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A deeper understanding of knowledge

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The Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s teachings clarify what humanity already knew, by providing a deeper understanding of that knowledge. Next, he presented truths on subjects which this world’s best brains have only been able to give vague hints. Furthermore, he taught knowledge that the best brains of this world could not obtain. Then, he introduced wisdom that none ever knew, except his Teacher.

In the best meaning of the word, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has best amplified the body of knowledge his teacher left behind.

This wisdom is sufficient proof—which is beyond evidence—that this is the time, of which the scriptures teach, when the Supreme Being and the Messiah would be present, in every sense of that word. Minister Farrakhan represents and is backed by both.

This is not some spooky, irrelevant, so-called “metaphysical,” unconnected to the real world, and it’s problems type teaching. Some may say, “Can it be verified?” Yes. It’s been often verified. Currently, Minister Farrakhan’s work should be sufficient verification. Then, there’s coming the ultimate verification. We’ll examine this, and its relevance to the “science of everything in life,” after the May 1st interview of Minister Farrakhan.

Before we resume it, consider these excerpts.

In Closing The Gap, Part One: Minister Farrakhan spoke of two kinds of helpers who come to help “leaders of consequence, particularly divine leaders. …

“His help has to evolve with him. All of his help may not necessarily have been formed under the unique circumstances that led to his evolutionary development from before he was actually in physical form, even while that which produced him was being formed.”

A little later he stated:

“Now, therefore, God, in helping His servants (the prophets) gives them help from Himself, which is the best help. That help is the best help because they grow along the same long lines that he grew under. They’re formed in the same way that he is formed and their heart is formed in the same way his heart is formed. Therefore, these helpers see into this man what other helpers don’t, or may not see, because the latter were not made from God to be his helpers, in the same way or degree, as the former helpers.

“However, they (the latter) accepted the role of a helper. Nevertheless, if they don’t stay in constant submission; in constant obedience; in constant study; and in constant growth; then gaps will develop between the teacher and the student that will lead the student (sometimes) to be critical of the teacher when the teacher grows beyond the particular need of that helper that motivated that helper to first want to help.”

In a 1936 letter to some of his ministers, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad wrote, “The wise man is he who has made a careful study of the past events, of ancient and modern history. The knowledge of the future is judged by the knowledge of the past.

“There are some men who are born with the gift of prophecy, while others are trained into it through an intense study of history.”

Pete Rose lacked the natural talent of Ty Cobb, who was a baseball player of extraordinary gifts, who became one of the greatest baseball players of all time. Pete Rose was nicknamed “Charlie Hustle” because of how hard he worked at his chosen profession. He made himself into one of the best who ever played that game. He ended his career with more hits than Mr. Cobb, and everyone else.


The Honorable Elijah Muhammad didn’t always state the same truth in the same way. Here is an example of that, which brought rich fruit from the mouth of Minister Farrakhan, for this interview.

Brother Jabril: “Brother Minister, the Jesus said “Those who are well need not a physician.” We’re obviously a very sick people. You spoke earlier (off tape) of the centuries of depression we’ve suffered, when we were discussing the question of why suffering is really an integral part of the redemption of our people. I want us to go back over the subject of suffering and healing from another angle.

“You know, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad once told me that although they didn’t have to be musicians, doctors or photographers, he wanted his ministers to have some knowledge of medicine, music and color. Why do you think he said this and how does that kind of skill and knowledge help in the redemptive process of our people?”

Minister Farrakhan: “I never heard him say it like that. What I heard him say was that music—those who understood or knew music, medicine and the science of color—would make his best ministers.

“I don’t think everybody who wants to be a minister has to necessarily go and take a course in the study of music or medicine or color. But those who came to him with this kind of understanding would see deeply into the aspect of his word that would produce healing.

“First, music is a force that is universally recognized and accepted. The basis of music—great music—is harmony. So those who understand what it takes to produce harmony, to cause different instruments with different ranges, different sounds, to utilize those differences in a magnificent way to produce symphony, or the same sound or harmony; to take different colors and learn how to put this color with that to produce something different from both colors to feed the human spirit; to learn the science of medicine, which is the use of chemistry, to induce or to produce the feeding of the natural function of systems and organs, can make the best helpers.

“Once one is blessed with that kind of knowledge, then we should be able to pass on the word of God better; putting this with that, to produce a message that would produce the same effect on the soul of man that beautiful music produces; that the right diagnosis and the right prescription of medicine produces in the human anatomy; and the effect that the proper use of color produces, in demonstrating what you wish to paint, to get over to your audience.

“This, to me, is why he said this; because learning how to use the word of God to heal is the job of any disciple of the master. For the master, in his person, in his heart, in his character is born to offer healing, not only to his people who are sick but the whole of humanity is sick—if we look at what God’s intention was in creating Adam and what man is as a result of his disobedience to divine instructions. So the whole planet is groaning under illness.

“This, to me, is why this Messianic figure is taught the word—the Gospel, the Torah, the Book and the Wisdom—and is sent with the guidance and the true religion; not only that he may make it overcome other religions but he may make it overcome the illnesses that religion has not been able to heal.”

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More next issue, Allah willing.

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