Section 3, pg. 12
1. Must anticipate potential problems of the Mosque Officials and private soldiers.

2. He should reward men for their outstanding pwerformances of their duties by recognition and calculate the needs of those who fall short of theirs.

3. He must intelligently execute all plans of work given to him by his Superiors.

4. He should show initiative and good Judgment in the eyesight of his Superiors, his Officers and his men.

5. He cannot show favortisim and must be solicitors of the welfare of all men.

6. He must have a courteous attitude and show the ability to remain calm in all his undertaking.

7. He is a tutor and advisor of the men under him.

8. He must have the confidence of all, which in turn Gains the cooperation of all.

9. His reports to his Superiors must be accurate, which comes from demanding accurate reports from his OFFICERS and men.

10. He accepts the prepared instructions and orders of his Superiors and carries them without question.

11. He is tactful and patient.

12. He acquires through his actions, deeds and ways the respect of Subordinates and superiors.

13. He must be capable to inspire the men under trying conditions.

14. He cannot be careless nor have any bad habits.

15. He enforces discipline without favor.

16. He must have the ability to make decisions and show all of the qualities of a Leader.

Section 3. pg. 13

17. Must submit himself entirely to Messenger and his Program.

18. Should make regular report to the Messenger and seek his advice, instructions in all maters that he has not Previously been instructed on.

19. Should work 100% in unity with other laboring body.
20. Should inform Minister and Secretary of ways they may help him with or in their work.

21. Responsible for all law enforcing in the Mosque.

22. See that Muslims are Keeping standard in accord with teaching of Islam.

23. See that EVERYTHING GOES 100% in Mosque as taught by Messenger or Minister.

24. See that other laborers working for Nation are on their jobs and performing as they should.

25. See that Nation’s property is Given Proper Care.

26. Inform Messenger before any selection of aids (so he may confirm, select or concur.

27. Give orders (instructions) to Lieutenant.

28. Check follow up and see that all orders are carried out 100%.

29. Check Minister, Captain and Secretary ; Mosque, School Businesses, and Muslims.

30. See that no one is mistreated.

31. Keep the body happy and pleasant and always checked.

32. Strive to help weak Muslims to be strong.

33. Report everything that cannot be handled to the Messenger.

34. Keep the Messenger informed and up to date.

35. Make unannounced inspections to other Mosque on all phases of their activity and report findings to the Messenger.