Deceivers and The Deceived

 by Master Elijah Muhammad


       We, the whole nation of the lost-found members of the Black nation in America, must
remember that for the past four hundred years we have been reared by the enemies of our
According to their own history writing, bringing us from our native land and people into
the Western Hemisphere was not for the purpose of making themselves friendly people to
us and our nation, but to deceive us as being that which they actually were not – a friend
and advisor to us, while at the same time, depriving us of truth, justice and equality even
now, after four hundred years of servitude slavery.

       We must remember that the deceiver actually has deceived us. The coming of God in the
Person of Master Fard Muhammad (to Whom praise is due forever)is to make manifest
this arch deceiver’s work against us and to acquaint us with the nature of the arch
deceiver – that deceit is part of his very nature.
He (Allah) comes to give us the knowledge of the god of evil who had freedom for the
past six thousand years to deceive not only you and me but also the entire nations of the

       This is the greatest salvation that God (Allah) could bring to you and me – to know the
source of our trouble and its cause. The power of the Manifestor is to remove this cause
which has affected the Black nation for six thousand years.

     It is worth the heaven and the earth to us when we agree on not trying to make them
our friends, which by nature they cannot be, even if they wanted to. Only a few have the
belief of goodness. By nature, they are not good, but they can practice goodness.


       Our predicament and position makes us the victim of deceit of these great scientific
deceivers, the white race. They put us to sleep as babies, and they know the type of noise
that will awaken the sleeping baby. The noise is that which Allah (in the Person of
Master Fard Muhammad) has made. And He (Allah) has missioned me to continue to
make that noise until all of our people are fully awakened from the slumber of the arch
deceiver of the nations of the earth.

       Surely not all are really working to keep us blind, deaf, and dumb to the knowledge of
the deceiver; but the few who would help us endanger their own lives in trying to help us.
 As you see, the Christian priest Groppi, in Milwaukee – who professes to be trying to
help those who want to live next door and in the house of the children of our father’s slave
master – is having trouble. Even this easily can be classified as deceitful work against
true freedom, justice and equality for our people. This priest Groppi is having trouble
among other open vicious haters of you and me, of his kind.

      This priest wants to help the poor Black man here in America , and especially in
Milwaukee, to accept false friendship; to forever be at their mercy to rule spiritually,
economically and politically.

       He is not trying to teach the Black men that they should not want to sell themselves
back to the slave master for a morsel of pottage. The priest knows by the scripture in his
Bible that the time is ripe for the total freedom of the 400-year-old slave of the white man
to go to his own (earth). The priest is wise to you, that you should have a place to live
wherever you want.

      He would not have dared teach this openly before this day and time – the end of this
world. The others are so, evil and vicious to do us harm that great gangs of white people
out in the streets will attack one poor Black man going through the area in his car and
will yell “Get the nigger!”

     This is a cowards action of the white man in America ever since we have been here –
going after the so-called Negro to do him harm. He always wants a hundred whites to
attack that one Negro. This shows cowardice and the savage instinct of the white race
against Black people. The Black man can put a stop to such attackers of this evil force,
but it is not the way of Allah (God). It is not the way of the prediction, as the priest
knows. The coming of Allah in search for the Black lost members of their nation today is to
make Himself known, so He can conquer our captors by using weapons against which
they have no power. He (Allah) will bring attacks of divine judgement of their world
without the use of contrived weapons.

      The weapons of war used by God in the past history of the destruction of the enemies
of God – such as Noah’s people, Lot’s people, and Moses’ people – are an example of what
he will use today. The weapons are the forces of nature against which we have no defense.

      America is under such divine attack now, in storms as rain, hail and earthquakes –
(the latter is yet to take place.) A terrific drought is on its way, too against America. The
Book must be fulfilled. The Bible and the Holy Qur’an both refer to all that I have said.

       This is the divine judgement to bring vicious America to her knees. She (America)
hates the people of God and the Negroes do not know that they are really the people of
God. This is the great truth that you must come into the knowledge of – that you are a
member of the family of God, and not a member of the family of the devil. But you follow
the devil, contrary to your own nature. The natural man (Black) is of God Himself.

       We have been deceived of righteousness, justice, and equality by the arch deceiver. We
have been taken from the knowledge of self as being the true people of God and that God
is present seeking us to place us again in the orbit of the Divine Supreme Being where we
can rotate in submission to the will of God as the entire universe is doing – except the
white race.

       We cannot set up a better government for our people by using the corrupt political
activities of this people – the arch deceivers. All of their work was based upon deceiving
the nation, not to bring them into friendly brotherhood and prosperity for the Black man.

       Even today, after a hundred years of so-called freedom, he is still against you going
free. This is your trouble today. You are deceived, and deceived by the enemy you think is
a friend, but take note of what he offers you. He is offering you only temporary enjoyment
– and not a permanent enjoyment for your people. We want some earth, and not a
temporary room in the house of our enemy.

      Let the political and spiritual leaders unite on such a stand as getting some earth for
the people, and not getting just a job and a chance to loll around, sleeping and allowing
the enemy to protect our responsibility for self. We must bear our own responsibility.

     This the God of justice and truth will force you to do, before He will be defeated, His
purpose and aim is to reunite us to our own. He will fight the arch deceiver with the
forces of nature and with His own wisdom, which has no equal, to make you and the
enemy bow to His will.

    This is the judgement of the world and especially of the white man in America, who
has been here for 400 years, living between the two oceans – the Atlantic, and the Pacific –
to do as he pleases. The slave is deprived of the freedom to do as he pleases, but to do as
the slave master pleases.

    Our great misunderstanding of self and of others lies in the deceit of the arch deceiver
of us. They will never teach you and me to do good for self, only under their own power
and dictatorship.

      What we need is to unite, not demanding and marching all over the country to live
near the white man in his home – but demand a separate place for us in this country and
help us with the means of civilization, as he had to get started, limiting the time to get
started within the next twenty or twenty-five years.
 Many scientists think that it is too late for this demand because of the anger of Allah
(God) against America for her evil done to us, but Allah has power over all things and He
does that which he wills to do.

      It is up to America, if she wants to help us. It would be a great good, putting us on the
way to self, by any evil one or nation. The God of justice would grant them a reward for
doing such, as no good act goes without its reward.

      They deceive the so-called Negro under temptation, filth, indecency and a promise that
they will be given jobs and new homes next door to them in the same territory which their
very nature is against and which is without any future. It is temporary enjoyment. We
want something permanent. Give us a few of these states to live in to ourselves which we
have well earned with four hundred years of free labor.

       When he sees that his life and your life are at stake to try to accept the present plans,
filled with deceit to the Negro, both you and he will welcome an opportunity to agree on
the kind of program.
 Unite with me, Black America, for your salvation.


[Excerpt from The Fall of America by Elijah Muhammad]

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