by Master Elijah Muhammad


   Islam, the natural religion of man, is the only cure for the so-called American Negro. It puts a sense of
dignity in that man. For the first time you feel like a man. For the first time you feel like you should not
beg other people to do that for you, which you can do for yourself. For the first time in your life, you
find love in your heart for yourself and your kind. You love your people after Islam. Christianity divides
you. We are the results or victims of Christianity. Who made us spiritually blind? It was white Christians
who went after our people and put them in chains 400 years and brought them here.

   Some of us say that Christianity is God’s religion and it’s Jesus’ religion – so foolish a thing. Christian
beliefs are based on three (3) gods, life after death, Jesus rising from the dead, and a miraculous birth
and death. This you have to believe before you could ever be called a Christian, or believer in

Christianity. This is contrary to God’s own nature. “I am thy God, and Me and Me alone should you
serve. I know no other God. I am the First, and I am the Last.” It is written in the birthright. All right
then, how can you say that he is the God, His son is the God and His Holy Ghost is the God? How can
you say something like that?
There is no such thing as Jesus [being] the equal with God. How could he be equal with his own Maker.

    He admitted that he was not equal with his Father. He admitted that he had no power, but that which
he would be given or was given to him from His Father. He said I am not His equal, no. I am from Him. I
am His servant. Think over that. I know nothing, only what He has given to me, and I can do nothing
without Him. Here you come saying he is the equal. He was in the day and all the like of that when the
God was present. Was Jesus here when the heaven and the earth was created? No. He was from that
Father, but he was not the equal in making the universe with his Father. The universe was here when he
was born, like us. He knew not how to build a universe, but my Fathers built one. My wisdom and
understanding has not went that high yet to understand how to take my will and put it into space and
start a planet to swirling out there in a pocket creating life on it. No, I can’t do that, but my Fathers did
that. Jesus did not do that.

    Jesus was no more than Abraham or Moses. He was just a prophet. He did his work and he prophesied
that I go away; meaning, He will die like all other prophets. “But nevertheless, the Father will send you
one to bring you into the knowledge of truth. I can’t tell it all myself, but he will send you one. He said
you should understand.”
The white race has made them a little religion to catch black people with. Christianity, if you study it,

   you will find that the whole of its teachings is nothing but slavery. It’s to enslave black people for the
service of white people; that’s all it’s for. Attack me on any of it, and I will prove to you I will lay your
religion so bare, barer than your feet, to show you that it’s nothing but slavery teachings. There is no
such thing as Jesus sitting in a heaven waiting for the final Judgment. He won’t be here when the final
judgment come anymore than Moses or Abraham. He’s gone back to the earth, or rather he’s
embalmed, and he will stay there another 8,000 years [approximately]. They embalmed him to last
10,000 years, and that his body will disappear at the end of ten thousand years. It will disappear at this
very hour if air is let in that tube that he’s in. He’s not alive, he looks just like he did the day that they
killed him, but he’s not alive. Go there and yell to him all you want to, he can’t speak; he can’t hear you

   I visited in 1959, the tomb Abraham, his wife Sarah, and this other woman Hagar, they have them over
there. I also saw Jacob’s tomb over there, but let me tell you one thing, you have been made to believe
everything that you hear without even trying to study and examine it to see whether or not it was the
truth. Just so as long as the devil said, “here it is nigger,” you took it for granted that it was the truth.
We have the emblem of Christianity as a cross, and a crucified man on it right? That is the emblem of
Christianity, which means that the people who follow this religion will suffer persecution. They will
suffer enslavement. They will suffer death under this particular religion. They will be bound in the
power of the white man, hand and foot. They won’t be able to move their hands for their use. They
won’t be able to use their feet to walk to that which that they want. Their steps will be limited. They
are nailed to the cross of Christianity under the power of the white man. Their heads are crowned with
thorns, not literally, but ignorant to a particular knowledge of the truth going through their brain cells,
like a literal thorn being pricked into the brain. There you are, unable to think for self. Christianity
deprives you of that. That’s the thorns in your head. You are stabbed through the heart. You are

unable to feel the wounds. You died with grief and sorrow under Christianity. Islam is different. The
Holy Qur’an says, “He that believe in Allah and in His prophets and in His book, keeps up prayer, pays
the poor rate, there is no fear for him nor shall he grieve”. Islam  That is right. As soon as you believe in
Christianity, it increases your fear.


[excerpt from christianity versus islam when worlds collide by Master Elijah Muhammad]

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