[Editor’s note: The following are excerpts from an address to the American Clergy Leadership Conference, Sept. 22, at Life Center Church of God In Christ in Chicago, pastored by the Rev. T.L. Barrett.]


In the Name of Allah, God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. 

To my beloved brother, Rev. Cornelius C. Clark, who introduced me in a manner that brought tears to my eyes, gratitude to my heart for the beautiful expression of love for God and his Christ that you exemplified this morning.

The song was most appropriate.  

And to my dear pastor, Rev. T.L. Barrett, I was not the least bit disturbed in Detroit at the Aretha Franklin funeral. I smiled for nine hours because those who saw the worst in others, I really saw the best in them. So I was not bothered by an apparent disrespect because my brother bishop he embraced me on that rostrum and ushered me to that seat and hugged me and we shared love between us.

But somehow sometimes as men of God, not mature yet in the mind and spirit of God, we fear men as we ought to fear God. So not wanting to hurt the feelings of others, he didn’t mind trying to hurt mine. But you can’t hurt me like that. You’re right, Pastor Barrett, I know who I am.  I know what I am and I know whose I am. And so I loved him all the way through because God is love and Jesus is the most magnificent of all the prophets because he was not a prophet.  He was the end of prophets.

Jesus was the greatest and is the greatest symbol of love that has ever walked among men; because in Jesus the Messiah is the in-dwelling mind and spirit of Him who originated the heavens and the earth.  


When you know him … when you know him; when you are one of those who have surrendered to God to do His Will, you’re not disturbed by the ignorance of the people to whom you have been missioned to raise from a dead level to a living perpendicular and put them on the square with God.

To me, one of the greatest honors is to speak to those who represent God to the people who know Him not. You’re very special. Imams, Ministers, Bishops, Apostles, you’re very special. I hope that when I finish today you will be more convinced of how special you are and the work that is yet to be done. Even though some of us have gotten up in age, like your brother, as long as I have breath I want to praise God. As long as I have the energy of life, I want to praise God and when the energy of life is too much for the flesh to continue to hold it, I want to leave this earth with the praise of God on my lips.  

I’m not offended by my people because I know who they are. That’s a beautiful song that you sang, “Never Would’ve Have Made It,” and you sang it as beautifully as the song is. Jesus was never offended by the people whom he was sent to save. He knew their condition and he knew who put them in that condition. So the scripture says, He came to save His people from what? Their sins. 


So, why would he be bothered by their sins if he came to save them from their sins? He looked beyond their sins and knew who they were. He wasn’t talking to the sin, he was talking to the Hidden Presence of God that resides in His people.  


When Jesus was with his disciples and the disciples asked him after he made a statement of clarity on how God judges: The disciples asked him, “Master, when were you hungry and we fed you not? When were you thirsty and we gave you not drink? When were you out of doors and we gave you not shelter? When were you sick and in prison and we ministered not unto you?”  

Jesus was saying those outside of me like to worship what they see in me, but what you see in me is what is hidden in you. Jesus had come to resurrect them from the dead state that they were in. 

He had the mind and spirit to look beyond their faults to address their needs. I’d like to go to the Genesis because that’s where stuff begins—“In the Beginning.” The first book of Moses, he’s talking about a beginning that he was not present at. But he was present at the Genesis of a people that were dead. 

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. But the earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep.  But the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters and God said, Let there be light and there was light. I would like for us to tarry with that for a minute.

I asked myself this morning: God why was the earth void? Because to be void it has no validity, no legal binding. It is null. It is ineffective, non-viable, it’s useless, worthless in the beginning. 

He wasn’t talking about the Earth in its Original Creation. He’s talking about a people in need of liberation who had been made void by the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade who had been brought to nothing; not valid, not legally binding, null, useless, worthless—worthless because they didn’t have a connection to heaven. That’s why they were void. 

Any people from the earth who don’t have a connection to heaven are void in this life.  

God created heaven (that’s first) and earth. Look at the beautiful relationship between heaven and earth. A farmer knows the value of the earth. But the farmer knows the value of heaven because if the sun doesn’t shine, if the sun doesn’t draw the waters of the earth up into the earth’s atmosphere to give rain to the earth, than the earth cannot produce life for us to continue living from that which the earth produces—for our flesh is from the earth. Our blood is the water of the earth and our bone is the stone of the earth. So without a heavenly connection we are made null and void.  

