Animal Flesh?


HOW TO EAT TO LIVE is one of the best and greatest of advice to give to a person or a people. Why did we get out of the knowledge of HOW TO EAT TO LIVE? Our loss of knowledge of HOW TO EAT TO LIVE was due to the fact that we were living under the temporary rule of gods (White race) whose nature was not like ours. Since it is the nature of the White race to do the opposite of right and to oppose the natural Good Law of the God of the Righteous, this caused the wrong foods to be eaten by the eater. Therefore we have been eating the wrong food under the rule of the White race.


REMEMBER the Bible’s symbol like language (in Genesis) of the made-man (serpent, devil) talking to Eve, who represents the righteous. The made-man (serpent) condemned what God had said to Eve and he (wrongly) accused the God of trying to deprive Eve of knowledge that she should have. However, Eve should have known the difference between the evil and the good and she should not have taken the serpent (devil) for a guide.

TAKING the man-made (devil) for a guide is the mistake that the Lost-Found Black People has made and continues to make. They take the opposer of God to be their right-guide.


ALLAH (God) Who Came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are due forever, said to me, “Eat one meal a day and eat the right kind of food in that meal.” Animal flesh? NO. But we are not committing a sin by eating animal flesh if we cannot help ourselves. But DO NOT EAT THE HOG, by any means. Even if we are starving we should not eat the flesh of the hog.

Originally, the hog was not on our planet. The hog was made after the making of the made-man (White man) and he was made for the made-man; the hog was not made for the Original Man (Black Man).

THE famous meats that the Black Man eats are beef and lamb. We eat chicken and fowl, but they are not good for us nor are birds good for us to eat, except that young pigeon which we call the squab. The squab is good to eat when it is young and has not yet flown from its nest, but when the squab flies from his nest, do not eat him.

BEFORE the making of the White man the Black Man did not eat animal flesh. After the removal of the White man, there will be no more eating of this type of meat (animal flesh or even fowl). There will be a complete stoppage and practice of the eating of land flesh regardless to whether it is animal, beast or fowl. The people will live a thousand years without eating them.

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