Our Children Among Most Beautiful By Audrey 3X – April 1962

How often have we heard the phrase, “She’d be a beautiful child if she wasn’t so bad.” We as so-called American Negroes, have some of the most beautiful children on the earth. But as they say, “Beauty is only skin deep.” What child can be beautiful, if he or she has no respect for his parents – friends – or for other people’s property?

Need Proper Manners
I wonder how many so-called American Negro women think it’s worthwhile to teach their

children proper manners right from the beginning? I guess not many of us. When a child reaches that talkative age, they seem to catch on to everything that is wrong.

It seems that every other word is “No” or “Stop”. I’ve heard some children go as far as to say, “Shut up”. When the child starts saying these things in the house, oh, mother thinks it’s just so cute.

Mother Embarrassed
Then when she takes the child out, it seems that since the child wants to attract attention,

right away, the child starts in with his or her newly found words.
And there stands mother, sputtering for words and dying of embarrassment. But she has no one to blame but herself.


We women talk about the impoliteness of men, especially on the subways.

We’re highly insulted when some man seeks a seat the same time as we, and actually races us to the seat.

Then after getting the seat, quickly takes out his newspaper and puts his head down, so as to make believe he doesn’t know you’re there.

Right from Wrong

We get angry at this, and yet we put no effort into teaching our little boys, at an early stage,

right from wrong.

If a child is introduced to these things while he is young, he automatically does them when he gets older. It becomes a habit and is done with no effort at all.
But we can’t ever expect our children to do right unless we teach them.
It’s important also, for the parents to act right in the home. How can you expect your little boy to respect women when your husband is mistreating you? For your son will try to do like he sees his father doing.

Same as to Daughter
It leaves the same effect on your daughter if you mistreat your husband.

Even the smallest child notices how the parents treat each other and therefore follows whatever he or she sees.

Let’s not wait until a child reaches the age of 15, and then try to teach him, for you’ll wonder why they won’t listen. It’s best to train and show your child right from the beginning – be firm in what you are doing – not mean, but firm.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has taught us the best way to raise our children. Therefore, the children are well-mannered and have the most respect for others. This early training molds them into fine men and women.

There is no better time than now to start, for a young mind is the most receptive to learning.