[Editor’s note: The following article is based on excerpts from an address delivered by Minister Farrakhan on August 15, 2017 at Salaam Restaurant in Chicago, Illinois, during an A merican Clergy Leadership Conference breakfast.]


In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful to Him alone do we give praise for the origination of the heavens and the earth and for His origination of the life force that is within us.

I thank Him for Abraham the friend of God.  I thank Him for Moses, the Great Deliverer of a People in Bondage.  I thank Him for Jesus the Prophet but I thank Him for Jesus the Messiah.  Jesus the Prophet prefigured the Messiah.  In his own words he said, “It is expedient for you that I go away and you shall see me no more.  But I will not leave you comfortless.  I am going to send one to you in my name and he will reprove the world of sin and of judgment because it believed not in me.”  

In other words, he’s going to give you one more chance to get it right before the judgment of the present world in which we live. I am a student of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and what I hope to share with you today is what I learned from him.  A man from Georgia, the son and grandson of Baptist preachers who only went to the fourth grade of school.  But one day he met a man, not a spirit, but a man in whom was the spirit.  And that man taught him for three years and four months and made him a master teacher.  

Now some of us spend a lot of time in school and never come to master the subject.  Anytime a man meets another man, and is made a master in three years and four months, and continues to grow in that mastery where he can produce students that bear witness to the greatness of the teacher—Malcolm X was one of his students, a man that he found in prison and he taught Malcolm what God had taught him.  Malcolm, who only went to the eighth grade of school, came out of prison and the rest is history.  He shook the world.  

Muhammad Ali was another one of his students.  Muhammad was first known as Cassius Clay.  There’s a thing we used to say in the church … there’s a man going around taking names.  The names that we have are not our names.  They’re the names of our former slave masters.  God wants to take those names and give you His names.  You do not deserve to have a name after the creatures:  Miss Green, Miss Black, Mr. Wood, Mr. Fish, Mr. Bunch, Mr. Jackson, Mr. Robinson, Mr. Peckerwood.  None of those names are fitting for you.  You are not from creation. You are direct descendants of the Creator.  So, should you not wear the name of your father?  Just a thought.


Muhammad Ali shook the world not under the name Cassius Clay but under the name Muhammad Ali.  He suffered just to wear a name that so-called Negroes never had a name like that.  Muhammad is an Arabic name. It means one worthy of praise and praised much.  That to me is who Jesus is, he’s worthy of praise and he’s praised much but he gives it all to the father—what a man.  


Muhammad Ali went to high school and finished, never went to college.  But he handcuffed the brilliant ones of this world with what he was taught by his teacher.  Unfortunately, Brother Malcolm didn’t stay with his teacher.  Unfortunately, Muhammad Ali did not stay with his teacher.  I never graduated from college.  I went to the third year and my girlfriend got pregnant so I married her and I did not want to stay in college. I needed to go to work and make some money to feed my new little family.  I left college and I met Malcolm and I met Elijah Muhammad and I am the student that has been under the teacher for 62 years now and he has made me a master teacher.  No, I don’t take any credit.  My brother sang a song today … he just wanted a word from the Lord.  No matter whose words we love, there’s no word that equals one word from the Lord.  

I thank Pastor T. L. Barrett for his wonderful introduction.  I thank the pastors who opened the program, the emcee and those who prayed.  I thank Reverend Jenkins and all of those who worked so diligently for the American Clergy Leadership.  I thank God for mother and father Moon.  Father Moon is not here but yet very present.  How could a man be dead yet alive?  If we understand God there’s no such thing as death with God the ever living.   

Rev. Moon and Mother Moon have many disciples who fed on the word from him.  When you feed from a great teacher, you’re feeding on a word that is filled with the wisdom and the guidance and the character of the teacher—a word.  But to feed on Christ there is no word equal to the word that God gave to His servant, who became a master teacher while he was among the people; then when you meet him again, you don’t meet him as just the teacher, you meet him as the Christ.  Jesus Christ … Christ is not his last name, Christ is his title. It comes from Greek and Hebrew—he’s the Crusher of the Wicked.  He comes to end the world of the wicked that has destroyed human life and taken human beings from the path of God and made us a caricature of what the Creator intended us to be.  

