WEB POSTED 09-27-2001

An extraordinary mission takes extraordinary patience, commitment

The following is from a letter I recently received, and is relevant to the efforts of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, who works while others sleep, to help all rid ourselves of the impediments, that hinder us from being prepared for what is soon to come hereafter.

It reads, in part: “.. I was much more surprised to find out … that you are not doing well after the heart-attack and stroke you suffered. Please excuse me for I am just not educated on how both of these serious conditions affects the body and what shape they leave the person in who survives this.

“I do know that you suffered these attacks several months ago and after seeing your articles consistently in The Final Call newspaper, I took it for granted that you are now O.K. or in the least recovering but able to work. I did not expect to be informed after all this time that you are still not doing well.

“This tells me that there must be something that you know or believe in that pushes you like this.”

I read these words thinking, “That’s right, but look at Minister Farrakhan.”

Minister Farrakhan is not in the best of physical health. He suffers, more than most know, or even could endure. His suffering is intensified, however, due to our collective lack of or slowness in understanding. He is paying a great price, like his teacher before him, for our redemption.

He is a wonderful example.

He will win! His Backers can’t be defeated!

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said of Surah 103 of the Holy Qur’an that to teach truth where falsehood has ruled supremely, requires patience on the part of the teacher as well as those being taught.

He also said that footnote number 2793, of the Muhammad Ali translation, is near verbatim what his Teacher once told him.

Hence, Minister Farrakhan’s extraordinary patience, even as he accelerates his efforts to save millions of lives here in America before Allah’s full chastisement falls and the next phase of his work begins.

This precious Believer continued: “… It makes me feel ashamed of myself because here I am young and in good health and am not doing what I should be doing. I could roll off a bunch of reasons of why I am not doing what I am supposed to do; but none of them would excuse me from what I am supposed to do. I joined the Nation of Islam not understanding … not [fully] grasping the concept that I am at war and have been chosen to be in the forefront of a great battle. This is still hard for me to comprehend but I believe it to be the truth.”

How much more ashamed will we become, who refuse to use the good of ourselves and unite it with that of others, to overcome the impediments of our present makeup, which serve the aims of our enemies?

That shame will engulf such people when the inevitable event mentioned in Surah 56 of the Holy Qur’an happens. It’s better to work to change now before then.

The Messiah said that if we can’t be shamed we can’t be changed. One who can’t be shamed is a demon.

Minister Farrakhan constantly urges us to look at self and make war with that which is in self which is against self. That which is unnatural to self threatens the life of self. It’s not natural not to fight that which threatens your life. We were created by nature to make such fight. Consider this.

From Biology: Understanding Life, by Sandra Alters, Ph.D., page 226, we read:

“The immune system is different from the other body systems in that it cannot be identified by interconnected organs. In fact, the immune system is not a system of organs, nor does it have a single controlling organ. The immune system is, instead, made up of cells that are scattered throughout the body but have a common function: reacting to specific foreign molecules.

“The cells of the immune system are white blood cells, or leukocytes. Two types of white blood cells are involved in the immune system: phagocytes and lymphocytes. Two classes of lymphocytes play roles in specific resistance: T cells and B cells. These cells arise in the bone marrow, circulate in the blood and lymph, and reside in the lymph nodes, spleen, liver, and thymus. Although not bound together, these white blood cells exchange information and act in concert as a functional, integrated system—your “army” of 200 billion defenders—that is called into action when antigens invade your body.”

Dr. Alters calls the next section: “The Immune Response: How It Works” and writes that:

“The immune system responds in several ways to defend your body against foreign invaders. Some of the cells of the immune system react immediately to invasion by foreign antigens. Other cells work to protect your body against future attack. The immune response is a complex yet coordinated effect, and it involves several types of immune protection.”

The next section called: “Sounding the Alarm” reads, in part:

“Constantly patrolling your body are roving armies of white blood cells called phagocytes. A phagocyte is a cell that destroys other cells by engulfing and ingesting them.”

The work of viruses reminds me of the work of hypocrites. Resembling normal cells, they invade the body through weakness. They lie dormant or inactive until the body is further weakened, unless the body is already weak enough for them to infect a healthy cell.

These deadly organisms burrow into the nucleus of healthy cells and use the power of the healthy cells to reproduce themselves. This happens at a faster rate than natural cells reproduce.

If this process is not stopped, death results.

On page 82 of his book, From Superman to Man, J.A. Rodgers wrote: “syphilis is a white man’s disease.”

“So far as is known, it originated in Europe. Professor Elliott Smith examined ten thousand skeletons of ancient Egypt without finding any trace of it. Dr. Ales Hrdlicka of the Smithsonian Institute reports similarly of the pre-Columbian Indian. Syphilis like consumption cannot survive in primitive surroundings.

“At least, Livingstone, the great missionary to Africa, and a medical man, says ‘it dies out in the African interior’ and that ‘it seems incapable of permanence in any form in persons of pure African blood’ in Africa.”

Our immune system was just that powerful. Our power came from the God of self, Whose wisdom yet resides in us, despite the work of the wicked.

More on the above, including this deadly process, in relation to the work of hypocrites and God’s solution for both, in future articles, Allah willing. Meanwhile, think on this:

Fifty-five years ago today, August 26th, the Messiah was released from a Federal prison, in Michigan.

In September 1977, in fulfillment of specific divine prophecies, Minister Farrakhan arose to rebuild his teacher’s work.

How may Mike Wallace (of CBS’s “60 Minutes”) react if he sees one of the “baby” planes of Allah, about which he interviewed Major Keyhole? Would he tell the American people the truth? Or is he hiding the truth?

More next issue, Allah willing.