A Question on the domestic life of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad

A Question on the domestic life of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad

Family, I was asked a question in my inbox that I wanted to share with you all on the domestic life of The Cosmic Exalted Christ Elijah Muhammad..

PEACE BRO. GARY,…..I apologize for this late message,…. but I was up “at this point” studying….The Study Guide#18….I have a question for you, maybe you can assist me with in my infant stage of knowledge,.. my question is to you, ……”Why did MASTER FARD MUHAMMAD ORDER ELIJAH MUHAMMAD TO HAVE WIVES”?…

(My Answer consist of all that I heard from The Great Louis Farrakhan,Elijah Muhammad my studies, and what was taught to me by Master Fard, and Elijah themselves)


Because Elijah knew that it would cause our blessed Mother Clara so much Pain that he couldn’t bear to see her in such condition after all that she had sacrificed for him when he was a little man with no name nor title and then what she sacrificed for him and us as a Nation when he was gaining the big name. He knew that it was tough enough Mastering 1 woman but also to be given others along with carrying a weighty mission would prove to be almost unbearable for him and the women that it would involve. He knew that a lifestyle that involved numerous wives was something that was out of the norm for us as a people and this would cause many whom haven’t matured to that understanding of Islam to falter in faith and belief and others would become corrupt in trying to immolate him in such a lifestyle…He saw pain and death for the very people whom he loved so much and was trying to save……

Master Fard Muhammad/Elijah Muhammad knew that Mother Clara being of a certain material, mind, and heart herself could only give him a certain type of children because of the nature of the woman being likened unto soil,so she was a type of soil that could only produce certain types of crops(Children) but for the Nation to actually become a True Garden of Eden, he(Master Fard Muhammad) knew that he would have to bring in additional soil(women) that Elijah could plant his seed(ideas and mind) to produce a variety of fruits and vegetables for the Black Nation that would manifest over time……

( The Successor of Elijah Muhammad would have to travel the same path of pain and suffering for the furtherance of our Nation)

Your little Brother and Friend

Gary MahatmasMuhammad

(After the publication of my response,1 of the companions of the faith Rahsaan D. Muhammad, brought to my attention that the ordering of Master Elijah Muhammad to take wives was also so that he could master the forces of nature. Given that the woman is likened to the forces of nature. Mastering her nature gave him mastery over the god powers of his own being and the universe.)
I found no fault in that observation and thus decided to present that to those who desire to take that observation into consideration.

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