In the first book of Moses, Moses is telling his people as the earth was without form and void in the beginning, so are you because you have not been kissed by heaven. You and I as a people are really a destroyed people. You are not respected by those who move things in this world.  You are like the dust of the earth. Dust is matter that has no purpose. It is only God that can take nothing and make something out of nothing, give it form, give it expression and then breathe into it and make it able to serve His purpose. That’s the way we were.  

God in His love for us He knew that we were going to be in bondage; He ordered it. You say, “why would God order that? He’s a good God.”  Yes, he is. … Why would God allow us to suffer like this?  Did we do something wrong?  Have we rebelled against Him? In the ninth chapter of John, Jesus and the disciples saw a man that was blind from birth. The disciples said, Master why is this man blind? Who did sin? Jesus connected disease and ineffective things with sin, a very good connection, because anytime we are victims of sin then we are bound not let free because the spirit of God, the energy of God, the gift of God is limited by the sin of the sinner.  

So Jesus came to set man free, not from the chains of physical slavery but being enslaved to your low desires, being enslaved to desires of material things rather than the spiritual things that connect earth to heaven. Jesus, in that time, was talking to some members of the Jewish community and they had a quarrel; people do quarrel and people do disagree. But the Master was in a quarrel with people who were claiming to be the people of God. And in their argument in John, Chapter 8, they said, “We are Abraham’s seed.” That’s big, to be the seed of Abraham.  Because in the Qur’an, Abraham, and in the Bible, too, is the friend of God. How do you get to be the friend of God?

A lot of us have friends in high places but to be the friend of God is to have a friend in the Highest of Places. You sing the song, “What a friend we have in Jesus,” but now you have to learn how to be His friend because He’s already been ours.   

Jesus, like Abraham, more than Abraham, was the friend of God beautifully referred to as the Lamb of God that taketh away the sins of those in the world. He didn’t take away the sins of the world because Jesus’ presence was the end of what you call the world. 

Our problem is we are buried in the world.  

We are in love with a world that has demonstrated its hatred for God, His Laws, His Statutes, His Commandments and we have become friends of Satan thinking that we are the friends of God.  

You might say, “Well, I’m not a friend of Satan.” But in the book of Job, the sons of God were going to present themselves before God and Satan came also with them. How could the sons of God be hanging out with Satan and not know? Because Satan has been so clever he hangs out with the sons of God to deceive them about God. He hangs out with the sons of God to make them unworthy of the promise of God. He hangs out with the sons and daughters of God and he devours them so that they think that they are the body of Christ—but when you check their actions their actions say, “we’ve been devoured.”  

When they got to God, God recognized Satan. You may ask yourself now what was wrong with my eyes that I couldn’t recognize Satan?  That’s because he made you into himself. You can’t recognize Shaitan, Satan, if you’re in bed with him. You can’t recognize the devil if you’re doing the works of the devil and are pleased and pleasing to the devil.  So they had eyes but they couldn’t see. They had ears but they couldn’t hear. They had a tongue—if they had a tongue that was educated by eyes that saw and ears that heard, they could have said, “Hey Satan what the hell are you doing here?” But it was God who said, “whence cometh thou Satan?”    

What? I’m sure Satan was shook-up because he’s exposed. “I had them all fooled. I had deceived the whole world and now God is calling me out—I got to answer.”  “Whence cometh thou Satan?”  “Well, I’ve come (now you are getting bold Satan) from walking up and down, to and fro in the earth seeking whom I may devour.” It looks like you had a meal alright eating the children of God. He said, in other words, “I’ve consumed them because I’ve deceived them. And, the worst deception I could practice is to deceive them about you (God). The worst deception I could practice is to deceive them about the Messiah, about the Saviour, about the one who would come to reconcile them again to God. So, I’ll speak in a way that their eyes would be blind, but now here you come pointing me out.”

Some might have, the sons of God, might have said, “Hey now I’m married to one that’s my best friend, that’s my benefactor.” You know how you can tell when you belong to Satan and not to Christ?   

You remember Jesus was taken up on a mountain. I asked myself, “Jesus you know Satan, what you doing going upon a mountain with him, hanging out with him traveling with him? That’s big. Satan took him, up on a mountain and when Satan got Jesus up to the top, he made him a proposition and most of us can’t handle propositions. When Satan wants to get to you, he’s like a snake. He just wants to know where you coming from, what you desire. Then in your desire he tricks you. All of you have desires. All of us have things that we want. Satan is boss in his world. You want to go up yonder, he tells you, “I’m up yonder.  Come hither. I’m the boss in medicine. I’m the boss in law.  I’m the boss in the science. I’m the boss.” Satan is trying to show himself as God.  

