[Editor’s note: The following article contains edited excerpts from the message of the same name delivered by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan on Sunday, November 3, 1996 at Mosque Maryam in Chicago, Illinois.]


In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.

Most of our people feel powerless in the face of our adversaries (enemies). Most of our people think that the adversary is an immoveable object and unreachable star, an unfathomable depth, and an un-climbable height.  Wrong!  Our adversary is quite able to be moved, to be reached and to be overcome—but you have to have right tools to do this.

The enemy is such an enemy that he wants the Black man of America to have no friends. He does not want to be a friend of ours no matter what we have done to serve him and to prove this sick love that we have for him—even to this very hour he plots and plans against the good for you.  And that is the nature and meaning of an “enemy”:  He will fight every advance that will come to you.

After you supported The Million Man March in 1995 the way you did, and in such overwhelming numbers (where we called for one million and nearly two million showed up), many of you who came really didn’t know what the force was that was moving you, but you knew you had to be there!  And what you did October 16, 1995 literally revolutionized the thinking of people all over the world.  After the March I went on a World Friendship Tour, and in my journey I saw people who were so touched by what you did, and so filled with hope for what they saw and for what they heard that they see you as their hope.



Let me show you, Black man, how God has lifted you in spite of your enemies. …  Since there is no more “super power” in the world to be a balance of power for the power of America and The West, all the smaller nations of Africa, The Middle East, The Isles of The Pacific, The Caribbean, and Central and South America are literally frightened of the enormous power of America.  And America now is like a great bully, just dictating terms to the nations of the Earth.  But inside of America?  Inside of America there are numbering nearly 40 million to 50 million Black people.  Also inside of America you have a fast-growing number of Hispanic people, and you have the Native Americans. 


Well, what do those outside of America see in these numbers?  They see that if this force was mobilized, organized and properly politicized, then you could become the power inside of America to redirect not only her domestic policy, but you can be the cornerstone of all her foreign policy if you awaken and see your value.

Brothers and sisters:  Who are you?  Who are you that God should be mindful of you?  Who are you?  You know, they say we don’t have any friends but I hear my Christian brothers and sisters singing a beautiful song “What a Friend We Have in Jesus.”  

Christians, do you know what you are saying? Now I can agree with you, but I’d like to take it a little deeper. This Jesus, when you have him as a friend:  You don’t really need any other friends. When you have him as a friend, you have God as a friend, because the Two of Them act as “one.”  Well, what do you need if you have Jesus as a friend? I know you sing the song, but consider this:  How could you say you have a friend, and your friend leaves you in this shape (condition) that you are in?  That’s like telling somebody “Rockefeller is your father,” and you have holes in your shoes.  Somehow or another you’re just not connected, otherwise you’d look a little better. 

I don’t want to waste a lot of time with that point, but I want to say that when you have such a one as a friend, and you bear witness that he is your friend, then there is no mountain too high, there is no valley too low, there is no ocean too wide to keep us from attaining our objective—when you have that kind of friend. The problem is you haven’t connected properly to your friend. 

You are looking for a White man.  And naturally, if you don’t know what your friend looks like, you won’t be able to find him … I think you need to get acquainted.

A wicked government, a wicked people and a conspiracy to kill

The Bible teaches in the Book of Matthew, Chapter 2, verse 15 “…Out of Egypt have I called my son.”  Now it is true that Mary was an Egyptian and Egypt is Northeast Africa, as you know, and Jesus was born in Palestine.  But there was such a controversy surrounding Jesus’ birth that he had to flee because The Law of Moses was that any woman or man found in fornication or adultery would be stoned to death.  Mary was pregnant, and nobody knew who the father was.  Even then with a pregnant woman, nobody would say the “holy ghost” did it. They would be looking for some man!  So had the Jewish authorities gotten ahold of Mary during her pregnancy, knowing that she was not married, they would have stoned her to death. So the scripture teaches in Matthew 1:19 that Joseph was minded to “put her away privily” (secretly).  And when the baby was born, they had to get out of Palestine, so the young boy grew up in Egypt; and then out of Egypt he was called to his mission as a “prophet”—the last prophet to the Jews as we have been taught by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

The Jews rejected Jesus, and even to this very moment they do not accept Jesus, not as “Messiah” nor even as a “prophet of God.”  They discount the Gospel.  It’s true!  And they are still looking for “The Messiah.”

The Qur’an teaches us that Jesus and his mother Mary were for a sign.  A “sign” is not the real thing; a “sign” is that which points to or toward the real thing.  So if Jesus was nurtured in Egypt, and left Egypt to go to Palestine to prophesy unto to The Children of Israel—and “Egypt,” as you know scripturally, is the place where Moses was raised to speak strong words to Pharaoh; and both the Bible and Qur’an teach you that “in the last days” you should look for “a man like unto Moses,” well there is no sense in looking for a man “like Moses” unless you have similar conditions that prevail at the time that Moses came to birth.  You have to have a Pharaoh, you have to have a wicked government and a wicked people, and you have to have an enslaved people that would be in bondage 400 years.  Well, you don’t have to look far … You don’t have to look far.  Look at yourself. 

