by Master Elijah Muhammad

     [Next time, don’t have me opening my mouth until you have this microphone opens its
mouth. I have spent many words of which a lot of people could not hear. I’m going to charge
you laborers with this, because how could they know what I said before you opened it up?
Now we can hear.]

     The reason you must know of the truth today is because the liar must be removed. To
keep you from getting confused over the truth and the lie, a plain Warner, says the Holy
Qur’an, will be sent to you whose words will be easy for you to understand. He will speak
your own language and he will be chosen from among you. There will be no stranger coming
out of the East to you. It will be one of yourselves, like God has always done in the past. He
raises up a Warner or a prophet from among the people He warns, so they will have no excuse
saying that they don’t understand that stranger. There were no such plain truths taught to us
in the past. We’ve been shining our eyes looking for somebody to scale the eastern horizon
and looking up to see them coming, but the Holy Qur’an condemns such, because if that man
comes from the East, he may speak a strange language and you won’t be able to understand
it. The Holy Qur’an then says that you will say, “Oh, an Arab and an Arabic Holy Qur’an, [I]
can’t understand either one.”

     He goes into your family and searches for one of your own, takes him off aside and
teaches him what He wants you to know, then when you hear the word of truth coming from
the mouth of those among you or one from among you, you can’t have an excuse and say you
couldn’t understand the language. He speaks the same language that you speak.
I want you to listen good today. You have something coming to some of you who have
never heard it before. I am that little fellow that He had taken off aside and taught. Why
[do] I say, “little fellow?” The Bible makes him little. He didn’t make him a big sheep. He
said a little lamb. So, I’m very little. I don’t know how much is lamb about me, but I know I’m

     It is up to you to listen, and as you listen, read and remember. If God says in the Bible, “before that dreadful day shall come, I shall send you Elijah, I
am Elijah. The truth must be made very clear. If I had jumped out of the college or
university door of this people to you, I would be speaking their language. The theology, as we
call it science, I would have been teaching you theirs, since they have never taught you theirs
in many things.

      I was talking in Washington D.C., back in the middle 30’s to a couple of theology teachers
of Christianity. We really had it for a while until my fire out-burned theirs. So, at the end of
our argument, we got up and shook hands, both of them, and one said, “I never heard that
before, because they just don’t teach us Negroes nothing over there like that.” I said, “They
don’t have this over there to teach you.”

      It is not that white people of Christianity, the theologians, have this really hidden, they
never heard it before. It is the first time they ever heard the real truth of themselves. As
one priest told me one day, he said, “Elijah,” he said, “We knew this was coming alright
enough…,” he said, “but I never understood it from the Bible like you have it.” I said, “Your
Bible teaches you that,” I said. “It teaches you that the secret of it was never known and
would not be known until the end, then God would send you that preacher to preach to you
the truth of it. The Holy Qur’an warns you that Abraham and Ishmael prayed for such man;
that God would raise him up from among you at that time to teach you the knowledge of the
book and to make known to you the wisdom, which is hidden from you. This is the little
fellow in whose ears God put it all.

      Why must you have it today? It is due to the removal of the old rule and your old God
that you’ve been worshipping; not knowing where He lives or where He exists. Some of us
said, “He lives in my soul.” Yes, that’s the truth: that truth does live within us, but knowing
where the truth came from is the main thing. Who is the truth giver?
If you have patience with me for about a month, I will have you so smart…, yes, I will
have you so smart, that you can tie him around your finger. 

     I am Elijah of your Bible, I am the Muhammad of your Holy Qur’an; not the Muhammad
that was here 1,400 years ago. I am the one of whom the Holy Qur’an is referring. The
Muhammad that was here 1,400 years ago was a white man, then they put up a sign of the

real Muhammad. It’s there in Mecca, Arabia; they call it the little Black Stone. I looked at it.
I made seven circuits around it. I kissed the little Black Stone, but I didn’t like kissing it,
because I knew what it meant. It means that the people will bow to the real Blackman who is
coming up out of an uneducated people, having not the knowledge of the Bible and Holy
Qur’an, which is why they made it an un-hewed stone: he will be uneducated. So, I was there
kissing the sign of myself and I was afraid to tell them that this is me you’re talking about


[Excerpt from Theology of Time lecture series]

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