When he got Jesus to the top of the mountain, Satan said, “Do you see all of these cities? They’re mine. I know your father promised you a kingdom. It ain’t here yet. That’s why you told your disciples to pray thy kingdom come. Yours is coming but mine is here so I’m offering you what I got on condition, you got to bow to me.”  

Most gospel preachers now don’t preach the gospel. Most gospel preachers preach what they think the Master says is right. The government says Roe versus Wade, a woman has a legal right to an abortion. But God didn’t give you the right to kill the fruit of your womb. He gave you the right to reject whoever wants access to your womb, the road to God’s workshop is the vagina. You didn’t hear me. I said the road to God’s workshop is the vaginal track of the female. So whoever you permit to walk that road and they’re unworthy, God still creates life. He doesn’t give men that power. Men have a little sperm that the Qur’an calls “worthless water.”  Your sperm has no value outside of its proper use.  

Beloved people of God, your womb, sisters, is sacred because that’s the workshop of God. The prophets are created, the wise men, the sages, the scientists, everything that you want is answered through your prayers, through the womb of a woman. So to protect yourself, you don’t look at a man on the outside and say he’s cute. “Ooh, he’s handsome, ooh that man can sing, Ooh that man can preach.” Yeah right. But you better know that there’s something coming behind that preaching that has to be worthy of you to give a man access to the workshop of God.

Now most of us have gotten married because we made someone pregnant. I did. I married my wife and got her pregnant first. I’m just being truthful but on September 12, we were together for 65 years. So even though I was wrong in the beginning, I was right, because she was right for me. But most of us end up in divorce court within the first three years of the marriage because you know lust is a deceitful thing. Lust makes you think that you love. “I love you baby.”  No. “I lust for you baby.” Lust looks almost just like love. “I got a strange feeling inside.”

Beloved, look, you are the people of God. You are. Your suffering is by God’s Permission. Your enslavement was fulfilling God’s Will.  Remember who did sin? Did this man sin, did his parents sin?  Jesus said, “No, he was born blind that the works of God may be manifest in him.”  Sometimes God sets up impossible equations that only He can solve. So that when He solves it you know He’s present.  

Every discipline has a problem. But to raise the dead to life, only God has that power. But, He gave it to the Messiah. In the Qur’an it says, “Jesus the Messiah,” son of Mary in the 3rd Surah (Chapter) it says, God taught him the wisdom and the book, the Torah and the Gospel.  Taught him Al-Kitab (the Book, the Qur’an) the wisdom—then taught him the Torah the Old Testament, Injil, or the New Testament, because if you’re the Messiah, you can’t talk out of some limited book. You have to speak out of the universal book. 

You have to know something about the heavens and the earth because all of that is the Book of God.  You have to know something about science and mathematics. You have to be able to break down the allegories: How God uses animals and creatures to display the characteristics of a human that’s on that level.  

So the Messiah has that—he determines out of clay the form of a bird by God’s Permission. He breathes into it and it becomes a bird by God’s Permission. He makes the blind see, by God’s Permission. He makes the deaf hear, he makes the dumb speak, he cleanses the leper; by God’s Permission and He raises the dead to life by God’s Permission. That’s not a prophet. Prophets can’t hang with that. Prophets do the best they can just to represent God and get out of the way.  

I was with a great preacher, I won’t call his name. One day we were together and he said Farrakhan, I said, “yes sir.” He said, “I’m a bad nigger.” He was challenging me in a nice way … “I’m a bad nigger.” I said, “Reverend don’t talk like that because Christ doesn’t make niggers Christ makes Gods.” When you call yourself a prophet, you’re putting yourself on a level that God is trying to bring you up out of. Like David said, “Ye are all Gods, children of the Most High God.” Jesus had the in-dwelling spirit of God. Only God can make the blind see. Only God can make the deaf hear and the dumb speak. Only God can cleanse the leper. Only God can raise the dead to life.

Back to the woman. … Beloved sisters, you are the most magnificent woman because you survived and you not only survived but you are the Woman of God. When we go to Mecca for Hajj or pilgrimage, we have to run between two hills the Safa and Marwa following the path of Hagar. Hagar was the wife of Abraham, you could say. But she wasn’t the first wife, she was the handmaid. … Abraham didn’t have any children at that time and Sarah was not able to produce at that time.  

