Conversations of the Mystic Masters of the NOI

An Emotional Mind can never prepare for the oncoming “Darkness”

There appears to be growing darkness among the people. A darkness that many have become oblivious to because of their pain and the many distractions that are being staged from the concise planning by the “Wicked” of our day who desire to destroy the people of the New World. I have had so many experiences within the last 3 days beloved Seekers and Chelas of Light in Training. This situation has swallowed many of our fellow brethren and Sisters whole with Bill Cosby and we’re spending more time venting about our belief or disbelief of such wicked allegations.

These are distractions beloved Chelas of Light….


We have known for quite some time of the things that we see transpiring before the world, but the people still ignore the prophecies and refuse to prepare their bodies and minds for what lies just over the hill….


The Chelas of Light must focus and they must engage and practice the exercises as given for over 1 year now to help prepare themselves for what lies ahead when no 1 will teach you that day or prepare your minds and body for the ultimate expression of human potential during a time where it WILL BE VITAL FOR SURVIVAL….. Our beloved Elijah Muhammad and Arch Angel Louis Farrakhan have warned and guided us in every way that they could to help us in this endeavor. Now we, you, must take the next step or suffer for failing to do so…..

Some have inquired of me about the other lessons and books that Master Fard and his Angels have given The Mahatmas family to publish for the Nation of Peace in the West and I will say to this that the people aren’t willing to hear and obey the simple things that we have been told and explained in a way that we can see the endless benefits for obeying such.

We’ve been taught in much greater detail the reasons for being Vegetarians (which means eating the vegetation of the earth with the exception of milk, butter,cream cheese and the like of that) but we have failed to comply

They have taught us about Breathing and meditation and doing our Salats in greater detail than the general populous of the NOI but we refuse to do such

We have been taught about drinking clean distilled water,the use of Mantras, Sacred Geometry, The Science of Color, a Greater understanding of Mate selection, Visions, Dream, Cosmic Family, sexual relations, and a Higher understanding of it, Astral Projection, remote viewing, the reality of the unseen, and the list goes on but we still FAIL to comply…….


I was talking with Master Fard Muhammad the other day and he was saying to me that the people have a hard time finding the Navy Bean (Like in the game where is Waldo) in the News Clipping. He said to me that if the people can’t do that why give them Higher Degrees of Knowledge?….

Ohh beloved Masters do you all know how saddening it is to our Allah to come and read of the repeated rebellion by some in this group let alone the NOI…(some of you say that he is Allah why does he have to come and read anything? and the answer is he has the power to do as you say but he also uses his Angels to gather up information for him to bring back to him for the final decision of your and my (our) salvation see the book of Ezekial where in he was used to doing the same thing…smiling)

How can Allah use you for a Glory that is beyond the average Muslim if you refuse to discipline yourself beyond the average person?
How can he use you when you won’t even make “SIMPLE” sacrifices when it comes to your habitual lifestyle of eating 3-5 times a day snacks included, eating poisoned meats, drinks, and TV shows of all kinds?

What good are we to him if he has to come and do everything for us?
We have explained and pointed the finger at many phenomenal things THAT ALL in this group could do if they would just submit and believe in themselves…..

A day will come wherein you will not have any more time and your petition for preparation and assistance won’t be heard or answered because some disbelieved, others slow-walked in preparing and others rebelled because they thought they could get by as they are…….but I warn you as your Little Brother that as this Darkness grows more intense you will realize that you made the worst mistake in your life for failing to adhere to what Master Fard Muhammad has communicated through Elijah Muhammad, Louis Farrakhan, Mother Tynnetta and that which he has given us in this group….

May Allah inspire and grapple the spirit of those who really believe….