[Editor’s note:  The following article contains edited excerpts from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s interview with Brother Munir Muhammad, co-founder of the Coalition for the Remembrance of Elijah (C.R.O.E.) and host of Muhammad & Friends talk show.  This interview aired live from C.R.O.E. Studios in Chicago, Illinois on Sunday, July 19, 2015, and is now available in its entirety on DVD, CD and MP3.]


In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.

Munir Muhammad (MM):  As-Salaam Alaikum!  Welcome to another show!  My dear brothers and sisters, I am so excited about this show because I have with me a very distinguished young man; he is my friend, my brother, my companion in The Work of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.  I submit to you, Minister Louis Farrakhan.  How are you sir?

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan (HMLF): I’m better:  I’m here with you!

MM:  Thank you sir.

HMLF:  It’s a pleasure, brother.

MM:  You know, every time I sit and talk with you, I wonder:  “Where will this conversation go?”  I was reminded in Ferguson that it’s been at least 40 years since I’ve known you and you just continue to get better—you certainly continue to get younger, and you look great.  I think the audience will say you look great.  But in the opening of this show, we showed parts of your tours around the world, the reception that you received from people from all walks of life.  You and I, and many others, know at one point it was difficult for you.  But “endurance,” “longevity,” “tenacity” all spells “you”—and, I know if it means that to me, and the brothers and sisters who listen, then it has to be overwhelming to know that there are people tempted to bury you.  So I just want to sit back and see what you say to that.

HMLF:  Thank you.  Well first, Brother Munir, it’s a great honor to me to be here with you, and to lift my voice in honor and deep respect for the work that you have done over these 40 years to make the mission, the name, the word and the work of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad remembered on this show and everywhere you went talking about our Teacher.  So I have nothing but honor and thanksgiving and praise for the work that Allah has blessed and guided you to do.  So being here today is a part of a “homecoming.” 


The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan with C.R.O.E. founders Shahid Muslim, Rasul Muhammad, son of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Munir Muhammad and Halif Muhammad.

You know I, being a college student—never graduated; but, “homecoming” was a big time in college life.  Because it brings back the alumni, it brings back the sports heroes; it brings back parents and students who benefited from that college experience.  I, and we, have benefited from this experience, being with you on this show so many times over so many years.  And now, it’s especially gratifying, as a “homecoming,” that I am back where we started—in the spirit in which we started, with greater knowledge and experience than when we started.  So I am very honored to be here.


MM:  You know, you mentioned “guidance.”  I have been privileged to have conversations with you when you would talk about, of course, the “germination of a seed”—many things The Messenger would say to you, and it didn’t resonate at that time, but you sought his guidance.  And I’ve been up close enough to see that you don’t just talk about these people in the Book.  You live it.  We talked about Jesus and Muhammad a lot, and them being “synonymous” in a sense.  You bring these things together.  And I can see that if you were not getting guidance, then you’d just be talking “off the cuff.” …  You don’t hold news conferences and say, well, “Farrakhan’s doing this/Farrakhan’s doing that,” so a lot of people don’t know what you are doing; and many times, because the press has excluded you—the so-called mainstream press.  They write about you, talking about you “killing White people.”  So, help us to understand how we should be viewing “this time,” along with “Minister Farrakhan.”  Can we walk with you?  Help us to understand.

HMLF:  The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, I believe and you believe, and we believe, was taught by God In Person.  When He left the Honorable Elijah Muhammad after spending three years and four months with him, He pressed a piece of paper into his hand, and He told him, “Brother, you don’t need Me anymore.”  And the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, “Oh, yes I do!” and He said, “Brother, you don’t need Me anymore.”  And Elijah Muhammad went to the window of his little house, and as he saw his Teacher walking away from him down the street, he was weeping.  He did not realize at that time what his Teacher had put in him; that when he opened his palm and he looked at the sheet of paper, it was The 23rd Psalm:  “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.”

Now when you, those of you who are watching, go and pick up your Bible, and look at The 23rd Psalm:  That Psalm was telling him, “I am your Shepherd—so there’s nothing that you could want that you wouldn’t be able to achieve as long as you recognize Who your Shepherd is.”  And he did the same thing for me. 

