Greetings beloved family I would like to inform you all of the Cosmic Happenings (or activities of Allahs Angels ) In the heavens and upon the earth.
The Christ Matrix of the planet earth has been reset and a gathering of our Cosmic Brothers from planets within our Solar System have come to Earth to assist us in the transition or maneuvering of the planet and its inhabitants through these troubled times. Many of these ships are stationed over Mexico,and Tennessee.

Certain persons through out the planet have been receiving energy and light downloads to assist in their own humble way the people of our planet. Preparing them Psychologically and Energetically for whats to come.

May you all find this message in peace and in truth.

(also I posted a day or so ago an experience where-in Master Fard Muhammad and his Angels utilized this technology and process upon me and my family which will allow us to do our part within our Nation in the West)