2012: The Spiritual Journey José Argüelles’ Key Note Address for the Signs of Destiny Conference (2004)



(YouTube Part 1)    Introduction by Chet Snow; flute playing; prayer
Prayer of the Seven Galactic Directions

From the East, House of Light,
May wisdom dawn in us
So we may see all things in clarity.

From the North, House of Night,
May wisdom ripen in us
So we may know all from within.

From the West, House of Transformation,
May wisdom be transformed into right action
So we may do what must be done.

From the South, House of the Eternal Sun,
May right action reap the harvest
So we may enjoy the fruits of planetary being.

From Above, House of Heaven,
Where Star People and ancestors gather,
May their blessings come to us now.

From Below, House of Earth,
May the heartbeat of her crystal core
Bless us with harmonies to end all war.

From the Center, Galactic Source,
Which is everywhere at once,
May everything be known
As the light of mutual love.

Ah Yum Hunab K’u Evam Maya E Ma Ho! Ah Yum Hunab K’u Evam Maya E Ma Ho!
Ah Yum Hunab K’u! Evam Maya E Ma Ho!

(YouTube Part 2)  [ends flute playing]

That’s the Prayer to the Seven Galactic Directions. The usual directions we think of are north, south, east, and west, of course; then above where “the Star People and the ancestors gather,” and from below, the House of Earth where “the heartbeat of her crystal core blesses with harmonies to end all war.”

The core of the Earth is a crystal octahedron. That’s what it is on the third dimension.  On the fourth dimension it is the center of a living reality that is in contact with “above where the Star People and the ancestors gather.” Because inter-dimensionally within the Earth we know, there is another Earth. This other Earth knows us though we know it not.

This other Earth-within-the-Earth-we-know is waiting to manifest. It is waiting to manifest depending upon our ability to shed the skin that we no longer need.

Signs of destiny, for sure: the phenomenon of the crop circles.  As we know, they have been with us for a long time. But, when they became a truly “modern” phenomenon was after 1987. The Harmonic Convergence was a signal coordinated between the center of the Earth, the crystal Earth, the inter-dimensional living core, the living reality within the Earth, the other Earth that knows us though we know it not.

The Harmonic Convergence was a signal coordinated between that crystal Earth—those of us on the surface who had a least some inkling that we might be more than just third dimensional entities taking care of the machine—and coordination with the Star People and the ancestors: the Star People above, the extra terrestrials, the extra higher dimensionals.

Because, obviously, we who form a little cellular mass on the surface of this Earth—human molecules tending the machine—obviously our knowledge is highly limited when we consider the multiple dimensions, when we consider the entirety of the universe.

It’s estimated that there are more than 100 billion galaxies and each galaxy has billions of stars: 100 billion galaxies at least and each one of billions of stars.

They are not all just gas and inert matter floating in infinite space.  And that’s only a sliver, a slice of the multi-dimensional reality. We are coordinating and being coordinated by a plan that goes from the core of the Earth—the other Earth that knows us though we know it not.

Those of us on the surface who have some dim memory that we are repeating a show that has happened before, not only on this planet, but on other planets and in other words. Not only that, but that we are repeating the same disaster, the same catastrophe. And it’s always to this point: Will the critical mass arise in time to remember what is actually going on?

And this is coordinated from the center of the living Earth.  Those of us on the surface of the Earth and the Star People in the higher dimensions whose superior telepathic biopsychic magnetic technologies every so often penetrate our little thick bubble of belief system to give a signal.

Some of the signals we find in this coordination—we call them crop circles. They have been appearing profusely since 1987. What happened in 1987 was a coordinated signal. About half a year before the Harmonic Convergence—almost precisely a half a year—was the sighting of the first super nova in over 400 years.

The supernova is referred to as 1987-A . I refer to it as the Quetzalcoatl supernova because it was signal of the prophecy of the 13 Heavens and the 9 Hells, which was being completed on August 16 in 1987.

This 1987-A Quetzalcoatl super-nova is quite a phenomenon.  It burst in 1987. Ten years later in 1997 it had another spectacular burst in which it sent out three different rings traveling at a very fast rate in space. And in 2007 in the middle of the summer there will be a final burst of this 1987-A Quetzalcoatl supernova. A super nova not only sends out cosmic radiation, it sends out cosmic information.

