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Being Equally or Unequally yoked


I thoughts this question was not only timely but very intelligent.


I was very interested in studying the answers and the explanations that would be offered to explain our reasoning behind our conclusion to this question.Hopefully a truthful non emotional dialogue can ensue on this topic.


The true answer from what I’ve come to learn to this question will be disliked by many. Most are unaware of what Allah has said of sensitive topics and situations as this. AGAIN THAT TRUTH WILL NOT BE WILLINGLY EMBRACED EVEN THOUGH TIME WILL FORCE IT UPON US ALL.


Those who have an idea in mind to marry a certain type of person that fit a certain build may have experienced the inability to obtain what they had in mind for many many years. This idea was so elusive that many are at the end stages of their life and yet have never married or have been married multiple times still unable to find what they are looking for. Most times this is the result of us not being equal to what we have in mind to marry and rejecting what is our equal in life (being unequally yoked). When we have set our hearts on being with those who fit a certain criterion but that criterion is beyond our own condition(yoke) we will not be able to obtain that which our hearts desire because our yoke will be an unnecessary burden to the person we seek. These burdens that we carry are the result of decisions and circumstances that unfolded in our lives before our search for the 1 that we believe is for us who hasn’t made similar decisions that produced similar life circumstances. Its a painful truth that will bring us face to face with our past choices and decisions that were not of the best and those choices that were of the best.


We must understand that there is no physical condition that exists unless it has an equal spiritual counterpart.This means that being equally yoked must also be inclusive of the physical condition and all of the elements that help shape the physical condition of the person and those who are forever tied to that person in this world. ( i.e from previous sex partners and marriages, children from previous marriages, children conceived from acts of fornication etc) For us to believe that children conceived in previous relationships or marriages shouldn’t be factored in as a part of the meaning of being equally yoked of the 2 new couples should reflect upon the daily goings of life. Name me 1 woman that will not have to sacrifice greatly when marrying a man that has multiple children outside or inside the home. Name me 1 Man that will not have to sacrifice for a woman that may have multiple children in or out of the home? Some of the sacrifices may not be welcomed which then causes a person to see them as a burden!!! Not only are children a part of that equation but the moral, spiritual and physical health condition of the previous sex partners that produced such children must be taken into consideration because of the lingering effects of their essence in the bloodstream and brain via sperm, ovum saliva and shared energetic thought forms that now make up the constituents of the persons being that we have to live with. That lingering essence can disqualify us from getting what we have in mind for a future husband and a wife. These things affect us for the rest of our lives and they also fall under the category of unknown and unseen spiritual burdens.


We must also consider the condition of our in-laws who will always seem to play a part in the lives of the 2 who are striving to become 1. Some of us have gone through the horrible experiences of rape, molestation, drug addictions,bisexuality, homosexuality beloved family. These things wreak havoc on the blood system and the DNA that is used to determine the future actions of the children that may be conceived by 2 aspiring couples. Again that alone can disqualify us from receiving the partners we desire. All of these things are considered by Allah when determining if we are equally yoked with another believer. We beloved family (Muslims) must come to understand the Higher Science that is used by our Allah when he actively takes part in a Divine Union. Our Allah has revealed these things to me in my quest to understand how they go about marrying those that they decreed should be married.


Now to the financial aspect of this equation most men will not like this part because we have failed in our ability to UNITE as men and establish a independent economic base for our future wives and children. But the undeniable truth of the matter is even finances are a part of the equation of being equally yoked. Allah will not place a burden of unnecessary hardship on a woman that was not made to bare the hardship of a man that has gone out and had multiple children with multiple women. Imagine a woman keeping herself (a Virgin in every sense of the word) now having to deal with multiple children by multiple women that are nothing but hell raisers. Why should a woman of this kind be subjected to an environment that may destroy her natural love to produce children? Why should she have to deal with the children of another woman who is spiteful of her husband and his new wife than for the children to come into the home spewing their spiteful mother’s venom at the undeserving new wife or new husband(it goes both ways). This again can cause us to fall into the category of being unequally yoked. What if the man has to send so much of his money out of the home to another household to take care of the children he fathered elsewhere that it disallows him to provide the necessary things for his new wife? This becomes a disservice to the woman because she now has to suffer the pains of doing without for our previous bad decisions. This also goes for a woman that may have so many children by 1 man or previous men that it becomes virtually impossible for a man of modest means to properly support her and the children making the 2 unequally yoked.


Our understanding of the things that make us equal in yoke must continue to rise to what Allah has revealed and this will allow us to make better decisions in our choice of mates which will ensure the success of our marriages and the children that will spawn from such Divine Unions..


May my response find you all in peace and help us all in our dialogue on this topic..
(forgive me for my mistakes in spelling and word phrases if there are any)
your little brother and friend

Gary Mahatmas Muhammad