WEB POSTED 09-24-2002

All things work for good for those who love God

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I awoke today (August 26) remembering that this is the 56th anniversary of the release of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, from a Federal prison, in Milan, Michigan, in 1946. He was arrested in Washington, D. C. May, 1942, on the orders of President Roosevelt in violation of America’s own selective service laws. He was over the age the law stated men could legally be drafted for America’s war effort.

A few days after his release, one in authority informed him that Roosevelt had him arrested to get him out of the public, as America prosecuted the war.

Thirteen years later, in 1959, he triumphantly entered Washington, D.C., with a police escort, to meet and teach 10,000.

Tonight, I saw and heard the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan interviewed by Mr. Phil Donahue, on his televised program. Minister Farrakhan was divinely brilliant!

Mr. Donahue tried, but failed to bait Minister Farrakhan with his immature efforts to degrade the Minister. He said he understood Minister Farrakhan. If he does, he hid it in his immature effort to marginalize him. He’s wrong to say people come out to hear him because he speaks to their anger.

In this confused and dangerous state of affairs, people want understanding. Minister Farrakhan fearlessly serves that need with truth, which clears away the confusion of deceivers. He brings sanity where insanity resides. He casts truth where lies prevail. He rises above the evil planning of the wicked, regardless to their power; their wealth and so-called wisdom.

How? It’s by the wisdom, power, wealth, and strength of Him Who is infinitely superior to Minister Farrakhan’s opposers.

Think over Minister Farrakhan’s words, respecting reparations for Black people, that it must include a transfer of knowledge, along with the knowledge of how to use that knowledge for the benefit of self, kind, and land.

God Himself has placed Minister Farrakhan, after his teacher (the Honorable Elijah Muhammad), in the forefront of the transfer of that knowledge, which is the foundation of all knowledge.

This fact was obvious at the reparations march. It was obvious on Donahue’s program, which, in my view, was orchestrated by others, of which Mr. Donohue was the visible part. Their plan backfired. Donahue looked embarrassed.

In my last article, I closed a set of points with “There are acts that God wills, which may seem different from the other acts He actively wills. These acts occur in exceptional instances, and are rare, in terms of the number of human beings in whose lives they occur.”

What were called miracles and wonders occurred ever so often in the lives of the general mass of the people. Such terms were also used with reference to events in the lives of the prophets. However, such events occurred with greater frequency in their lives.

The rise of science, in the Western world, has now provided explanations for that which until then was mysterious.

That wonderful book, the Holy Qur’an, contains variations of the following statement. Allah states in (Surah Yusuf 12:111), in part, that it is “a distinct explanation of all things. …”

True explanations generate truth and are always scientific.

God has come. So there is nothing now that cannot be explained. There is now nothing that cannot be understood. God’s supreme wisdom is being taught. But we are slow to comprehend it. Is it because it has come through a Black man and is being proved again by a Black man—both born in America?

Jesus taught how little children can show us how to relate towards God and His wisdom. America’s leaders need this lesson, too.

Recall Minister Farrakhan’s words on patience. The Qur’an repeatedly teaches patience. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, “To teach truth in a land where falsehood has reigned supreme, takes patience on the part of the teacher as well as the ones being taught.” Without patience we can’t grow.

Now, there are acts that God wills, which may, at first, have the appearance of evil, but are good. Again, the history of the prophets of Allah contain such incidents which to many (then and now) seem paradoxical; contradictory; inconsistent; irrational; illogical; absurd; confused; incompatible and irreconcilable to their ideas of how things ought to be done.

Some acts that He permits, may at first have the appearance and feel of good, but are evil. Of course, this has occurred often during the past 6,000 years of Satan’s rule.

According to history, the Almighty has permitted what seems, by the ordinary standards of this world, that which is evil, to facilitate His good purposes.

Whenever He initiates or permits the above kinds of acts, it is due to exceptional circumstances and serves His purposes to effect exceptional and profoundly widespread good and value for that time period and far afterwards. His supreme wisdom and unique foresight is always called for and involved, in these very special situations. Furthermore, He uses His wisdom and power in ways that predetermines the outcome or consequences of such acts to serve His righteous purposes—without doing injustice to anyone.

The enslavement of Black people in America is a huge example of these truths.

This in no way is saying that to produce good, evil must be done. To think this is to manifest the Satan of self. To think this is to say that Satan preceded God; that evil preceded good and that lie preceded truth. And yet, there is a huge truth here. The greater the evil God permits—not initiates—the greater the good that will come afterwards. Minister Farrakhan covered this in an earlier article, even to the value of chaos.

The Holy Qur’an teaches this principle in several ways. One is: “After difficulty comes ease.” Yusuf Ali puts it that right in the difficulty is the ease, or the way out of the difficulty.

Allah always provides the way to Him and success. But, will we take that way out to Allah? It’s also stated that in every difficulty, or seemingly impossible hardship, or situation, is the seed of a superior benefit or condition but only comes after the bad condition the person(s) was/were in.

We must make Allah’s will our will and continue to become like Him to achieve such blessing. This is key towards getting out of the bad and into the better.

If one rejects, when shown the way out, the person’s retardation intensifies. This refusal, if not halted, drives the person towards the meeting with a horrible, disgraceful and miserable state. Take the seed, or the way that Allah has provided, in our condition, regardless to what it may be, and make it to grow by obedience, and we come out of it into that which is far superior.

This and more is right in Minister Farrakhan’s study guides. As our attitude towards God’s man matures, we grow spiritually, which undergirds all other growth.

On May 1st, Minister Farrakhan responded to questions about six sciences, of which this world has some information. They were the sciences of music, medicine, color, business, mating and warfare. Then came the seventh—the “mother of all” sciences.

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More next issue, Allah willing.