Whose word are we feeding on that has conformed us to a world that Jesus said, “the love of this world is enmity with God”? Paul said it but he was representing Christ.  How have we been transformed from the people of God into people who are in rebellion to the God that we preach?  A rebel of God cannot claim Jesus.  Jesus was so perfect in his obedience to God, more than any prophet.  Jesus the Messiah is the master and the seal of all prophets.  There is no need for a prophet anymore.   Jesus the Christ seals the prophets.  How do you put a Seal on Prophethood?  Let’s look at it. …

Jesus was not a rebel against his father.  He loved obeying his father.  One place I read in the Scriptures, I think it was in the time of David, and God had given the children of Israel a king, that’s what they wanted.  So, he gave them Saul. Saul was a pretty good fellow but he was told when he went to war with some heathens that he was not to spare them.  He was not to spare their pretty daughters or their handsome men.  He was not to take any booty from the war that he had with the heathens but he was to lay them down.  

Wait now, does God do things like that?  See if you understand and know God and you are from God, you misuse your power sometimes and you get angry and you harm or you hurt or you kill.  You have the power of life and death within you but it has to be balanced by attributes that balance God.  He’s beneficent, He’s merciful, He’s forgiving and the most merciful of those who have mercy and the most forgiving.  He’s the most patient. He does not like to punish.  He keeps pulling on us to make us better.  But when grace is removed, God becomes a destroyer. Nobody kills like God.

The people in the days of Noah, every imagination of their hearts the Scriptures says, was to continually do evil and Noah could not stop them.  What are the imaginations of our hearts?

How does God’s law trouble us?  The pretty woman next door, the handsome man at the door; how does God’s law trouble a righteous person?  David said, “the law of God is a lamp unto my feet.”  The righteous love the discipline of God.  The righteous love the rebuke of God when they’re going off the path to bring them back so that they can continue to have God’s favor, God’s mercy, God’s protection, God’s grace.  

We’ve lived under rebellion against God all our lives.  It’s not our fault.  I don’t want us to feel now—“Oh God, what’s coming next?”  Well, a good word is coming.  



How does this scripture strike you: We were born in sin and shaped in iniquity.  Stop right there.  What sin were you born in, was I born in?  Now wait a minute sex is not sin, it’s God’s wonderful way of reproducing a creation.  But Satan can make mischief with a created thing and now we’re all messed up over something that God gave us to reproduce ourselves.  Now it is a destructive force in our lives because we don’t have control.


Born in sin—Paul said, “sin is transgression of the law.”  When we came to birth as the children of slaves—don’t ever forget that—we were born under a rebel against God.  A rebel brought us out of Africa into America, not to make us true servants of Jesus Christ, but to make us better tools of service for their purpose.  Come on now let’s look at this thing.

Born in sin—born in a world, a system of rebellion against God; then the institutions that shaped us shaped us in the iniquity of that rebellion.  You never had good family life in slavery.  Even though our fathers and mothers were enslaved, they had some moral compass that it seems we have lost today.  What we’re doing to each other in the streets, we never did during the darkest days of slavery.  Institutions were made to shape us. This is a rotten educational system.  You cannot tell me even with your doctoral degree that you have been properly educated when you come out of school and come back to your community and you don’t know how to create a job for yourself or your people—you keep begging the same slave master of your great grandfather and grandmother to give you a job.

Foxes have holes and birds have nests but these sons of men hardly have a place to lay their head.  But as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be at the coming of who?  The Son of Man. Oh that’s good news.  Lot was a good man. My god what did he face in Sodom and Gomorrah?  In the Holy Qur’an, which is the book of scripture of the Muslims, but it’s right there in the Bible: People were doing something that had never been done before. And what was that?  Men lusting after men as they should a woman.  

How could we be the church of Jesus Christ and accept behavior; you can accept it but you must correct it.  You can come to Jesus as you are but you can’t stay that way.  God wants to make us truly His people again.  As it was in the days of Lot and Sodom and Gomorrah what?  So shall it be when?  At the coming of the Son of Man.  

Who is this Son of Man?  For unto us a child is born and unto to us a son is given and a government shall be upon his shoulders and he shall be called wonderful, counselor, the mighty God, the Prince of peace, the everlasting father and of the increase of his government of peace there shall be no end—and eternal peace. That’s what this child that was born would bring to the world that had been swallowed by Satan.  