So the handmaiden did a work for God—see you can’t run away from Abraham because he’s the father of the righteous. He wasn’t lusting after Hagar, he was fulfilling the Will of God by taking Hagar as a wife to produce a son for him.  And, in Islam, it’s Ishmael. Then Sarah was able to have a child and that son was called Isaac. But Ishmael, he was some kind of son. You know, God He’s strange. We love God, we do, but to be a servant of God is not easy.  God will try you in ways that you have no idea.

Abraham wanted a son. I’m talking about how God and the devil try you by your desires. Listen to this: you want a son—okay I’m going to give you one from Hagar. But that was difficult because Sarah, you got another woman in your house. She gave your husband a son and you know righteousness might be there—but look here woman, get the hell out of my house.  

Hagar is in the wilderness now. That’s Abraham’s wife, she’s in the wilderness running. She’s looking to the hills for some food, something.  So in David, the Psalms, it says … and you will look unto the hills.  But that’s a period and then a question: From whence, where is my help coming from? And scripture says, your help is coming from the Lord.  And at the foot of Hagar when she was about to give up on life, a bubbling well came up and every Muslim, when we go on our pilgrimage we drink the water from that ever flowing well, the well of Zimzim.  

What is that saying? What should we learn? These Black women are in a wilderness. They don’t have a man. They are running back and forth to the hills, looking for help because their man has been killed. Your man has been destroyed. The man is supposed to be a maintainer of women not letting the woman work for you. A woman can’t love a man that she’s taking care of; she takes care of children.  

Sisters, you really are a holy people. You are a royal priesthood—that you are. But Satan is making you think that because God has said it, but you’re not doing what a royal priesthood should do and you’re not doing what we should be doing as a holy people.

Whence cometh thou Satan? I’ve devoured everything in my path. And look at what God said: Have you considered my servant Job? He is so happy … you know you sang the song in the church … “the devil is mad and I’m so glad that he missed the soul that he thought he had.” This man has eaten up the world. But there’s one that he has not been able to eat and God said, look have you considered my servant. Satan said, Yes. I considered him but you got a hedge around him. You remove that hedge … now the Satan is testing God … and I’ll make him curse you to your face.  

Everybody can love God when they’re not being tried. Everybody can praise God but don’t try me. Jesus was not running from Satan’s trial.  Jesus did what Ishmael did. Ishmael laid himself down on the altar because God told Abraham, “Oh, you love your son? Take him up on the mountain and sacrifice him there for me.” Now just think about that, you want a son now God gave you one; then He tells you to take him up on the mountain and kill him for me. Can you see that? How would you think of God when He said that? “God what’s wrong with you.  I’ve been praying for this son and you gave him to me through this beautiful woman.  Now you want me to go up and kill him? I can’t do it.”  

You mean you love what I gave you, answering your prayers, more than you love me who answered your prayers and gave you what you wanted? You put the love of your child above the love of me? See God will ask you to sacrifice what you love. And, if you can’t give it up He can’t take you up to the next level.

My sisters you have been like Hagar. You carried your children with you as you run looking for help. You come to church, the church is filled with women. I don’t know where the men are. Men are frightened, faithless.  But the woman she’s there with the pastor praising God. And whatever the pastor wants for the kingdom, it’s the woman who will make the sacrifice to get it done.   

So the enemy has taken you and given you a job downtown. But your husband who’s qualified can’t find one.  I have to talk about it.  He has manipulated the world and changed the nature of what God wants and put in a false nature masquerading as the Nature of God. He took you out of the home.  You got a career now, nothing wrong, not bad, but anything that takes you away from your base has stripped you of your place. That’s why you’re so unhappy because you don’t know how to make a home. You know how to be pretty but you can’t cook. How the hell can prettiness make a man happy? After a while pretty goes to hell. 

I need somebody to console and comfort me when I come out of the enemy’s world. I come home I want somebody to console me and give me comfort and sit me down and feed me.  

Beloved, I’m just hitting points that we pray that you will think on. You know you are God’s people. He loves you. Listen to this: America is in trouble because America is under the judgment of God for what America has done, is doing and is planning to do to the people that God has chosen as His own.  

So, in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. But the earth, meaning you, me, us, were without form, void and the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters—which represents the people—and out of that comes a man.  A man from God, backed by the power of heaven, to take you out of that formless life, and form you again into a man and woman of God. So, Christ can be glorified. God can be glorified because when you accept His mind, you’ve accepted the mind of God. That’s what the Qur’an is, beloved.  It’s a conversation between God and Prophet Muhammad.  

