The Mystic Master Ashram accept donations of various kinds. We accept donations in the form of monetary funds, Spiritual books, clothing, food, vouchers for temporary shelter, and real estate. We are often fulfilling the role of helping the poor, widows, homeless, hungry, orphans and families that have fallen on hard times among the ashram members and members of our extended community who have oft times dedicated their lives and much of their own finances  to the upliftment of humanity. Do to the expansive amount of work that the chela’s of light have agreed to undertake spiritually & physically we can always use a helping hand from good and warm hearted people who desire to help us in spreading the message of the Masters . If such donations are contributed it allows us as a institution to become more effective in doing our work of spiritual cultivation and upliftment. We receive no governmental assistance and rely entirely on the support of the people.  If you desire to contact the Ashram to offer assistance or in a unique way outside of what is mentioned above you can reach us via email at

Let today be the day where you decide to make a difference !

As Salaam Alaikum!  (peace be unto you

Om Namaste !  (I greet the divine within you)








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