Satan has done a job; he deceived the whole world.  Aren’t we in the world?  Should we be of it though we’re in it?  Jesus was in the world but our master was not of the world.  We’ve been laboring under Satan and he’s so deceptive we think we’re in religion.  You know Satan is so—that man is something.  He comes right up in the path of God and then twists us.  So, we think we’re with God but we’ve been devoured by Satan. 

Now pastor, pastor, beloved pastors I love you because I know you’re the hope of the world but you have to come out of the grip of Satan and really come to Christ.  Oh father help me.  Christ is standing, he’s opening his arms to us, he’s inviting us … come unto me, he says, “all yea that are heavy laden.”  Are we heavy laden or what?  Not that we overweight, although that’s a part of being heavy laden.  But the Holy Qur’an talks about the earth casting off its burden.




Now the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that the earth weighs six sextillion tons—(a unit followed by 21 zeros).  What is on top of the earth has come up out of the earth so the weight of the earth is constant.  And the earth is travelling at a speed of 1,037-1/3 miles per hour as it makes its revolution around the sun.  You can hardly feel the motion until God troubles the motion.  What is the burden that the earth is carrying that it must cast-off?  It’s the wicked people that refuse to surrender to God. So, God is bringing things about that the earth will be relieved of this weight.  

Wait, wait, wait now.  Maybe some of us are a little overweight, just a little.  And your doctors will tell you sister, brother, you have to lose just a little.  Why?  Because your bodies, our bodies are made to carry some weight alright but if you put too much on the poor little body, the body begins to break down.  It starts telling you stuff at night.  When you wake up in the morning, you ain’t moving too good.  You say it’s Arthur-ritis but Arthur didn’t do that.  We did that to ourselves.  But the biggest weight that we are carrying is what we are not made by nature to carry and that’s the heavy burden of sin.  

That’s what makes Jesus the Christ so magnificent, so wonderful because he came to save us from … what?  Our sins—he didn’t come to judge you.  Hell, if he started judging wouldn’t nobody be left.  Empty earth, he’d have to start again.  Jesus loves us but he knows that Satan has gotten to us and we have conformed to Satan’s world, his way of civilization. So, we are feeling the effect of living a life that is contrary to God.  

You read your Bible and you have prophets in the Bible some of them living 400, 500 years.  You can’t even fix your mind to say, “Oh that can’t be right.”  Why can’t it be right?  Because you’re not going to make 400; if you make a 100 they say, “oh they lived such a long time.”  Wrong.  Isaiah the Prophet says in that day a baby will die at a 100.  You didn’t hear me.  You didn’t read that in the scripture, right?  And Reverend you didn’t teach that.  See, Reverend, that Bible is full of wisdom.  It’s been in many people’s hands that tried to do things with it but there’s so much good there.  Some prophets lived 500 years.  They weren’t even called prophets. They were just human beings.  Then Methuselah how long did he live … 969 years.  “Oh, that must not be real; you know people lie. That must be something that the liar put in the book.” No.  

Isaiah said, “You will be like the planting of the trees.”  And you got trees that live 1,000 years.  You got turtles that live 400 years.  You and I are the greatest of God’s creation and we can’t make 100?  When that Son of Man comes, he said I came … look at his words, “I came. I came that you may have life and have it more abundantly.”  

Reverend Bass, Lord I know you’ve done so well at 97; but, see, if we had been eating the right food from day one that same beautiful body that supported my brother for 97 years would support him for 150 years, 170 years, 200 years.  But the enemy’s lifestyle is cutting our life short.  The enemy’s way of eating is cutting our life short.  What is happening to us? We’ve been consumed by the rebellious enemy of God.  

Beloved Reverend, you’re the key.  Our people will go down with the enemy if the pastors don’t arise and shine for your light is come.  You’ve got to feed the people right from that rostrum.  It’s not entertainment, Reverend.  It’s right and proper teaching that our people need and they’ll come up out of their condition almost overnight.  But we’ve got to feed them.  Don’t tell me nothing about the Schools of Theology.  Did you see the movie Nat Turner?  Yes, sir.  You saw it?  They taught him how to read.  He wanted to read the Bible; wise brother but in reading … God wants to free us from being slaves to the world.  And that’s why Jesus said, you shall know, not a truth, the truth and the truth will set you free.  And the Jews that he was talking with they said, “How can you say we shall be set free when we have not been enslaved by anyone.”  Whoa.  You mean you weren’t in bondage in Egypt?  Well, who was that then?  I notice it’s not you singing, “God Down Moses.”   That’s our song.  It’s we that have been in bondage for 400 years.  It’s we that have been turned inside out. So, like Nat Turner, you want us to preach but you don’t want us to preach that truth that condemns our slave master.  

