[Editor’s note: The following article contains excerpts from an important message delivered by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan at Mosque Maryam in Chicago, Illinois, on Sunday, July 21, 2019. This is Part One of this important message and we encourage readers to get the full message.]


In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.

I bear witness to the Oneness of God, the Originator of the heavens and the earth. I bear witness to the Oneness of His prophetic community. I bear witness to the Aim of God through Muhammad, through Jesus, to bring the whole of humanity together as one family. He created the diversity among human beings. He created colors in the earth, in the stones of the mountains.  He created life in numbers that even scientists don’t know how many exist. We have not yet discovered all that God has created, nor have we learned the hidden treasures that God has buried in every creature that He created. 

The truth is we have not discovered the God within and the beauty of our being—that the throne of God is on water and the brain is baptized in water. We have not yet discovered the greatness of our own brains. We have been under a people whose aim was to make us unfit to be recognized as the People of God. 

I thank Allah so much for His coming to us in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, the Son of Man of your scripture. The Son of Man: think over such a name. We’re celebrating the 50th anniversary of mankind’s steps on the moon. When mankind set their foot on that part of this planet, they exclaimed, it was a giant leap for mankind, but just a step for Man. The Man who that was just a step for is the Man who put the moon there for them to step on. 
The Originator of the Heavens and the Earth set into motion that which the Quranic word rabb denotes of His attributes: He’s a Being that sets something into motion then causes it to attain stage after stage after stage, until it reaches its eventual perfection. The perfect God set into motion His perfect Will, that in the fullness of time a child would be born, born to master the creation of the Originator of the heavens and the earth. Born to become the Supreme of Beings, born to become the Best Knower, one born to deliver humanity from the scourge of a made man who is considered a kind of a man who has been our so-called master. When we talk of this newcomer to our planet, we call him, “the man.”  Shame on you. …

I have a message for all of us, for my wife and my extended family, for my children and grandchildren. God has given me a message for our President, for White and Black and Brown and Red, letting us know the time that we have entered into and that none of us can escape the judgment of God. 

The man born to fulfill the will of the Originator is called Mahdi. Mahdi, in Arabic, they say is a guide. That kind of cheapens the One who is here. He’s not just a guide or the guide; He is the Self-Guided One who comes to guide all back to the straight path of God. 

I want to thank everyone who spoke before me for your words, your spirit, your declarations; but you mentioned words that some here for the first time might be disturbed to hear. You mentioned the Minister as your Jesus. See, that’s a big one. I didn’t say you were wrong. But you can’t hit people in the head with a powerful truth. You have to gently raise them into the knowledge that you represent. God is a sacred name to those who use the term. Allah is the best name for Him.  But when we say He appeared in the Person of a Man there are those who don’t know anything about Him—the truth is they don’t know anything about the God that they think they serve. No, wait, I’m not putting anyone down for their religious belief, but Satan has corrupted religion. I want you to hear me. Even those of us who are Muslims, Satan has corrupted the faith. I’m going to prove it. Those of you who are Christian, you would be hurt to find out that Jesus didn’t know anything about Christianity. 

Truth bursts bubbles. And, sometimes truth is not easy to understand, so this morning I just wanted to thank all of those who spoke. They spoke so beautifully. I’m so proud of our national assistant and all of the ministers that have spoken from this rostrum. I’m so proud of the young sisters, who really can hold their own with the scholars of this world. Not to think of the fiery brothers and our wonderful representative from the United Kingdom and Europe, Brother Minister Abdul Hakeem Muhammad. You all are so wonderful, but I want to try to give you something today, that if you hold on to it, you’ll be the winner. But you’re going to have to struggle to hold on to truth because falsehood is about to do something. Falsehood is losing all over the world. Falsehood is losing. The masses of the people are awakening all over the world. So Satan is very angry. I didn’t realize how my Teacher, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, was guiding me. I knew I loved Islam. I knew the word of God. I grew up in a church and I loved my church. And whenever I go back to Boston where I grew up, I visit the church in which I grew up. The pastor there has been so kind, he has allowed me to come up in the pulpit to speak. I could look down at the pews where my mother sat, where I sat as a baby or a child in her lap. I could look at the altar where I served in the choir and did all those things that a young lover of God would do as a member of a church. I just had questions that the priest could not answer. 

I’m sure all of you have grown up with religious teachers and you had questions to ask of your imam, or to ask of the scholarly ones in the church, and in the synagogue or in whatever house of religion you chose to be your house. Sometimes they would give us answers that didn’t fit us: “You shouldn’t question God.” Well, wait a minute. God is the Supreme Teacher. You mean we cannot question the Supreme Teacher, to help us grow in wisdom, to be a better servant of His and a better human being? Does that make sense? Have you ever been in a classroom and the teacher said, “No, don’t question me!” How long would you feel comfortable in such a classroom? Perhaps the teacher doesn’t know what he’s talking about, so he doesn’t want exposure of his or her ignorance by entertaining hard questions from the students.