America (the Western Hemisphere), is not where you literally originated from, you were brought here, after White people discovered the Native Americans here (and they didn’t want to give them credit for having found something before White people, so they said “We discovered it”).  Here they brought millions of us and we’ve been under their foot for 400 years.


As I have stated throughout the years:  Crack cocaine is from the government of the United States of America.  And when I have said this, some of you thought I was paranoid.  During the late 1980s and early 1990s, I went across this country asking you to stop killing yourself (“Stop The Killing” tour), because I knew that the government was making war on Black youth, Black men in particular. Brothers and sisters, the Million Man March didn’t happen in a vacuum—I had been working on that 10 years prior!  I crisscrossed this country saying to Black youth “the government has plotted against your life,” and I opened both Bible and Holy Qur’an to show you the conspiracy.



The Bible and Qur’an are not some silly Books of ancient people, these Books are real, and are filled with prophetic, symbolic pictures of things that happened yesterday to give you a picture of what is happening today.

In an eight-hour meeting one day, Brother Dr. Cornell West, a really brilliant brother, said to me, “Farrakhan, do you hold to some conspiracy theory?”  I said “It’s not a theory, it’s a fact!”  I said, “Dr. West, don’t you believe in the scriptures?” and he had to say “yes,” so I said, “Well let’s read together”—and read from Exodus 1:10 which states:  “And Pharaoh said come let us deal wisely with them lest they multiply, join on to an enemy and come against us.”  That is a conspiracy!

Now the question is:  If that is a conspiracy, who are “the conspirators” and what is “the conspiracy”?  Scientists of “population growth” saw the womb of the White woman not being blessed; and so, when she was becoming barren, they started developing fertility drugs for White women.  But for you, Black woman, they developed “birth control” that they knew would damage you and they have been working now for over 50 years to curtail your birth rate.  The Honorable Elijah Muhammad wrote years ago that they were putting chemicals in the food, in the water, and in the atmosphere, and it is a fact today that the sperm count in the male (all males, but Black males particularly) is getting less and less and less.  You with ovarian cancer, breast cancer, and us with prostate cancer:  See, they are working to destroy a people.

The conspiracy was “kill all the boy children and spare the females.”  Look at your women:  They are in great pain because there is no man; it is males with sex organs, but the man that God intended for us to be is absent. Our women are filling the colleges and we are filling the jails. Our women are filling the offices working downtown and we are filling the street corners.  Our women are learning skills and we are selling drugs and buying guns, killing each other.  One night as I was watching television, there was a story on “violence in America,” and I saw this Black woman just wailing, and it brought tears out of my eyes, and I immediately started to pray.  Because, these sisters, your mothers, are frightened and sad because they are burying their young sons and their young daughters, but mostly their young sons, through gang conflict and drugs wars that were started as a part of the conspiracy

When I finished the “Stop The Killing” tour, I paused for a moment and then began again in several cities talking just to Black men (“Men Only” tour).  But the moment I began talking to Black men, White people became crazy! 

Tell me something:  If you have a meeting of Catholic Priests, you won’t find a woman there—and there isn’t anyone outside picketing. If you have a meeting of rabbis, you won’t find a woman there, and there won’t be anybody picketing in the streets.  If the Boy Scouts meet, there will be no Girl Scouts there—but nobody will picket; and if the Girl Scouts meet, the boys are not picketing.  But just let Farrakhan come to try to talk to Black men about what we have to do to escape the net of a fisherman whose plot is to destroy the Black male. …

‘Illegitimate’ government co-conspirators against Black life

I held a press conference in Washington, D.C. during the time that George H.W. Bush was in the White House, and I charged the government of the United States—this is on record—with declaring war on the Black community, and the Black man in particular.  Former President Bush knows:  He, being the former head of the C.I.A., became vice-president under Ronald Reagan who privatized the security agencies of the government.  [Ref. Executive Order 12333, “United States Intelligence Activities”] 

This order did not originate in the C.I.A., and that is why they don’t have any records of this in the CIA; but C.I.A. operatives were involved.  This order came directly out of the White House because the C.I.A. is not “Pharaoh”; “Pharaoh” is the head of government—and that is President Bush, President Reagan, and all of the bastards that lived before them.  I used the unkind word “bastard,” because a bastard is an illegitimate child—and they are illegitimate heads of state and government. 

And you who legitimize “bastards”:  They have no right to rule you, but you allow them to rule you!  For what?  Stand up like a man, and tell them you will not rule me anymore!  Don’t be afraid. … They have no power over you but the power you give them by obeying them. When are you going to stand up and say no?  Don’t just say “no” to drugs, say no to the enemy that is bringing the drugs!  Say “no!” to a government that has entered into a conspiracy against the Black man! 