See, it takes a lot of courage to follow Jesus.  Oh, now wait. See, Jesus was not the go along to get along kind of guy.  Not the Jesus I know.  The Jesus that I know and you know him, too, was a man that spoke with passion and conviction and was willing to give his life for the truth that he had.  The good shepherd will lay down his life for the sheep.  I know that you are good shepherds.  I know you want to be but somehow church has become a business.  Please, I’m not trying to be anything other than a servant of God and a servant of yours that wants to answer the song of my brother.  

Just give us one word to make life better for us.  See, you can’t win the favor of God by following the devil because the devil is able to transform himself into an angel of light.  You get so fascinated.  Put on some fabulous robes, you know, and come on in and float on while the organ is playing.  You said, “look, his feet didn’t even touch the ground.   He must be the Lord.”  Stop it.  We have to come up out of false religious dogma and irrelevant practice to be like Jesus.  

Now, I heard my brother singing so beautifully this morning as we were being warmed up and we shouted hallelujah and that’s a good thing to say; but you know something, when you come under the saving grace of God that’s found in a word, Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, to save a wretch like me.  I once was lost but now I’m found, was blind but now I see.

See, pastors, you’ve got to be ready to suffer for the Gospel.  If you’re not suffering, you ain’t preaching.  “Uh oh, Farrakhan.” Well, I’m in the Salaam.  I think this belongs to us, so you can’t kick me out of my own house.  But I’m so in love with you and I’m so honored that you came but I want this to be an experience that emboldens your ministry.  I would love for your ministry to be so successful that there’s no room in your church because the people are hungry and they’re thirsty for the real Gospel of Jesus Christ.  That is the truth.


Drawing of Nat Turner from the Muhammad Speaks newspaper in 1963.

Now, as long as Nat Turner would preach “obey your master, don’t steal Massa chicken; and if Massa slap you, don’t you hit Massa.  Turn your other cheek and let Master smack you again. And if Massa takes your coat, give him your pants, and pray for that man that is despitefully using you.”  See, that’s a slavery teaching.  It has truth if it’s properly placed, but when a slave master is teaching you that, he’s only trying to make you a better slave than you were before you heard such a teaching.  That’s why you have never stood up like you should against injustice. And, we, as preachers, were always called upon to calm the people down.  Police shoot us down, Reverend come.  That’s the only time you’re invited or you go to the city council.  Reverend, have a prayer.  You say your prayer, get out.


No.  We don’t let people play with prayer, the wicked need prayer.  They need the right kind of prayer. See, and if we are the true disciples of Christ, their ears burn when we come around.  They may smile but they don’t like it.  You’re being set free. They don’t like that but you must go free.  

I think I should bring this to a close.  Look dear brother and sister, the Son of Man is God in Person.  The Bible says, “As lightening shineth from the East, even unto the West, so shall the coming of the Son of Man be.”  It didn’t say, He’s coming from the East, where you were brought from. Come on my Masonic family. Come on.  You the master architect.  There ain’t no other.  Your fathers built all of this.

You’ve been put to sleep.  The power of God is in you but it has to be quickened and called up out of you. Then the kingdom of God will be made on earth.  “Thy kingdom come.  Thy will be done.”  Where?  Right here.  Well, Jesus, where’s the kingdom? He said, it’s sitting up inside of you.  What you mean the kingdom is inside of us? So much hell is coming out of us, how could the kingdom be in there?  See, the nature of God is your nature.  He created us after his very nature. The nature of you is righteous and righteousness.  You’ll never be great being wicked. And if you do find greatness, it’ll be limited.  Greatness is yours.  I’m going to close now.

Beloved Pastors, Jesus asked the question about love:  “Do you love me, Peter?”  He said, “Master, you know I love you.” “Well, feed my sheep.”  He didn’t do it once, he did it three times:  “Lovest thou me, Peter?”  Sure, we all will say that.  Do you love me?  If Jesus asked you that today, you would say, of course I love you. That goes without saying. Why do you keep repeating yourself?  Because I’m trying to drive home a point.  Lovest thou me, Peter?  Feed my lambs.  Now, I said this one time before, this don’t mean go get some government cheese and open up a canned food pantry with degenerated food inside of tin cans.  That’s not what God is after.  You are the righteous. …

We all have this thing called “deceptive intelligence.”  