You say, “Yeah. I thought you were a Muslim brother—damn you reading the Bible … what kind of Muslim are you?” I’m a real Muslim.  You say, but Muslims don’t talk like that. They don’t know what I know.  I’m sorry.  I’m not bragging. I just had a master teacher and I stayed in the classroom long enough for him to make me into himself.  

You are spiritually dead. This is my sister Aretha, you didn’t get it, it’s The Final Call; you didn’t get it because you’re too busy. Last Call! See you hanging out in the night club—so you know when they say it’s the last call, it’s the last call for alcohol because the club is about to close down.


Participants gathered at the Life Center Church of God during Sept. 22 Pastors’ Prayer Breakfast. Rev. T.L. Barrett expressed his great admiration for the humility demonstrated by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and pastors presented the Minister with a certificate of thanks.

No, this is The Final Call because the world is closing down under the judgment of God. I’m sitting with Elijah Muhammad, one day, and he’s talking to a group of people. Then he looks at me and said, “Brother, if there were ever a symbol that would represent me and my work,  it would be a trumpet” and he went on. Then he said, “and have the trumpet coming out of the corner of the page.” I didn’t know what he was talking about. But here it is on the newspaper’s cover, see it’s a trumpet. That trumpet represents the horn, the sound of the resurrecting Word of God by a voice that you cannot deny. It’s like a trumpet. You want to sleep but you can’t. See trumpets don’t play with you. Trumpets aren’t sweet.  Trumpets are bold, trumpets are bad. Trumpets wake you up when you want to sleep. It’s The Final Call—America is under divine judgment.  


Jesus said, listen to these words, there will be a new heaven and a new earth and the former things will pass away. Behold I make all things new. A new heaven, a new earth and the former things will pass away.    

Pastors, you are supposed to represent heaven; the light of the sun, the moon, the stars. You should cause the water of life to rain down on the political realm. But you have become vessels of the state because you go downtown when you should be looking up to God for sustenance. But it’s your connection to politics—and so that White man can always give you an offer that you can’t refuse. Then you’re frightened to death to hang out with a Farrakhan like Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton told him you got to renounce Farrakhan. Renounce me for what? I’m 85 years old.  How in the hell are you going to renounce a man that doesn’t lie, doesn’t cheat, doesn’t steal, doesn’t fornicate, doesn’t commit adultery, doesn’t freak out with men or women or children?  

You say, “but I’m a good person.” Yes. You are good but you’re not good enough. You going to compromise with the world: Now let’s go out we must vote. We must vote because our very life depends on it.  Look at who’s in the White House. What the hell is wrong with you? Do you think that getting Donald Trump out is a blessing for you? No. Trump is your blessing.  

Wait a minute Farrakhan, I was with you all the other times now you done messed me up. See Trump got his foot—a  lot of brown on the toe—because he’s kicking us where we needed the kick because God wants you to come out of her that you be not partakers of her plagues and her sins. Come out of her. But you want to get in her, full of lust for the material things of the world.  

Beloved, you have to come back to God. You have to come out of the mind of Babylon, the mind of the rebels of God. Come out. You don’t have to go anyplace. Just come out of their mind, their will, their spirit. Come out from under the Deception of Satan. Come into unity and watch the judgment of God taking place. 

Did you see Florence? Not the sister down the street, I’m talking about Hurricane Florence. Look at the rain that’s coming down. White folks are saying they’ve never seen anything like this before. They’re even saying it’s Apocalyptic—all you students of religion see you know the Apocalypse is the talk of the end of the society, the end of times. You’re living at the end of time. Good God, you’re being held hostage.  

If you would just step to the right, God would make short order of your enemies. But you’re all hugged up. I can’t leave you baby. You’re the love of my life (Satan) the arch-deceiver. The Bible says, your agreement with hell shall not stand and your covenant with death shall be annulled. You are with the Pale Horse that represents the world and Death is the Rider of the Pale Horse of the Apocalypse and right now your death is planned. Shooting down our babies, while we’re praising the Lord but they’re shooting down our babies in the street. You think you’re going to get justice? When are you going to wake up? 

God loves you so much He’s being patient with you. He will not destroy this world until you’re ready to give this world up. And this is why the enemy keeps inviting you into his world, making you a part of his social equality, undressing the woman. Look sisters, good God Almighty, you know a naked woman can’t have a man thinking straight. Even if he just read the Qur’an, read the Bible and praised the Lord. A naked woman with a fine form kind a shaking it a little bit in his face. He says, Lord I’ll be right back.  

