Nation of Islam Foundation Books

As taught by the renown leader and figure we have come to know as the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, “He who gives you the diameter of your knowledge prescribes the circumference of your activity.”

In Master Fard Muhammad’s appearance to restore the Black Nation to their original glory and setting in motion various divine agencies including the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, He initiated a process by which, those with hearts and minds receptive to the divine workings of such nature, would be given an opportunity to enter into a greater sphere of knowledge to forever expand and elevate the circumference of our activity.

Below you will find a list of books written by His top students and divine agencies that are designed to bring the attentive and receptive reader up to a permitted degree within this greater sphere of knowledge and motion. These books have been offered to humanity at this time for a small price to grant them an opportunity to qualify for the greater knowledge that the Supreme of Creation has purposed for those willing vessels who will be chosen to help establish the reign of righteousness throughout the planet and the Cosmos at an unequalled level.

Thus, the book list provided below is a sacred offering to trigger a transformative process of a supreme order for the eager, receptive, and persevering students of light who seek to qualify for the greater knowledge and service to render throughout creation. The seeker is invited to take the journey of discovery, peeling back the layers of wisdom to mine out the many jewels contained throughout the scope of books presented herein.


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