I was with him for 20 years.  Not up close and personal; I studied his words, I baptized myself in his articles that he wrote in the various newspapers before we had Muhammad Speaks, and then when I was privileged and blessed to be in his company, he would say little things to me.  I didn’t know what they meant.  It was English, and I understood it; but it went in.  When he left, when he brought me before The Nation, and he said, “This man’s preaching is a bearing of witness of Me.” He said, “So continue to hear my Minister Farrakhan.” 



When the Honorable Elijah Muhammad goes away, we have an “interlude” so to speak of our brother Imam Warith D. Mohammed, son of Elijah Muhammad, who became leader of The Nation of Islam and took The Nation on a course that brought us closer to the Islamic world.  I loved the steps that he was doing, because we are Muslims, and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, “When you accept Islam, you accept a brotherhood that’s over the entire Earth!”  And the Honorable Elijah Muhammad would tell us how much the brotherhood of Islam loved the brothers in The West.  Well, it was Imam W.D. Mohammed who started a rapprochement [“establishment or resumption of harmonious relations”] with the Christian community.  Because the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, you know, he was the son of a Baptist preacher, and he knew the inside of what goes on in preachers’ lives.  He didn’t like it …  So he never set up the mosque meetings at the same time as church; he set it up in the afternoon; he never had any choir—oh no, no singing.  And, he didn’t like preachers when they, you know, “get the spirit.” He didn’t like that.  So, he wanted to make us teachers of a New Order … .

What the Honorable Elijah Muhammad gave:  His movement was a protest movement against the church.  Because the church, he felt, was in such submission to the enemy that it came far away from the real teaching of Jesus Christ. … Elijah Muhammad put things in my head.  That’s how you know you’re dealing with a Master Teacher:  When he can plant a seed in the head of a student, knowing all the time that he’s planting the seed that it’s not going to come up at that time, but as time and circumstances and events come to play, that word would come up in our minds. 

MM:  Let me say, Brother Minister:  It’s so much that I can recall; you know, when you were brought here from New York, and it was difficult circumstances.  And the reason I want to lay on that for a moment is to show people who have been a part of The Nation of Islam that they really don’t have any “problem.”  Let me tell you what my obligation is:  I feel that if you see there is need for there to be a 20th Year Anniversary, then you have put enough in the tank for me to go with you!  I mean, I have conversations; I have business that I do—but I don’t think anything is more important than this.  So that’s why I want to show people what you’ve come through. … You have said you were not just interested in “a few,” but all of us, and that’s the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s Work.  He doesn’t want to kill us, he wants to teach us!  And so, you are in those footsteps.  Brother Minister, what do you want to say to our brothers and sisters who are struggling?  Those who say, “Well, I want to help Farrakhan, but ‘I can’t do this,’ ‘I can’t do that?’ ”  Let’s eliminate this “pettiness” …  We went to Washington 20 years ago for “Reconciliation,” so now it’s “Justice Or Else!” isn’t it?  And so much, economically, is involved.  You have talked about the elimination of Christmas, for these gifts and things like that; so, it is about economics.  You have criticized our spending money.  What better way, than we  spend something for ourselves? 

HMLF:  I want to say to, first, our Muslim community: Islam is under assault in America.  It doesn’t matter if we are Sunni, Shia; it doesn’t matter if we are Hanafi or Hanbali, Salafi, or other schools of thought.  “The Qur’an” and “Islam”:  It’s a “problem”; so today, America wants “moderate Muslims.”  I asked myself the question:  “What is a moderate Muslim?”  If we live by this Qur’an and the example of The Prophet, that’s “moderate,” but to others it’s absolutely revolutionary; but we call it following The Qur’an and the example of The Prophet, or the example of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.  So when you follow that example, you are not moderate—you have to speak against tyranny and injustice wherever you find it!  So these weak brothers and sisters, who want to “go along to get along”:  Then you are not following The Prophet, because Prophet Muhammad spoke against tyranny and oppression.  And if we are truly his followers, how could we go along with our government if our government is imposing tyranny on any segment of the population here, or any segment of the population on our planet?

