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Clear evidence of advanced technology

Thank you Brother Wadell for sending me the letter that you did, two days ago, which reads:

July 13, 2001
Dear Bro. Jabril,

In the latest Final Call you state that Annapolis was near West Point. The academy is the U.S. Naval Academy. West Point is in New York.
Keep up the good work for our Nation and God’s Man on the Straight Path Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Your Brother in Islam,
Wadell Muhammad

The article in which my mistake occurred was in Volume 20, Number 40. Thank you, Brother Wadell Muhammad.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad stated that Major Donald Keyhoe was made by Allah to condemn the United States government, or at least parts of it, for concealing the truth that they had about the reality of the wheel-like planes which Allah has ordered to fly over America and other nations of the earth.

Several years ago, on a television program titled The Twentieth Century, Major Keyhoe was among those interviewed by Mr. Mike Wallace. That program contained powerful evidence that these planes are real and represent wisdom and power far superior to that of the United States of America.

I wrote a series of articles last year in The Final Call, in which I bore witness to the integrity of Minister Farrakhan as he went before the cameras of 60 Minutes, hosted by Mr. Wallace, who told a bold lie on the Minister, when the program aired. That series appeared in Volume 19, Number 29 through Volume 19, Number 36.

The purpose of that series goes beyond the blatant lies Mr. Wallace told on Minister Farrakhan before the millions who saw or heard of it. Why did Allah permit it? How does it fit with Allah’s plan, as described in the scriptures? What is its relation to the Mother of Planes?

Will Mr. Wallace stand up and be counted among the growing number of persons, prominent and otherwise, who have publicly stated that the United States government is hiding what they know about the “UFOs?”


The following is excerpted from The Wheel: Is It Real or Reel? from the book, Where Is The Honorable Elijah Muhammad?

As you just read, in my last article, Mr. Gersten stated that these planes “… were built and launched by secret powers from and of the earth … .”

He continued:


“Certain official government documents on the subject of UFOs give evidence that (1) some UFOs are unconventional aerial objects; that (2) these unconventional aerial objects perform in ways that are beyond the range of present day technological development; and (3) that these unconventional aerial objects with high performance characteristics have posed a threat to the national security of the United States and may have human survival implications as well.


“The nature of the UFO controversy has changed dramatically over the past four years. There is now a new case for the UFO and the evidence for it is in government records.

“In these official documents—in the 3,000 pages of previously classified documents on UFOs released during the past four years by the Departments of State, Army, Navy, and Air Force, by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency and the Defense Intelligence Agency—we find the expert testimony of scientists, military personnel, intelligence personnel, law enforcement officers, and other reliable and responsible people on the subject of UFOs.



“I am a defense attorney in criminal cases. I know what evidence is. If the evidence contained in these documents were to be presented in court it would provide overwhelming proof that UFOs do exist and that some UFOs are unconventional aerial objects. In fact, these documents show us beyond a reasonable doubt that the objects perform in ways that are beyond the range of present day technological development. I do not hesitate to say that what we are dealing with here is an advanced form of technology, and I will use the documents to prove my case.

“Furthermore, these government documents reveal that certain individuals and agencies in the U.S. government have thought that these objects—whatever they may be—might pose a threat to our national security. That situation first arose in 1949 and continues to this day.

“I do not deny that the wealth of government documents regarding UFOs could support other more mundane or more extraordinary statements about UFOs and government involvement. But I have chosen to eliminate these extremes from my presentation in favor of a group of official records, which I selected and which I believe to be the most significant. I am concerned here only with that portion of the phenomenon which remain unexplained in official records. I am not interested in those reports that have been explained as conventional aircraft, astronomical objects, or natural phenomenon. I am concerned here with those reports of objects which give evidence of an advanced technology, and which, as a result, pose a threat to our national security.

“It is my contention that we can believe what we see in these documents. And with these documents, I will prove my case. The documents that I am about to show you tell us what the government would know about UFOs if they read their own documents.


“Let’s look at a few cases of the past decade. It is here where we will see the UFO. Here are the objects. Here are their characteristics—right in the government’s own documents.

“This is a Department of the Army document (1). It is a Serious Incident Report about an alleged sighting of an unidentified flying object made by two military policemen at Hunter Army Airfield in Georgia just after two in the morning on September 8, 1973. While in the course of a routine patrol of the airbase perimeter, they noticed an object traveling at what appeared to them to be a high rate of speed traveling east to west at approximately 2000 feet altitude and crossing the post perimeter. Approximately ten (10) minutes later they re-sighted the object when it appeared at treetop level and made an apparent dive at their vehicle seemingly just missing the vehicle. There was no damage to the vehicle. The object again reappeared at another location and came to a hoverfor approximately fifteen (15) minutes in front of them. The unidentified object appeared to have brilliantly flashing lights, blue, white, and amber in color. They then returned to the main post and were followed by the unidentified object 50 to 100 feet away at tree top level until it finally veered off and visual contact was lost. The object made no noise. The alleged UFO was described as round or oval in shape and between 35 and 75 feet across.

“So here we have a silent, oval-shaped object, 35 to 75 feet in diameter, that can hover for long periods of time, as well as travel at a high rate of speed and change altitude very quickly. This is clearly evidence of an advanced form of technology.”

This attorney was just warming up, as he went on to really make his case.

More next issue, Allah willing.

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