My experience

Conscious Mind Projection & Cell Regeneration

After arising for Fajr prayer this morning, I was pretty excited and eager for what awaited me and my family. I meticulously prepared myself & my sanctum for what always seems to be a new journey,a new experience that unveils a cryptic truth that will be of great benefit to the Lost Found Nation of Peace in the West. Before approaching The Source of Creation and the Angelic Host,I carefully look over my clothing (to ensure that it has the right feel or right vibration) The feel can be determined by the material composition, the color, and the actions that were exemplified when wearing this particular item in previous times. The attire that we wear to prayer IS OF VITAL IMPORTANCE beloved family. Every second, minute, and hour that is spent praying in a particular article of clothing helps to re-establish “YOUR DIVINE CONTACT”. I will liken this to a smell that has brought 1 pleasure. When the nose is reintroduced to a smell that brought pleasure to the body the mind automatically dials up the images that were related to that particular smell the same can be said for those things that didn’t smell so good(smiling). When wearing a special choice of clothing the smell and vibration of those items will automatically attune the mind and body to the 1 that you commune with normally when those items are in use. So the Holy Quran warns us to pay close attention to what we wear to prayer.
After performing my obligatory Rakahs I sat and paused for 1 second to clear my mind. After to loosening up the consciousness from the ambers of the flesh, I was gently greeted by the presence of the cells within my body. Yes! they reached out to make contact with the Divine Mind that is over the body in which they live. As the cell gradually came from out of the dark canvas of my mind I could see the gentle light that radiated from within its sphere. Pulsing ever so gently. I knew from my studies that my cells could be as bright as the Sun itself. So I gently summoned the power of my being and said


I repeatedly demanded there to be light within my cells..

everything paused and quieted down to the likeness of a dull winter night.

Then all of a sudden I could see the beginnings of the glowing ambers of light within the cells. The light became more vibrant and more expansive. It began to contract and expand, contract and expand until the whole cell was lit a blaze like a life-giving sun. I saw this cell produce ripples of energy throughout my body giving me a new found energy and life. My body started to Rev up like a powerful engine of a race car….

I got it !! (I said)… I got it

The procedure,

I waited to see how long my body would vibrate such energy. I anticipated an hour or so but nothing more but as the hours went by my body continued to experience the feeling of pulsation and invigoration. Its now 6:03 pm central standard time making the total length of time to be 13 straight hours of sun-bursting energy.


There was more to this experience but God willing it will be given at another time in the near future

Your little brother and friend

Chela of Master Fard Muhammad,Master Elijah Muhammad, and follower of the Great Louis Farrakhan
Gary Mahatmas Muhammad