“And His Throne (holographic Brain) is ever upon the waters…electrical energetic sea known as the Aether ”   The Throne their represents a place from whence 1 TRULY RESIDES AND RULE OR GIVES DIRECTION OR ORDERS, and since this is true , then we know that Allah was present before there was not just a physical brain but also the holographic brain which is composed of concentrated layers of light substances. Although, Allah lacked both in the initial inception of his first conscious motion, he yet was giving orders and exercising power to the material that was without aim and purpose. This remarkable exhibition of power, forces us now, at this point, to take this pregnant phrase to another level. One that forces us to shed the limited belief that its only referencing a physical existence and not a Higher Dimensional (spiritual reality)   So what was the throne of God before brain, or the pleiadic strong hold of the Heavens ? The question brings us to the statement of “MIND”. Some will say that it was consciousness, which then grows or reaches out and experience what is called awareness. Once Allah focused his awareness it became a FORCE in the Universe directing and collecting material to build Allah’s Holographic brain and then person. The Only thing of intelligence and or thing capable of being a Directive force that was present.   To be continued   Gary Mahatmas Muhammad