A mystical secret on the consumption of the Navy bean

(In response to Zakki Muhammad conversation on the navy bean)

I will render a great secret to those who have a ear to hear what Im going to share.

before you eat your navy beans sit and sing your Al Fatiha prayer before the meal (with intensity no matter how bad you sound ) and after your meal (with the same intensity). This rendering of the prayer (in Arabic in audible slow rhythmic tones) fuses the blood cells and the food with Divine white light that also filters into the crystalline material of the cells and navy bean. It will help speed up the Al- Chemical change of the cells in the body.
(P.S remember this works best when one is not partaking of meat at anytime during the consumption of food) meat eaters will find it very difficult to benefit from such a powerful secret.

If this is done religiously then you will begin to transform into a light baby (Al-Nur Baby} chuckle

May the followers of my Father the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan find this helpful in their mastery of Islam “the Science of Being”