[Editor’s note: The following article is taken from a message that was delivered by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan on the last day of the observance of the Holy Month of Ramadan, live via tele-conference on the Ramadan Prayer Line, Sunday, June 25, 2017.]


I bear witness that there is no God but Allah, and
I bear witness that Muhammad is His Messenger. 

Eid Mubarak.



To my dear brothers and sisters, I want to first thank all of those who have been operating this magnificent Ramadan prayer line for these 30 days. I want to thank Sister Nisa Islam Muhammad and Brother Jalil Muhammad, Brother Anthony Muhammad, Brother Abdul Akbar Muhammad, Brother Eric Muhammad, Sister Yvette Muhammad, Brother Andre Muhammad, and all of you who have made this line probably one of the finest expressions to keep us inspired during our Holy Month of Ramadan: I want you to know how great this line is. It has said to the world that the Nation of Islam has love and respect for all Muslims. So on this line, we invite all of the great imams and teachers, male and female, from different schools of thought, from different sects of religion, to come on this line to say to the world that during the month of Ramadan we want to show the world that we are one with our world of Islam. 


You are on the brink of a pit of fire; and unless we sit down and find out what is at the root of our division, and solve that problem, the Islamic world will be bathed in blood.



The great division that is in the Muslim world, and among us, makes us prime targets for the chastisement of Allah. The chastisement of Allah is something that should be feared; and when we violate our religion, and violate each other, there is no way to say that Allah is pleased with us. In fact, we have angered Allah by violating our covenant with Him. In The Qur’an, in the 3rd Surah and the 102nd verse, it reads: “And hold fast by the covenant of Allah altogether, and be not disunited. And remember Allah’s favor to you when you were enemies, then He united your hearts, so by His favor you became brethren. And you were on the brink of a pit of fire, then He saved you from it. Thus, Allah makes clear to you His messages that you may be guided.” 

Right now the world of Islam stands on the brink of a pit of fire. Why do we deserve the fire and anger of Allah?  It is because we are in violation of His covenant, and the covenants that we made with Him. What is the covenant of Allah? The “Rope of Allah”: It is this Qur’an. So Allah is saying to us, “Hold fast to that covenant”—hold fast to The Rope of Allah, hold fast to this Qur’an—“and be not divided.” But are we divided? This Qur’an tells us that we did not even become divided until after knowledge had come to us, splitting up our religion. 

No matter what you think as a scholar, and your school of thought, remember these words: Allah never gave us credit for splitting up our religion. And over and over again in The Qur’an, Allah shows us that the reason we have split up our religion, the reason that we have become divided, is because of envy—and envy is one of the most wicked of diseases of the heart of a human being. 



What are you envious about? Allah did not set up “Sunni,” Allah did not set up “Shia,” Allah did not set up these schools of thought. We, as Believers, did this. But at the root of what we have done, according to this Qur’an, it is envy. You envy one another, and that envy is what caused Cain to hate his brother, and that envy is what caused Cain to kill his brother, and that is what is in the hearts of the Believers today in Islam—particularly in our world of Islam. You have allowed Satan to manipulate your divisions, now, because you did not hold fast to the covenant of Allah. Therefore, you are worthy of the chastisement of Allah! You are on the brink of a pit of fire; and unless we sit down and find out what is at the root of our division, and solve that problem, the Islamic world will be bathed in blood. This is a shame, that after we had become united by Allah’s favor, and became masters of every field of human endeavor, and rose to the pinnacle of success, we have destroyed the favor of God to us. 


How dare you, Mecca, do the bidding of the disbeliever? How could Mr. Trump call our king in Arabia, the custodian of the two Holy Cities (Mecca and Medina), and ask us to call all of the Sunni Believers together so that he could address us against our brother in Iran, and cause more hatred—and then, we give $100 billion or more to America to buy weapons? Weapons to do what? To kill one another? Is that Allah’s desire? Is that currying the favor of Allah, or have we incurred the wrath of Allah? Every day that we say our prayers, what do we say? “O Allah! Guide us on the straight path, the path of those upon whom You have bestowed favors, not the path of those upon whom wrath is brought down, nor of those who go astray.” 

Has the Muslim world gone astray? Do we need a Reformer to put us back on the path of God? Yes, we do.  We are on the brink of a pit of fire. And maybe we deserve the fierce anger of God, and the chastisement which is now present among us. In The West, we have a chance to show our world of Islam that we desire to “hold fast by the rope of Allah.” But even among us in The West, the seeds of division, these seeds that started at the deathbed of our Prophet, now have come to fruition in fullness. Maybe this is not the “glorious message of Eid” that we would like to hear. … But I am not here to curry favor with any Muslim group, or with Mecca, I am here to warn you of The Great Displeasure and the Fierce Anger of Allah at the way we have disregarded our covenant with Him. 

Do we want to get away from that brink of the pit of fire, and the hatred that is in our hearts for one another? Do we want Allah’s favor, that He might once again unite our hearts, and make us brothers again? Then keep the infidel out from among us! Every time America got in trouble, she would always go to Arabia, to Saudi, to get money; millions of dollars! Now it’s in the billions, to buy second-grade weapons from America. Israel has already told America, “You can’t make Saudi Arabia have weapons the same as we! We must maintain weapon superiority in this region.” So what you are buying are inferior weapons, and weapons designed to kill and slaughter each other! 



Are you going to fight, Sunni (Muslim), your brother Shia Muslim in Iran? Is this what it’s all about? How can we look to you for guidance? Did not The Prophet say whenever two Muslims quarrel with one another, make peace between them? And we are not “Muslims” until we permit The Messenger to be the arbitrator of our disputes! Why are you setting up in Mecca a “center against extremism” when you should be setting up a center for conflict resolution among us as Muslims? Where are the scholarsIf The Prophet is not here to settle our disputes, then it falls on those who say you are “the scholars of Islam.” But if the scholars of Islam will fail the Muslim Ummah, and fail to step up to solve the disputes among us, and then you look for this weak institution called the “United Nations” ruled by the corruption of The West, particularly America: Is this, now, your “guide”? Is this, now, your God; that America can dictate to you, so you don’t follow the dictates of Allah? Shame on you!

I want to say to Muslims who fast: This should be a joyous occasion; those who did the fast, those who attempted the fast, those who completed the fast, go to your Eid (celebration), which should be a day of joy … . But in the midst of joy, I want you to remember, “Hold fast to the covenant of Allah altogether, and be not divided.”  And if we would remember Allah’s favor when we were enemies, and He united our hearts and made us brothers, we must come back to Allah.  I warn you, in the Name of Allah, that we are on that brink of a pit of fire. And if we don’t pull back from our division, our threats of each other, our using the weapons of America to kill one another—and one on one side saying, “Allah-U-Akbar,” and the other on the other side saying, “Allah-U-Akbar”: Do you think Allah is listening to you? So slaughter each other, and let your blood purify the Middle East, that The Righteous may once again return and tread the land that we once ruled. 

May Allah bless us.  May Allah guide us.  May Allah comfort us. May Allah take us from this brink of a pit of fire; may He return sanity to us. And may we once again grab hold to this Qur’an, and hold it tight, because this is our covenant that our fathers made; this is the covenant that the early Muslims died and were slaughtered for, that we could say, As-Salaam Alaikum. And now, we are violating this covenant by our division. 


Thank you for allowing me these few words … . Thank you for the peace that this prayer line brought to Muslims.  Thank you for those who spoke, who love Allah. Eid Mubarak