The Mahatmas Muhammad family conversations with the Ayin Master Fard Muhammad

Roughly 2 days ago my family entered into what was a very deep and richly unfolding conversation with the Ayin Master Fard Muhammad. My wife and I were discussing some of the great Boddhisattavas and we came across one that speaks of a phenomenal woman that is to appear in the end time. That sparked a moment of question and answer with the Ayin-Master Fard Muhammad, where he in his infinite knowledge and wisdom shared with me and my family some of the hidden knowledge and understanding of the Prophecy concerning this phenomenal woman. After reflecting on all that he shared and the additional wonderful insight my wife had given me on the symbolic meaning of what was being shown in this picture, it caused me to become so reflective and sorrowful that it prompted Master Elijah Muhammad to make further inquiries to my sorrowful mindset. I shared with Master Elijah Muhammad that our people ( outside the Nation and within) have been made so blind and ignorant to the various truths of other cultures that if they hadn’t come to give us such knowledge that I saw no way that we could ever recover from what was done to us !

We had fallen that far from the higher occult and metaphysical truths of the world. So now we must have teachers prepared by THEIR hand and their minds to bring us back into our lost inheritance again!

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