So when I met my Teacher, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, I met a man that I could question.  He would say things to me and sometimes as a student you’re a little slow. All I could say was, “Yes Sir.” You’re not looking at a person that knew the answers. I was in awe of my Teacher and He gently guided me to know the things that I want to share with you today about God, about religion, about scripture; so that when you leave here today, if it is the will of Allah, you will be a wiser person. Some of your long unanswered questions might be answered. And you’ll know your brother a little better. They put your brother on such a pedestal today, it makes it very difficult for a man that’s been put on so high a pedestal, that he’s a little uncomfortable. Because I’m just learning some of the things that you’re saying as you’re learning.  …

Now, when you hear the name, Mahdi, Self-Guided One, in the traditions of Islam, the only prophet that comes back is Jesus. But he’s not alone. He comes back at the side of Al-Mahdi.  And the Mahdi is a Man born of a woman. But He’s doing things that only God could do. What do you mean by that, Brother Farrakhan? He comes to set down every tyrant. That’s a big task.  Some of us are little tyrants and we rule our homes tyrannically and the sphere of our authority is filled with dissatisfaction because of the way we handle authority. So, some of our children see us as tyrants. When God sets down the big tyrants, who the little tyrants have learned from, then you’ll see tyrants bowing down, falling down, being thrown down by the power of God in the people rising against their tyrants.

Trump_07-30-2019.jpg President Donald Trump

If we look at our president—and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad writes that there’s no such word in the Bible as president—all the rulers in the Bible are kings and rulers, not presidents; though the president is in the scripture, not as a president. Now he, President Trump, has a little fever because he wants to be a king. Since he has a feeling that he is greater than a president, he does not desire to be bound by that which the Founding Fathers set up to be a balance for the power of the executive branch of government. So he’s interfering with those institutions—not in a mean-spirited way—he just feels that he could do better if he was the law maker, if he were the judge.  Because if the judge doesn’t judge according to the way he sees it, he’ll take the judge on.  If the Attorney General doesn’t do what he thinks the head law officer in the country should do, he will take him on. 


So the country is right now in great confusion because the institutions of government that were set up by the Founding Fathers are now being challenged by a president who really wants to operate as a king. Some of us want to be dictators. We don’t want any rein on our power. We would rather be the one to make all the decisions and force them on others who are under our authority. So that means some of us want to be kings. So any structure that is set up to bridle the power of any office, if that office does not agree with us, there’s a spirit to destroy it. So President Trump is literally destroying the republic that the Founding Fathers wanted to guide and gird it against what they suffered in Europe from kings.

Minister-Farrakhan_07-30-2019.jpg The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan Photo: Abdul K. Muhammad


This president has seemed, as the fake news group like to call him, he’s a man that is unbridled.  So they say, “He’s un-presidential.” So clashing is going on among those who are responsible for government and this is happening in all organizations. You vote someone in and they want to exceed the limits of what they are to function as. So you destroy organization. And then you run into something that tells you, “I am unqualified to dictate.” Then people start rising up against somebody who doesn’t know their lane and wants to run in everybody else’s lane. The Nation of Islam is going to survive. I don’t care what happens, the Nation is going to survive because God has taken the point. If this is His, we function according to His will or He allows things to come up that will curtail us. 

This is a tough time for tyrants. It’s a tough time for dictators. It’s a tough time for religious personages who have held sway and they think that is forever. Only God is forever. When He gave us Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, Prophet Muhammad understood his mortality.  If you don’t understand your mortality, you’re not preparing for a time when your mortality will be ended, since we all die. None of us are here forever. “Well what about eternal life? That’s what we were promised.” I want to say something to you. Beloved brother and sister, some people have lived long enough to be tired of living. Have you seen people in your family that have weathered many storms and one day you go to their bedside and they tell you, “I’m tired”?  They really want to rest from their labor and you want to keep them here. In our love and illness, we want to hold on to things when their time has come. 

So Jesus said, “It is expedient for you that I go away.” The Honorable Elijah Muhammad wrote that “I die.” When you get a Messenger of God you don’t want to see him go. But this Qur’an that we read says, “Muhammad is but a messenger. Indeed messengers have passed away before him. So if Muhammad dies or is killed, would you turn back on your heels?”

See, when you’re an idolater you want to negate aspects of time. When you’re an idolater you don’t want your idol to go. That’s tough. But if you’re a wise person, you accept the will of God, who is Master of the Law of Life and Time. So the God of life and the God of time says to Muhammad the Prophet, “Look, you have been given a Book and you have obeyed this Book and that book, Qur’an, made Muhammad the greatest of all men, according to people who wrote and rated all the great men of the world. Muhammad the Prophet was number one. Why was he number one? Because of the work that he did while he was among us and the effect that that work had on human existence, though he only lived 62 and a half years. But when it was time for him to go, his companions Ali, Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman couldn’t keep him here. If it was time for him to go, then maturity says, “Thank you Allah for such a life.” 