They plan wars. You that are the soldiers: You fight for a country that doesn’t give a damn about you.  When are you going to stop?  I know some of you are in the Armed Forces, and they’ve offered you a job, and we thank them, but you’re going to have to find another employer because he’s getting you ready for the frying pan!  This government is making a killer out of you, and then bringing you back from (overseas), because they don’t need you over there anymore, and setting you in your own community; then, filling the community with drugs and guns.  And since you are trained killers, then you kill each other—and that’s exactly what you have been doing!  And you think it’s an accident. …

No, it is by design.  And because you don’t know yourself, and don’t know them, and don’t know the time and what must be done, you fall right into the plan and become agents of your own destruction.


George H.W. Bush, as vice president, was over a covert group that worked out of the White House, and when Congress would not give money to The Contras who were fighting against the Sandinista Regime in Nicaragua, they had to find a way around Congress.

I am a Muslim, and I love Saudi Arabia and I love the Holy Houses in Saudi Arabia, but the Saudi Government is used by America. When the administration couldn’t get Congress to go along with them, they went to the king of Arabia and asked for money.  Here is a so-called holy land where the guardians of the sacred shrines of Islam are giving money to Reagan and Bush to buy weapons for The Contras—but they bought drugs as well as weapons.  

I think the American people need to know what has been happening.  It’s not people like “Freeway” Rick Ross who are in control of this drug trade—he’s on the bottom of the totem pole.  It is White people who brought the drugs to him, and sold it to him at a very low price, who then taught him how to make “crack.”  Crack is a chemical that is so addictive. … Look at the conspiracy, brothers and sisters!

Who is to blame for the spread of crack cocaine in our communities?

My dear brothers and sisters, if you notice from the beginning of the 1980s when “crack” started, you heard about “The Bloods and The Crips”; and you in Chicago already knew that Chicago had many gangs—but crack was not here.  Mayor Daley and city administrators did not want it here in Chicago because they knew crack had devastated all the cities, only adding to the problems of the cities. But notice at the time the Republicans who were crying “law and order”:  All the candidates that ran for political office had to talk about what?  “Law and order” and “crime.”  And when they talk about law and order, and crime, who do you think the public is thinking about?  They’re thinking about not so much our sisters, but about Black men.

They said, “We must have law and order, we must have tough laws. Crime is on the increase”—and all of us suffering from robberies, carjacking, all of these things, we said, “Yes!  Yes, we need tough laws!  Put them in jail.”  And the White people said, “Good … They’re all in agreement!  ‘Three strikes’ and you’re in for life.” 

Brothers and sisters, there are hardly any of you that have not been arrested for something; you can hardly find a Black person 35-years-old that hasn’t been arrested at least once, maybe twice.  So all you have to do is be charged for taking a candy bar. …  So in 1984, when crack was going strong, and the crime was going strong, they started privatizing prisons; corporate America became involved in “prisons for profit.”  Do you know what the greatest growth industry in America is now?  Prisons. 

Look brothers, any of you that are in business, you know that if you are going to set up a McDonald’s, what do you do?  You have to check and see what kind of foot traffic or car traffic you have so that you know that you don’t put it in a desolate area. The feasibility studies that were done found that since there was more crack in the Black community, and they are fomenting (provoking) gang violence and there are more guns in the Black community, then if they give unusually long sentences for crack cocaine, then those arrested will have five years, 10 years, maybe life—and they say, “We’ve got us a slave,” because now they’re going to tie prison to industry, “so we will have a fat bottom line on the back of N—-rs.”  … Now they’re bringing back the chain gangs. 

Can’t you see what’s happening to us? Does this sound like a fairy tale? When they get you in prison their effort is to turn you out. See, they’ve already titillated the community with sex. Sexual lyrics, sexual songs, sexual dance, sexual healing.  Just look at you:  You don’t have pleasure in your life because real pleasure comes from good human relationships; this is why the Bible teaches, “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.

When men and women are together in unity, there is no physical pleasure more pleasurable than our love and unity for each other. And that’s why at The Million Man March, to see love displayed like that, great, strong Black men just broke down and cried; and it was a transformative experience.  Sex doesn’t transform you into that. …We’re all messed up! We’re all messed up and we have to climb out of this. We have to climb out of this behavior.


I want to say to the young men and women who are reading this:  We have to escape this conspiracy. You may say “I make my living selling drugs”—yes, but you can sell something else.  See all the money that you get selling drugs?  It comes easy, and it goes easier.  And when the enemy gets ready for you, they bust you and take everything and put you in prison.  We have to get away from being a victim in a conspiracy, and begin to take the offensive and carry the fight for freedom and justice to the enemy rather than always being on the end of their traps complaining about what White people are doing.  We have to find that friend that will strengthen us against the force of evil and make us victorious.

In the Bible, it teaches us “As lightening shineth from the East even unto the West so shall the coming of the Son of Man be.”  So you have a man coming out of the East coming to the West; Isaiah the Prophet looks at it, and Isaiah said, “There was none to uphold Him so His own right arm it upheld Him, and mighty was He to save His people. Wheresoever the eagles are gathered together there shall the carcass be,” so you have a man coming from the East unto the West under the title “Son of Man.”  That’s our Jesus!  That is your Friend.

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