(YouTube, Part 3)

It was the signal. The very, very precisely timed signal of the countdown to 2012. The 1987 Harmonic Convergence was a function you might say of the 1987-A supernova.

We think that we are down here and we’re doing thing. We are not doing things; we are being done. We are being done through. Some of us are just pure robots who are completely enslaved to the belief system of the machine. We have created, particularly in the last 50 years or so, a self-sustaining entity which is a total technological machine entity called the Technosphere, which is a total artificial entity, and the human beings fundamentally are the symbiotic parasite of this particularly entity, the Technosphere.

Because of the complete acceptance and needing to fulfill the demands of the Technosphere, we limit our spiritual-mental development. As long as we limit our spiritual-mental development by allowing ourselves to be controlled by the Technosphere—all the different forms of the machine technology: the reliance on nuclear technology, the reliance on the technologies that create more waste than can be eliminated that use up more resources faster than they can be replaced—then we are operating in a field planetary death wish, then we are going in that direction.

This is not the first time is has happened. It happened on Mars. It happened on Maldek, the Asteroid Belt. The Myths of Atlantis. All come always to the same point: taking a wrong turn in a technological system that ends up robbing the spirit of its direction, and replacing the possibility of mental spiritual development, expansion into cosmic consciousness, of replacing that with a complete reliance on electronic media machine technology mental manipulation.

So, we are down to the wire now. 2004 to 2012 means that we have eight years down to the wire. What does the 2012 mean? That’s when the “Time’s Up” light goes on.  And the curtain goes down and we have to show what we got to show. What we are supposed to show is: How spiritually unified were we able to get when we had this 26,000-year gambit as an evolutionary cycle called Homo sapiens?

How far did we get? The real goal was to see if we could become spiritually unified and unify the planet spiritually so we could advance to the next state of consciousness development.

All of this has been part of a large surveillance program. As I said, the Harmonic Convergence and what we call prophecy, the prophecy of 2012, is a large inter-dimensional coordination program. The technosphere that we are operating within is operating in an artificial timing frequency which has accelerated and accelerated and accelerated.  So we are down to the atomic clock with nano seconds and we have nanotechnology to accompany that.  We have rapidly expanding biotechnologies as well, the manipulation of the DNA code—the whole thing—which is all completely a wrong direction and a function of an accelerating timing frequency that is plunging us directly into hell.

That’s the actual script that is playing out at just the pure surface.  [gestures] Here’s the globe. Here’s the Earth. That’s the surface of the earth. On the surface of the Earth you see the cloud patterns and you see the oceans and you see the weather patterns and then and there you see this cancerous entity which is devouring the biosphere, heating up the Earth, destroying the ozone layer, messing with the electro-magnetic fields, messing with the DNA code of life, causing species extinction, polluting the oceans, destroying the plankton…

That’s the surface.

If you just go within that belief system—well, this is a hopeless deal.   And yet all of this has been pre-visioned, this has been pre-scripted.  We are sleepwalkers who are repeating a program that we find blowing in the red dust of Mars around the face of Sidonia and the pyramids of Sidonia. We find it in the fragments of the asteroid belt.

It is interesting the names that we give these fragments of the asteroid belt.  The asteroid belt was discovered in 1804 because a certain astronomer named Franz Bode knew, knew that according to Platonic and Kepler’s theory, that between Mars and Jupiter there should be a planet.

Sure enough, beginning actually in 1801, they had a big astronomers’ convention and trained their telescopes up and sure enough within a short matter of time they discovered a huge belt precisely where a planet should have been, between Mars and Jupiter: the asteroid belt.

The astronomers hardly ever talk about the possibility of this having been a planet. That’s a taboo thought in the collective unconscious.  We don’t want to go there. Just like people don’t like to go to the fact that Mars once sustained water—oceans—and that the red dust is oxidized metal and that’s actually a face on Mars.

The largest fragment in the asteroid belt is named Quetzalcoatl. Some of the more recently discovered smaller fragments have the names John, Paul, Ringo and George. That’s because… We all heard about the lost chord? Maldek is the lost chord. The haunted Fifth. The fifth orbit. Everyone is looking for that lost chord, and the lost melody. Everyone has been haunted by that.

All of that is sustained in that belt, the asteroid belt—the lost planet.

(YouTube, Part 4)

That was the original Eden. It says in the Koran that when Adam committed the sin of disobeying the Creator that he was sent down.  He was sent to Earth and Earth was to going to be his home. But just for a while, because this is just a testing place here.