What is the value of that life? The value of that life is that he taught us how to live. The value of that life is that he put in us the love of Allah, the Ever-Living. The value of that life is that he taught us how to live the life that God gave us. So if you are a reader and a student of the Qur’an and the life of Muhammad, peace be upon him, then you can take his absence. He told you how to handle his absence. If you’re a Christian, Jesus lived 36 years, according to Master Fard Muhammad, but according to the theologians he only lived 33 years. But in those 33 years he laid something down that death could not defeat. … I have a book full of notes. It’s all here, but you gave me my subject as you were talking about me before I came to the rostrum. You gave me something that I had to clear up so that you will not fall into idolatry. 

So I want to start by saying compared to my Teacher I’m not as much as a filthy worm. “What? How could you say something like that?” I heard my Teacher, Elijah Muhammad, say that of Himself in comparison to Master Fard Muhammad. Well Jesus is a great man. Yes. That’s true, but he’s not to be worshipped. That’s a mistake that the people made about Jesus. Instead of following him, they didn’t feel like really righteous people unless they exalted him to a position that he could not handle. When people do that they mean good, because they learned something that Jesus dropped on them. It fired up their spirit, but it should have fired up your spirit to walk the path that my Teacher put me on that made me and is making me the man that I’m becoming.  But I am a becoming person. God is not becoming. He is. 

So in case the ignorant among us are looking for somebody to worship, please don’t stop at imperfection. “But Farrakhan, I thought you were perfect.” No. That’s a sign of how blind you are. I’m perfect enough for you. But look at the words of Jesus, “I go to prepare a place for you that where I am you may be also.” What does that mean? If a man tells you, “I’m going someplace and I’m going to prepare a place for you,” you should tell him, “Hurry.” First you have to ask him, “where you going?” 

Now, “where I am.” Where I am. God is not satisfied with us as we are. So, He sends a prophet or a messenger with a scripture so that we can rise above the condition that the enemy has put us in, so that we can function on a higher level of civilization. So Jesus, they always talk about him in terms of mountains. That’s big. “And he went up on the mountain.” What is Jesus going up there for? He received messages sometimes. Sometimes you have to get up from where you are and seek a higher ground so you can concentrate on what God wants you to do. 

Jesus wanted us to walk after him. So on the way, Satan is always accompanying him. I never understood that, that the devil talked to Jesus and said, “I want to show you something.” And, Jesus said, “Oh yeah? Let me walk with you.” You would think Jesus, being who he is and was, wouldn’t walk with Satan. But if God allowed Satan to exist there’s something that humanity has to learn about Satan because Satan is a part of your very being. You say in your prayers, Auzu billahi minash-shaitanir-rajim, “I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed Satan.” Why do you say that in the quiet of your room? Is Satan somewhere close by? 

See, when you pray, you are praying a righteous prayer: Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be your name.” Okay, good. But Satan is traveling right with you as you say your prayers. Especially when it says, “Give us this day our daily bread.” You say wait a minute now, “I can’t make ends meet.” And every time you can’t make ends meet, something comes up to help you get your ends. So the Qur’an says, “Soon you will know the ends for which men strive,” because God will give you what you strive for. The question is what are you striving for? If you look at us, most of us have vain imaginations. “I’m going to be the greatest this. I’m going to be the baddest that ever did this….yeah, yeah, yeah.” 

But Jesus wanted us to walk with him so that where he is, we could be where he is. Now “is” is not necessarily a place. “Oh, yeah Jesus is on a mountain. I have to find a mountainside, climb a mountain, see if I can find him.” He’s on an elevated place with God in knowledge. He wants us to come on up, that where he is he wants to share what got him there with you, so we all can be together. The Bible says, “We don’t know what we will be like, but we will be changed and in the twinkling of an eye we will be like him.” So if you’re going to be like Jesus, then you’ll be walking on the plane of knowledge and civilization that God led him to. Now wait a minute.  God is accessible. He wants His servants to access where He is, even a fly wants something. He wants to bring us up in knowledge. You know, God is full of promises. You read the scriptures, Bible, Qur’an. He promises us a lot of things. And, when you come to faith, you think about what God promised you. Can you imagine living in the desert of Arabia and God promising you gardens wherein rivers flow, where there isn’t any water at all? If I was living in the desert I would welcome such a promise. God is not lying, but you can’t see with your eye the physical manifestation of trees and gardens and rivers. But He’s going to give man the knowledge of how to bring water up out of the desert. How to plant gardens in the desert. We just left Mecca and Medina and Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. We saw a lot of desert, a lot of desert. 

We were going through the desert, I thought of Noah, poor fellow. God told him, “Build this ark.” “Well why you want me to build this ark on land that doesn’t know water?” An ark is like a ship. Can you imagine how the people laughed at Noah? “That nut! He’s making a boat in the desert and wants me to join him in such a foolish endeavor. Surely Noah is a madman.” All the prophets were considered crazy because they saw what their contemporaries could not see.