Master Fard Muhammad said to me and my family 1 day when I inquired about the process that the daily reading of the Holy Quran gradually increases the believer’s frequency level. The gradual increases make it very easier for them to make contact with us and us with those upon the higher planes. In addition to this reading, our strict adherence to the dietary law of Vegetarianism (NOT VEGANISM) is a must. Our eating of 1 meal a day with distilled water and frequent fasting further cements the process of interdimensional communication and travel.

When we consistently make our prayers this keeps us in-tuned with the vibrations of the higher planes allowing us consistent access to the higher thought impulses of those whom exist within or upon the higher planes.

The Angelic Realm has stated

“That there are so many obstacles that prevent you to tune in with us; this one or that one,or lack of time,so many excuses! Especially lack of time! And you fail to push such obstacles out of the way.While man is rooted in the material,it is IMPOSSIBLE for him to rise and open himself.