We all come from someplace else.  Most of us have completely forgotten that. We are all transmigratory, inter-dimensional, interplanetary travelers. Our DNA has been passing through a lot of different realms for a very long time.

All the programming and the conditioning of the third dimensional surface civilization is to continuously reduce the capacity of consciousness to now, basically, to the care of the machine and to the increase of what’s called money.

This is what’s happening on the surface of this little planet which we call Earth—Velatropa 24.3 from the Arcturus star system point of view.

But what’s also happening here, which is what this conference is all about—“Signs of Destiny”—is that someone is trying to tell us something. That’s what all these signs are. Someone is trying to tell us something.

Someone is sending us signals. Where are these signals coming from? Why did they begin to increase so rapidly after 1987? Because supernova A gave the signal of the expansion of the possibility of our consciousness expanding in dimensions beyond the ones that we are limited ourselves to, which is the third dimension, the material physical plane. That we were intended to bust out of this and go into a higher mental-spiritual course of evolution, where we have to shed our present course technological skin.

Nuclear technology is not the only technology. Electronic technology as we know it is not the only technology.  We live in a universe of different force fields. We live in a universe that also includes biopsychic or telepathic force fields. We live in a universe that also includes magnetic force fields. These technologies—the telepathic biopsychic magnetic force fields—we haven’t really explored.

It’s these technologies that are responsible for the phenomenon of the crop circles being projected very, very precisely by extra intra-dimension entities who are part of a large program to help us wake up…and realize that we should really forget everything we know, because it really isn’t doing us any good.  We really should forget even who we think we are. That’s not helping us at all either. Maybe we should take all of our business cards and put them into a big bonfire. Say, “Goodbye ego.” It’s not helping. We need to get a clear mind.  I said yesterday in the institute that I realized I had to stop being a human because I needed to see clearly. And humans can’t see clearly.

Humans can’t see clearly because they have too many conditionings, they have too many biases. They are encrusted with all sorts of conditioned beliefs, most of it unconscious and unexamined. Everybody should go on a three-month Vipassana meditation retreat, and then start all over. See what you know about your mind.

Unless we know our mind, we don’t really know what we know.

So, we are this spiritual journey. The meaning of 2012 is that this is the big signal. We can make it heaven on Earth if we want. But if we want heaven on Earth, we really have to exert a tremendous amount. Everybody who is in spiritual traditions knows that this is all a journey; that we are moving in stages from one stage to the next. We know that individually that we proceed from one stage of consciousness to another stage of consciousness to another stage of consciousness. We know that we have this portal one at one end called birth and we have a portal at the other called death, and that we have to somehow or other account for what happens to us between these two portals. And we have to get ready for this portal called death and, in fact, we have to be ready for it all the time because none of us really knows when we are going to go. None of us really knows that. And right now we really have to be thinking that way because this whole entire apparatus, this civilization, that has been building up like is this for over 5000 year since the 13 baktun count of the Maya began in 3113 BC, that all of this is going down the tubes very fast. So there is nothing really we should hold onto of this particular civilization, of this particular way of life.  We actually should be preparing for the spirit journey; we actually should be beginning the spirit journey right now. It is all a spirit journey anyway.

We’ve got these bodies that were lent to our soul as kind of like testing vehicles. But it is the soul that is traveling; the body doesn’t need to go anywhere. Like I said, the Earth travels 1,600,000 miles in its orbit every day. In 28 days it goes 45 million miles. In 365 days it travels 585 million miles. In 1 hour it travels 66,000 miles.        In one minute it is going 111,000 miles. A minute. 19 miles a second. Whew, we just went another 19 miles. Another 19 miles. So why do we need to go anywhere?

I saw Eric Clapton just busted for going 134 miles an hour in France. Well, he should figure it out. At that, he still isn’t going to be able to beat the Earth’s rate of speed.

(YouTube, Part 5)

So we are already going so fast, and we’re building a civilization that’s artificially moving as such a fast rate of speed it really doesn’t know where it’s going or why—because the faster it moves the more limiting the consciousness becomes. There was actually more expanded consciousness 100 years ago than there is today, despite all the ayahuasca and LSD in the world.