See, you don’t have to go far to find Satan, you know.  He’s sitting right up in here waiting for a chance to exercise itself. Listen to what I’m about to say because I want you to go home and see Satan.  That cat is real.  Look at this:  Satan sitting here. “Man, we winning the fight.  Look at all the silver and gold that we could have and look at them fine sisters over there.  I mean they don’t look like they did anything wrong.”  You know how Satan whispers into you.  There ain’t no devil out there.  He’s sitting right here.  

If God is the creator of everything and there’s only one creator, he created the devil, too.  Did you ever think about where the devil came from?  One day we’ll get into it real heavy.  I’m talking about “real theology.”  I’m not talking about mess that you have to pay for and get nothing.  I’m almost there.  

My Beloved Family, listen:  Satan is deceptive intelligence that comes up from your emotional state of desire, and disappointment, and envy.  That’s all here.  You’re looking for the devil.  I’m going to point him out to you.  Then you can say, “The devil made me do it.”  But there wasn’t no devil but you. Wait a minute. Wait. Wait.  Look, Satan is as real as God but we have to conquer Satan.  

When I was in the church—what?  I love the church, listen.  The Believers, the Muslims, they get jealous because they say the minute the Minister goes to church, something happens to him. He preaches like I’ve never heard him before.  I love the church, but when I was in the church, Easter time was big.  Ain’t it still big? Woo, what you say. The sisters had their big hats and flowers everywhere. They don’t know where that came from, and it was Communion Sunday, too.  And did they come down the aisle, strutting?  Pastor had to tell them, “your dress too tight.”  No, he wouldn’t.  Pastor not gone say, “why is your dress so short?  Want to sit on the front row.  I can’t even preach straight when I’m looking at you like that.”

Easter Sunday, we used to sing this song.  I was in one of them churches, it wasn’t like the Baptist church.  It was one of them quiet, Episcopalian churches.  The strife is o’er, the battle done, the victory of life is won.  All glory to that risen sun, hallelujah. They say, wow that’s great.  The strife is over.  You’re battling right now.  All of us are in a war against something in ourselves that’s pulling us to do the wrong thing.  Come on.

But Jesus he conquered the weaker part of himself because he’s born of the same thing that we are born.  He’s born with the same thing that God had when he originated himself. Satan was right there then but so was the solution to man’s weakness and imperfection.  That one that was prophesied to come: Jesus, the Messiah.  God in a human form, prepare me a body that I may go down. Go down where?  Come to America where his people are suffering for 400 years under tyranny and oppression. Prepare me a body that I could go down.  What you going down for?  I’m going down to see whether the cry that I have heard is altogether what I have heard.  God visited his people and walked among them.

Didn’t  Jesus walk among the people?  Now, Jesus of  2,000 years ago didn’t have a lot of multitude.  He never did.  No, not him. He was trying to teach the Jews of that day and they didn’t want to hear nothing that Jesus had to say.  Jesus came to the point where he said, “My word has no place in you.  But when he is come,” somebody’s coming.  “The spirit of truth, he will guide you into all truth, the Son of man.”  Man has been under Satan for 6,000 years but out of that longing to be delivered from this that corrupted us, remember in the Genesis, study it.

What happened to you, Adam?  Well, you know I was in the garden.  God was in the garden with me; and God told me to stay away from that tree in the middle of the garden of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  And I was obeying alright enough.  Then God walked out of the garden.  Notice he walked out of the garden. Then here come a snake.  “Psssst.”  You know you ain’t listening to no snake, sister, but a smart, crooked deceiver can saddle up next to you like a snake and whisper into your heart: “There’s nothing wrong with the fruit of that tree. God is trying to keep you from being just like himself.”  

See, he’s making an interpretation. See, that’s how Satan comes. He’s always interpreting for you but in his interpretation is an evil suggestion in a firm resolution.  Satan is a master.  You see how he works?  You a rapper, come on.  “I’ll make you rich and powerful.  Just call your women out of their name.  Talk about how you killing people, and I’ll put your song on the radio all day.  Then when you get your little money that I robbed you of most of it, but I’ll give you enough so you can have a gold chain like your brother down the street.  And you can wear even a diamond ring and all.  So you can come back among the rest of the slaves and show ’em.”  

