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Being an effective student, the road to self mastery

Farrakhan The Traveler by Jabril MuhammadThe next stage of what I intend to cover takes two articles: this and the next one—Allah willing.

Throughout the Holy Qur’an Allah reasons with the reader about what is best for the reader. Allah gives His thinking about various subjects. He does it in a way that is designed to correct the reader’s wrong thinking about these subjects. He does this to bring the reader in line or in tune with Himself.

Allah even goes to the length of explaining and showing the reader why His thinking is better than that of the reader. The reader is presented with proofs of the supremacy of the thinking of Allah over that of the reader’s, as well as the wonderful benefits His thinking contains for the reader.

He invites the reader to give up inferior ways of thinking for the superior. He does this, as He repeatedly states in this wonderful book, to lift the reader’s mind to think more like He does.

While He acknowledges that the reader knows some [few] things, He intelligently informs the reader that He knows best—so said the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

The Honorable Elijah Mu-hammad spent time explaining to us, not just that, but why Allah is our Best Friend.

Now, in his letter introducing Study Session number four, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan opened it with “Dear Fellow Students … .”

Without a doubt, Minister Farrakhan is a world leader. Part of what makes him such a leader is that he is a grand educator. A major factor, which makes him such an effective educator, is due to his being a very intelligent and effective student.

What is the ordinary definition of “student?” Webster’s Dictionary says it means “one who studies.” One who is “an attentive and systematic observer.” A student is “a person who studies, or investigates; a person who is enrolled for study at a school, college, etc.”

Students study. What does it mean to study? Study means “to fix the mind for a time on something for the purpose of increasing one’s knowledge or understanding of it or to solve a problem it involves.”

Study involves greater “mental activity than merely considering that on which the mind is focused.” The word implies greater “care for the details and an effort to comprehend fully all of the possibilities, applications, variations, or the like.”

This is some of what the word study means. Clearly, Minister Farrakhan is an excellent student of the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, which he continues to study.

Later on, in his letter, which introduces Study Guide Number Ten, we read:

“The knowledge of Self is the greatest of all knowledge. It is akin to the knowledge of Allah (God). Both of these knowledges, which are really one, are the key to our return to God, Self and Power.

“The study of ourselves as Black people (Original People of the Earth) must never be abandoned. We must know ourselves historically, biologically, genetically, but we must also go to the root of ourselves, which is knowledge of the nature in which we are created, which is the Essence of Self–knowledge.”

When did Minister Farrakhan write this letter, which introduced Study Guide Number Ten? The letter’s date was June 5, 1987. Why do I mention this? It’s to repeat what Minister Farrakhan often quotes from his teacher, who said, in effect, that we must work at a faster pace. And, certainly at the core of the faster pace we must make is the acquisition of worthwhile knowledge.

We are warned in the scriptures, that we must work while we have the light with us, for there is a particular kind of darkness—which is fast approaching—when no man or woman can work.

The Holy Qur’an warns us to seek refuge in Allah “from the evil of intense darkness, when [not if] it comes … .”

This intense darkness is called in one place, “the time of Jacob’s trouble.” We are told, however, that he [and they] will be delivered out of it.

In the 12th chapter of Daniel, we learn that he was made to foresee, that which would be the most frightening, dreadful and troublesome time ever—since there was a nation.

The treatment of Minister Farrakhan, in particular, and of Muslims, in general, has everything to do with when, or how soon, it comes.

Please, read the whole of his letter for yourself. Further on in his letter, he wrote:

“Look at how far we have fallen since the deportation of the Moon from the Earth, 66 trillion years ago. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that Allah used the history of the work of the God of the Moon, 66 trillion years ago, to teach us something of ourselves and of our enemy. We, the Black man and woman in America, are devoid of wisdom and the knowledge of self and others, even as the Moon is devoid of water.

“The Fall of Adam represents man’s succumbing to the power of his lower nature, the underworld. ‘All in Adam died’ because his fall under the powers of the lower self resulted in ruin, disgrace and ultimately spiritual death followed by untimely physical death. We have lost our ability to sustain ourselves on this Earth for any period of time for we are living a life lower than the animals. But Allah (God) intends for us to be His Vicegerent; His Khalifa, His Successor in this realm.

“In the Bible, in the Book of Revelations, the rulers of the Earth are given the names ‘Serpent,’ ‘Beast’ and ‘Dragon.’ They are not considered redeemable. We are in an even worse condition than the rulers of this world, for we accept them as our leaders and take guidance from them. As a result, we have become savages. In Lost–Found Muslim Lesson No. 1, we are taught that a ‘Savage means a person that has lost the knowledge of himself and who is living a beast life.’ This is why we are likened to the physically dead and our return to civilized thinking is actually considered impossibility.

“However, this exquisite knowledge of God, Self and others, given to us by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, will ultimately lead us to absolute power and mastery over Self. As a result, the ‘devil’ will be completely destroyed. No more ‘devils’ will exist on the Earth. Not just by physical destruction, but by the return of man to himself by mastery over the forces within himself, the lack of which led to his fall 66 trillion years ago.

“Best wishes for your continued success along the path of Self–Mastery.

“As–Salaam Alaikum

“Your Brother,

“Minister Louis Farrakhan

“Servant of The Lost–Found Nation of Islam in the West”

Minister Farrakhan’s study guides are excellent guides to the kind of study we must be engaged in, day and night, IF we expect to qualify for the full entrance into Allah’s Kingdom, which is about to be established in a way that all can see.

If we will use these study guides, as Minister Farrakhan intended, we can fully return to what Revelation 2:4,5 warns us to return to: our first love, and the first work. We will then experience that wonderful joy that we first experienced upon accepting God’s truth—and then some!

The more pure our motives are and the more intense our study is, the more rapid our progress can be. In this way, in a way of speaking, we can make up for lost time.Of course, we must also follow Minister Farrakhan’s guidelines about group discussions, and the proper application, of the truth to get the benefits the truth contains.

If this does not apply to you, great! And if it does, then increase your efforts to help Minister Farrakhan by getting others back to where they belong.

It is written in our fifth written lesson, The Problem Book, #31 and #32 that we are students, who have been called on by God Himself to get involved in the resurrection process, which will remove all poison and rust of this world’s life from us all!

More next issue, Allah willing.