…There’s a few people here—but compared to how many people there are on the planet, the number of us in this room is really limited. Yet we’ve all come together here. We all came here because we all actually really want to know something. We all want to know, what is the meaning? What’s the meaning of the crop circles? Why are they happening? What’s the meaning of 2012? It’s really close. Are we supposed to know something more? Is there something we need to do that we can prepare? How do we do this?

Those of us who are here just reflecting on the matters that we are reflecting on represent a probably pretty elite minority. They don’t think about these things at the editorial offices of USA Today or at CNN, but we’re thinking about ’em. So it must be that we are all here because we have some inkling that maybe it’s true that we are being moved on the divine inter-dimensional shuttle called the Divine Plan close to this omega point called 2012. That it’s a spiritual journey.

And we might as well begin understand right now that this is a spiritual journey. We have to get spiritual. To get really spiritual—if you go back and read the lives of the great saints and of the mystics—if you go back—everybody loves Jalaluddin Rumi, his life—I betcha he never believed he would be the most popular poet in the New Age back in Persia in the 13th century. If you read his life—if you know his life story—he had a lot of heartache. And he was a desperate seeker.

Take his contemporary, another guy, Ibn al-‘Arabi, another Sufi, who traveled from Spain to Persia, Iran, Mecca, and then finally was able to come to a place where he said, “My heart is a temple. For gazelles it’s a pasture, for the worshipers of kabbah, it’s the kabbah; for idol-worshippers is a temple full of idols. I follow the religion of love, so whatever you want, I will become that.”

Water takes the color of the receptacle it’s is in. However we believe in God, that is our God. We all have some inkling of a Supreme Creator, and whatever we believe it is, that is exactly what it is for us. And if we know that everybody has a slightly different coloration, as it were, but we all have the same—we are called to the same memory—we are all called back to the same source. 2012 is the call from the source to remember our universal oneness. To recall that we have all been here before, that we have been traveling on many worlds, that we are inter-planetary inter-dimensional travelers.

We don’t want this place to blow up. What are we gonna do?

So if we don’t want this place to blow up and we know it is a spiritual journey, there must be something spiritual—some type of spiritual knowledge—maybe even a spiritual technology, if you want to call it that, that we can participate in that will help us resolve the situation on this planet.

Beginning with the Harmonic Convergence, we were setting up a field. We called for people to go sacred sites: Lake Baikal, Ayres Rock, Stonehenge, Teotihuacan, Machu Picchu, Mt. Shasta, Mt. Fuji.  Many different places. We said, “Go to those sacred sites. Let’s all be there at sunrise.” So, if you looked at sunrise on the planet on August 16 and you had astral goggles on, then you could see astral waves of unified intention rising at each of those points, creating a moving wave around the planet. A ripple that created a unified field, a unified field of biopsychic intention, interacting ever so faintly with the Earth’s electro-magnetic field to create a little ripple, a little dent, a little marker. And everyone said, “I remember what I was doin’ that day.” Or “Hey, my life changed after that.”

So, that was just a start. There’s a couple things there that showed us that we actually all responding to the signal from the center of the Earth—the inter-dimensional core. There is an octahedral core in the center of the Earth. They say it’s an iron crystal. It was actually discovered by seismologists just before the Harmonic Convergence in 1986. Elongated at both ends at the poles. Streams of cosmic radiation enter the poles, go into the center of the Earth and at the center of the Earth it like what you might call an inter-dimensional photon cauldron that’s tended to by inter-dimensional entities. From there signals are sent to the surface of the Earth. Sometimes magnetic light ships will come up and take a look—places like Mt. Shasta or other spots—and then descend. This is in communication with the Star People, the guardians, the planetary hierarchy.

I wouldn’t be here with this message if I wasn’t supported by all the invisible beings of the planetary hierarchy; if I wasn’t in resonance with the inter-dimensional entities at the center of the Earth, and if I hadn’t been prepared by prophecies left by the Maya that were also all connected to this grand plan called 2012. 

Yes, we can get together. People like us are still doing it.  Jimmy Twyman, God bless him, he still has this idea.  We were with Jimmy in Bagdad last March. Presented the 2012 Prophecy at the National Theater in Bagdad. It was really a very amazing event because a lot of the sheiks were there and Sufi singers and so on.  It was very touching. The sheiks had never heard about the Mayas, never heard about the 2012 Prophecy, and they were truly curious.  It was very, very sad and tragic, because I knew I probably wouldn’t get back there and I didn’t know how we would communicate in the future. We had to leave that seed. But they heard it.

