Jesus, you’re not around complaining. You know how to fix things when you know Jesus. “The White man he’s terrible. What that White man doing?” Shut up. If you know Jesus, you aren’t worried about no White man and what he does. 

I’ve been saying to you: Watch the weather. And before I can get the words out of my mouth, the God who’s in control, don’t, don’t, don’t say climate change. Yes, Climate Change. But you don’t have anything to do with it. The God of Justice is on scene today. And the forces of nature are what he uses to beat down the wicked, and make them more humble to His Being present. He (the White man) can’t control this weather. He can hardly forecast it now. The first thing he can say is: “I didn’t know that was coming.” But my teacher told me what to expect.

My teacher taught me how to prove that your will is the same as God’s will. My teacher told me that all you have to do is think it and if God does it, that means that your will and God’s will is the same, so you have become one with God. You can take it or let it alone.

So, I’d like to close. I was born to do what I’m doing. This House will never say one negative word about Jesus. In this House you’ll never hear us talking about the Jewish synagogue and we should do something ugly to a Jewish synagogue. Not in this House. The respect for God is at its utmost in this House. You’ll never hear us talking against Mary, the Mother of Jesus. Not in this House. …

So, Jesus is present in the world and those of you who talk about him are going to have to know him. That’s part of my job to make you know the man you’ve been talking about, the man you’ve been singing about, the man you’ve been shouting about, because he’s all of that that you believe he is but then some. Because he said, “I am the way.” Ask yourself, what did he mean by that? What you mean by that, I’m the way. See, ever since you been on the planet, you buy things that come with directions. Now, if you love what you just bought, you want to handle it right. …

Do you know since you’ve been born in this world, nobody showed you how to live the life that God gave you? Momma didn’t teach you because she didn’t know. If she knew, she would have taught you. She taught you the best that she knew; and we give her praise and thanks for that. You mean you go to school to learn how to build and fix computers but you don’t know how to teach your own children how to live the life that God used you and your husband or the man in your life to produce? …

You’re not ready for the presence of God but He is present. You say that day is coming when God is going to pour out His Spirit and old men will dream dreams and young men will see visions, and you’ll see all the old prophets walking around. You love David, you’ll see him. You love Abraham, you’ll see him. You love Jesus, you’ll see him. How? He’s been dead a long time. Yes, but thought is different than flesh. You can burn up the flesh; it takes a lot to destroy thought.

See, righteous people think on another level. Their thoughts operate on a higher sphere and a higher currency, and a higher frequency. Why did the scripture say, “My ways are not your ways. My thoughts are not your thoughts. Mine are from above while yours are from beneath.” Stop right there. See, when you’re in Satan’s world, you think low down. You think material things. “I want this pair of shoes. I want this car. I want this. I want that.” The enemy knows how to get you just by offering you something that you want, if you bow down.

But the scripture says, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all its righteousness, and all things will be added unto you.” We have it all the way around. You seek things first and the kingdom is last, so you end up on a low plane of thought. So you attract to your mind what level your mind is on. I learned this as a young Muslim. I was just a baby. That’s how I know God had his hand on me. It’s just truth I’m telling you. The only way you could see a prophet that was walking now is because somebody is thinking on the same level that the prophet thought on and acted on. Then his mind, like a magnet, attracted those thoughts back into his mind. Then the prophet that was is.

In this House, brothers and sisters, Jesus and Muhammad are one. So, when you hear a Muslim minister talking about Jesus like he knows him, and when pastors hear me preach Jesus, they know that I know him. Yes, I know him. I live Jesus. That’s how I got to know him. The same enemies that were the enemies of Jesus are my enemies now.

I’m hated by some of you because you heard some negative crap about me. Not from me, not that I did anything to you, but the White man that controls the media, wants you to see me in a certain way. So they project me into your mind like I’m a misogynist. I’m homophobic. I’m anti-Semetic. Have you heard me say anything hateful about Jews or anybody else? They are mad if I don’t even mention them because they want to be the center of my conversation.

White people and Jews are tangential, meaning a tangent to the circle to my circle. A little tangent. So if they came up, it’s only because in a moment I speak on them and move on. Then they take what I say about them corrupt it and then speak it as though the only lecture I can give is about White people and Jews. And, here you are sitting here with your White girlfriend hating on me. 

I love you, brothers. Even if your mother is White, I’ll never teach you to disrespect your mother. I can’t do that in this House or outside this House. Your mother is your mother. You must honor and respect your mother because she died that you might live. Ask her, what is the pain of birth like? It’s equal to the pain of death when your body shuts down. So, every time a woman lies down and gives you life, she died for you. So, for you to make her pregnant and walk away and leave her, make some excuse: “She ain’t cooking right.” Well, did you ask her that before you went with her? When she came showing you her adornments, did you say, “hey baby, can you cook? I don’t want to know a damn thing about no cooking baby.” 

So, the most hated man is the man who is being made a master of the word of God.  Because my teacher taught me in such a way that I have money and I share it with those who don’t. “Oh, I’m waiting in line, brother. As soon as you get finished, I’m going to ask you for some money.” No, I didn’t say I was lame. I said, “I had money.” So, don’t play me like I’m a lame. “I know you love me, brother, but give me some money.” I’m going to give you some sense and with some sense you can make money because you are of God. 

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