I’m a Black man. I kissed my brother when I came in. We’re not queer.  But Lord have mercy, men turning into women right in front of our face.  Lord have mercy, in the pulpit sweet … and then in the choir, we’re singing. Wait now, but we’re in the audience fornicators, adulteresses, wine bibbers, crack and cocaine users, liars and thieves. Some preachers cannot keep away from the collection plate. You have a lust for money.  

That’s what hurts because I’m right. But Jesus says, seek ye first the kingdom of God and all its righteousness. See we are forgetting that part. And, all things will be added unto you. The enemy is not offering you anything but things. He doesn’t give you spiritual value. He has things. “Damn did you like that Bentley? Did you see the Cadillac; did you see the Rolls, reverend? So roll that money in so I can roll-up in my car. Show all these Negroes that I’m laid out right.”

Stop it. We have to come back to humility and come back to God.  

My sister was more than the Queen of Soul on that level. She is the Queen of Soul but not on the cultural level of music alone. Go home and study Gilead. Is there a balm in Gilead to make the wounded whole? Is there a balm in Gilead to heal the sin-sick soul? The God knew that we were going into bondage for 400-long hard years and every one of those years we would be afflicted in a strange land by a strange man. But out of His love for us, to make us endure the horror of the worst form of slavery ever inflicted on a human being, from heaven He sent down those who could comfort us, console us.


Rev. T.L. Barrett and Minister Louis Farrakhan

Reverend Pastor T.L. Barrett, he’s a man from God as a balm. My brother, you’re a pastor, you sing—your voice causes people to live one more day under the horror of White Supremacy and the tyranny of our oppression. Our artists, our musicians are balms that God gave us and when they sang we felt it. Thank you Lord, thank you for Nat King Cole, thank you for Dinah Washington, thank you Lord. But then you wanted a deeper balm for us and you sent us Aretha. Aretha was from God.  Listen to her singing and listen to her soul. Every one of us that heard her she was like a balm for us. It didn’t matter what she sang. She was our balm in Gilead. That’s why when you saw me Pastor, I was happy. When I heard T. D. Jakes I knew that’s a balm in Gilead.  When I heard even the bishop that disrespected me, he didn’t mean to.  He was just afraid.  Master Bill Clinton was there.  Even though Reverend Al Sharpton is small, it seems like the left side of the chair embraced him and put distant between him and me. That’s what some people said.


But the Minister—Ariana Grande, a beautiful little Italian-American girl; don’t insult her. You thought that she was the latest specialty on the menu of Taco Bell. No. She was a specialty in the eyes of those who lust.  It’s true she should have been dressed a little differently. But hell, our women aren’t dressing right today. …

She’s the Queen of Soul but the soul that God gave her lifted her. That’s why she’s on the cover of The Final Call. Look at her face; she’s angelic because she’s from God. She came to us and through us to the entire world. She was a fighter for us. Let us be a balm in Gilead for our wounded people.

Reverend, you can preach, you have the spirit of God. I love listening to you. But don’t cave in to the world. You don’t have to judge the homosexuals—don’t do that. Because if you’re going to throw a stone at them, throw a stone at yourself. Because none of us have been so holy.  We need a God that is Merciful and Forgiving. So when you preach don’t preach like you’re free of all the things we’ve done. Preach like you’re struggling like Paul. I die daily for the Lord. You have to struggle to be right in this world.  And, women when you see great preachers and teachers and you’re without a man, don’t angle like you’re fishing. That man is a good catch. Be the holy woman that you are. The Qur’an says to the female: Keep chaste until Allah (God) enriches you out of His grace and His grace is much. There are good men around. Don’t look for them. Let God bring one to you. But when it comes make sure Satan didn’t send him. You better check him out thoroughly and remember that you are the woman of God and your womb is His workshop.  And if He makes you pregnant, or God allows it, dedicate what is in your womb to God; that’s what set Mary apart. She vowed what was in her womb to God. Make that vow and keep God on your mind because you’re His woman. Not the woman of the man you married. You’re the Woman of God so be a godly woman and brothers let’s help them to be godly by not being a dog; running after a bone with a little meat on it.

Thank you for listening and May Allah bless you as I greet you in peace:  As-Salaam Alaikum (Peace Be Unto You.)

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