So I’m asking Muslims:  Come on, and come with me to Washington!  We have a case to put before our government!  We are not terrorists; we don’t belong to any group that would destroy innocent life for political purposes.  We are not “ISIL” or “ISIS,” we are Muslims.  But “ISIL” is your baby, America; that is your bastard child.  Then, if it’s your bastard child, deal with your child—because that’s what you produced!  Al-Qaeda is another one of your bastard children:  You made them!  So go and correct your children.  We that are in America, for the most part, are peaceful Muslims who don’t wish harm to any innocent person.  And, we don’t bother to be a tyrant over others, but we have to fight with those who fight with us.  You can’t come to our mosque, now, with weapons, and we just stand there and let you kill us.  That’s not normal; that’s not natural.  So for America to say to us that we don’t have a right to defend our own religion, to defend our right to our religion, then we can’t agree with you.

MM:  What’s in the news now, when they speak about Iran [and the nuclear treaty]:  … Of course, there are American politicians who talk the talk that “you can’t trust Iran.”  But America:  You know, I’ve been blessed to be in a lot of countries—we are not respected anywhere!  … You know that you can’t trust America, but the hypocrisy of these people that talk, and the softness of Americans who don’t really understand those “spin doctors”—what do you say to them?  Because, they allude to the fact that “Well, Farrakhan is out of control”—because you’re telling the truth about them! 

HMLF:  Well, I am out of control …  I have never been under their control, but I am under the control of The Controller.  And that’s one of His Attributes: Allah (God) is The Controller—and I’m happy to be under His Control.  So when I look “out of control” to you, it’s because my Controller is pushing me to tell the truth!  That is the thing that American people need. “The truth,” Jesus said, “will set you free.”

So yes, my dear brother:  We are doing that which I believe is pleasing to God. 

MM:  Now, for man who has not been within the mainstream press, this word [about “10.10.15”] is heating up, man, that “these people are listening to Farrakhan” from all over, West Coast, East Coast, the South. … I mean, you’re crisscrossing America!  I remember it took a couple of years, in The Million Man March [to spread the word], but now, how long have you been pushing this 20th Year Anniversary?  I mean, it hasn’t been that long.

HMLF:  No, but social media is a great tool.  It created revolution in Egypt … And its creating of revolution is, I would say, [telling us] that the “paid-for media,” the controlled media, is losing its power.  They are not what it used to be.  Look at what they’re doing now.  Here is Donald Trump:  He is getting support!  Because all the rest of these people, when they say “I want to be president,” they’re telling you they’re throwing their hat in the ring with no money; so they have to go to people with money to back them.  And at the same time that they ask for money, here comes the sting of a puppet maker and a puppeteer!  You get bought, for favor—but Donald Trump says, “Oh, I’ve got over $10 billion.  I don’t need nobody’s money!”  Don’t you know the American people know that that’s a man—whether he sounds crazy to you or not, he’s his own crazy man.  And, you can trust him; because he is not bought or paid for (“that’s who you’re getting”).   I like that. … See, President Obama?  When social media took Obama, and Obama began to ask for $5, $10, $20, $50, he raised $1 billion almost by himself.  He didn’t need to bow down to none of the money people, because the people were with him! 

So when you know you’ve got the people with you, what the hell are you bowing down for?  The people are the power, not that that says “it’s the power”!  And when I have the people with me, you will see:  I will give orders—and they will carry it out, because I have that kind of support.


HMLF: I want you to help me put on a day, where it’s bigger than “the day”; where it’s about “the day before,” “the day of,” but most importantly, “the day after.” I’m going to put a Program before Congress …  It’s a Program to deliver us from the tyranny of our open enemy.  And I’m not begging anybody to back me in that—I already have the backing of God and His Christ!  You will soon see …  I am not a “madman,” and I’m not crazy.  Try me, and see!  So if you want to help me, a man that won’t punk out on you, that can’t be bought, go to and give $5, $10, $1, $20, $100.  I’m going to report to you every nickel, every dime; every dollar, we’ll account for it.  No thieves, no robbers here—just warriors for God and the liberation of our people. 

To the Jewish people that don’t like me:  You don’t have a ladder tall enough to get you up to the heaven where my blessings come from.  So you’re going to have to sit on the sideline, and watch.  And I’m warning you and the government:  If you make a mistake, thinking that you can do to me and us as you’ve done to others, I welcome you!  Come on with it, and I’ll show you the power of a God that will take you out, and take your country from you and give it to whom He pleases.