It’s pitiful but he gets you by your desires; and he offers you what he doesn’t intend to give you.  See, Jesus had to be tried like that, too.  Did he take him up on the mountain?  Did he show him all the cities that he had control over? Did he tell him: “I know your father promised you the kingdom but it ain’t here yet, but look, look at all that I got.  If you bow down to me, see, if you bow down to me, I’ll give you this.”  

There’s always something that you’re willing to give up to get something that you want; and that’s why David the Psalmist said, “When you know that the Lord is your shepherd, you will not want what you cannot achieve.” The Lord is my shepherd, see.  He makes me lie down.  He restores my soul.  He leads me in the path of righteousness for his name sake.”  That’s your God.  He’s come for you.  You are his people.  He’s chosen you. You say, what?  Me?  Yes, you, the worst of you.  He said he would choose the despised and the rejected.  He said, you are on the bottom but I’m going to bring you to the top.  You the tail now but I’m going to make you the head.  Yes, you the bottom rail but I’m going to bring you to the top.  You can do that? This is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our sight.

Look, this is what you’re looking at with your brother.  You’re looking at a man that God is using.  I don’t know what I did to deserve this kind of grace.  I’m standing here like I do all the time.  I don’t come with notes.  I just come to give you what the Lord puts on me to give you; and this is food for your nature. It’s not tickling your ears.  It’s not a beautiful song that have you shouting and you go back out in the street to be the same old corrupt person that you were when you came in.

Paul said, we have to take off corruptible and put on incorruptible.  See, when Satan can’t get to you no more, you can’t be corrupted.  They’ve offered me millions of dollars. They would love for me to shut up.  I don’t care nothing about their money and to be very honest, I’m prepared to die for what I teach from my teacher.  If it will free you, I will die tonight or in the morning because if you love like Christ, you are willing to suffer like Christ for the redemption and reconciliation of your people with God one more time.

So, in my conclusion, why didn’t you obey, Saul?  He said, “Look the soldiers, they had sacrificed. Some of them lost their lives.  I mean, you know, they needed a little something for the fight that they gave.”  He said, “We sacrificed.”  This Saul was talking.  Samuel said, “Obedience is better than sacrifice.”  See, you can give up a dollar.  But can you give up your will to do the will of God? That’s the question we have to answer; and when we can answer that question, then the desires of the world that have tempted us, and corrupted us, and have us preaching a weak and corrupted Gospel, that will never happen again.  

And don’t you ever think that it’s too late to turn our lives around.  It’s never too late.  Stop making the church the wrong kind of business.  The church is Christ’s way of saving souls. That’s your business.  Not how much money came in the plate but how many people did you get to honestly come to Christ?…

You know how bad they talk about me.  You know I’ve been ’buked and I’ve been scorned. They call me everything but whom and what I am; and my dear brother that introduced me, he said, “Boy, he don’t age.”  I am aging now.  I sure appreciate the good words, but, brother, I look young because God is ever young.  In every generation, God is with the youth.  See, I am aging but I’m doing his will and you can feel like the anointing of the spirit is on your brother.  And while I’m preaching, you can’t tell how old I am.  See, the spirit of God is youth itself.  

You want to drink from the fountain, go feed on the word.  You want to drink from the fountain of youth, get up every morning and feed on Christ in your heart by studying the word.  Then, get up and walk after him.  That’s what drinking the blood at Communion means.  We don’t drink blood but blood is the life fluid of the body.  How did Christ live his life?  He was out in the street.  He wasn’t sitting around in the synagogue.  But you walk by the people that need some of your carrying on.  You walk by the prostitute.  You walk by the bum but above all, you walk by the youth. …

All Jesus wanted to do was lay his hands on the youth. Don’t be afraid of your young people.  Go among them. Sit with them. Don’t go preachy-preachy.  Just be like a daddy.  Be like a father that they never had.  I go among the youth and I can tell you the truth, in every young person that I’ve seen, I’ve seen somebody greater than myself.

See, you can’t serve people if you think you’re better and they’re less.  Jesus washed the feet of the people.  Humble yourself. Go get the people in his name. …  Now when you preach for the young, you can’t preach no little milquetoast nothing.  You have to come with the strength of Christ and the young will join the church.  Fill the church with young people and make them feel at home.

Thank you so much for allowing me this privilege.

As-Salaam Alaikum.

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