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BY ABDUL ALLAH MUHAMMAD MAY 11, 2003 ( those of us who are barely acquainted with the Holy Qur’an, if at all, fasting, that is, going without food, not eating faster, is
BY ABDUL ALLAH MUHAMMAD APR 30, 2003 Brother Nuri Muhammad just faxed me a copy of a LOS ANGELES SENTINEL article announcing the death of a close friend and loyal Brother of
BY ABDUL ALLAH MUHAMMAD DEC 4, 2002 Back in November, 1997, THE NEW YORK TIMES ran a feature article entitled, "Turbid Tap Water May Be Source Of Unexplained Intestinal Ailments." This comes
BY ABDUL ALLAH MUHAMMAD NOV 11, 2002 Our beloved Sister, Michelle Y. Muhammad, was very small physically, and, to my knowledge, did not perform any physical feats requiring great muscular development. I
BY ABDUL ALLAH MUHAMMAD OCT 27, 2002 Despite all the years of teaching by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and right up to today by The Honorable Louis Farrakhan, the dietary practices of
BY ABDUL ALLAH MUHAMMAD MAR 25, 2005 - 3:49:00 PM The above title paraphrases an observation made by my longtime friend and brother, Muhammad Ali, when the attempt was made to draft
BY ABDUL ALLAH MUHAMMAD NOV 19, 2002  I encountered an article in a recent copy of The Weekly Mirror International by a writer named John Janney. I believe it is most effective
BY ABDUL ALLAH MUHAMMAD MAY 4, 2004 Someone very close to me was complaining recently about a speculated harm that resulted from eating beans. As I listened around, I found a few
Today there is a universal uproar, and rightly so, over the increasing presence of “Genetically Modified Organisms” – or “GMO”. Increasingly, the food which reaches our table has been altered in some
Let 'Us' make man ... 'Us' who? As I saw President Clinton’s Press Conference, with British Prime Minister Tony Blair chiming in from afar, I was spellbound by the joyous announcement by
As The Honorable Louis Farrakhan recuperates, word has come to us that one of his most valuable helpers has been stricken and rendered temporarily incapacitated. I am speaking of Brother Jabril Muhammad,
BY ABDUL ALLAH MUHAMMAD MAR 21, 2004    ( - As I pondered, as I often do, over what would be of interest to our readers at this particular time, I was
January 29, 1990 FAJR PRAYER A LIFE SAVER Recently, Sister Ava Muharmnad and I gave the first written examination in ISLAMIC STUDIES to fourth through tenth grade students of the Muharmnad University
According to articles which appeared in the September 16th issues of NEWSWEEK and U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT, as well as the September 24th issue of THE NEW YORK TIMES, the American
Some time ago, this column devoted several weeks to a subject entitled "ASHES TO ASHES," dealing with the deadly habit of using, and especially smoking, tobacco. I won't revisit them here, but
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