(YouTube, Part 6)

We know that the unified intention of critical groups of humans in specific places, sacred sites as they’re called, because there the potency of what we might call the geomagnetic and the biopsychic fields is much more dense, places like Teotihuacán, or Palenque or Stonehenge or Macchu Picchu.

There is a greater potential of ripening that density of geomagnetic and biopsychic energy so that it can interact with the Earth’s magnetic field. The Earth is a living entity. We think that the life is on the surface. The Earth couldn’t support the superficial life, the surface life, if the Earth itself weren’t a living, evolving entity.

Its core is the inner earth. Around the octahedral core there is a tympanum, as it’s called. Which is the inner Earth. We know that this inner Earth, this tympanum, from seismological readings, has mountains and valleys and all of that.  There is a whole other world in there. This is the actual core of the living Earth.  Then it has its surface life, which is the evolving surface membrane.

Vladimir Vernadsky, the Russian scientist who did the most research on defining the whole of the life of the surface of the Earth, which is called the biosphere. The biosphere is the sum of all of life on Earth, which Vernadsky says: the sum of all life on Earth is one. The biosphere, he said, is that region on Earth for the transformation of cosmic energy. The surface life is supposed to be transforming cosmic energy. The trees are doing that all the time. The plant life is doing that all the time, creating the carbon dioxide cycles. Photosynthesizing. That’s cosmic transformation. They’re taking solar radiation and making it green. Creating whole cycles for us to breath and live.

The surface life is for the transformation of cosmic energy. The core life is the core life of the Earth, the inter-dimensional life of the Earth, the intelligence of the Earth.

Then above, in the electromagnetic field…the lowest level of it is the ionosphere, which is actually is what we call what we call the meteorological electronic control system. That’s what HARP—the High Altitude Atmospheric Research Program—that’s what it messes with. It’s being developed as a weapon, a warfare weapon, to send different frequency using Tesla type of technology, extra low frequency waves, that can be directed to any point of the ionosphere.

For instance…you see how much news is being drummed up now—Iran isn’t really keeping its promise not to create atomic warfare. You see these news stories now. The HARP can go over to Iran and shift weather patterns. Create droughts. Send windstorms. Knock out the whole system. That HARP will be up and running completely by 2006. They’ve already been conducting experiments. There were a lot of hurricanes this last year and the first hurricane in Brazil. It’s interesting there has been a drought in Cuba.

So that’s the ionosphere. Then, above the ionosphere, there is the electro-magnetic field itself, which is between two radiation belts called the Van Allen radiation belts which were discovered in 1953, the same year that the DNA was discovered and one year after the tomb of the greatest of the Mayan prophets—Pacal Votan—his tomb was opened in 1952. In the next year came these discoveries.

When his tomb was opened in 1952—the Marxist archeologist who dug for three years to get to his tomb—he finally opened that big, big stone door on June 15, 1952, and he said, when he opened that door, he said he could feel the last thoughts of the people who were in here escaping out that door. DNA and the magnetic fields were discovered the next year. That’s a synchronistic discovery because the DNA and the electro-magnetic fields operate in tandem.

Within the two fields…the lower belt is 2000 miles up and the upper belt is 11,000 miles up. One belt traps solar radiation, the other cosmic radiation. And then they come in at the poles like this, at the North Pole they come in like this, and at the South Pole they come in like this [gestures]. And then radiation goes into the poles. When there is excess, they create what is called the aurora borealis and the aurora Australis. Then the excess energy then goes through the axis of the Earth into the inter-dimensional core where it spices up and creates this cauldron of plasmic-cosmic energy within the core.

The noosphere, the Earth’s mental sheath—its operating mechanism is located between the two magnetic fields. The word “noosphere” was coined by Vladimir Vernadsky, researcher of the biosphere, and by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, and a little known French philosopher named Édouard Le Roy in 1926 in Paris. It was coined jointly by these three people. Teilhard de Chardin was a paleontologist and Vernadsky was a geochemist. But they both had come to the conclusion that the surface of the Earth is a living unity and it’s an evolving unity and that it is evolving beyond its material function into a higher mental consciousness function. And they were looking for a word for this next stage of its evolution, and they coined the word noosphere. The noosphere means the mental sheath, the Earth’s mental sheath, the thinking layer of the Earth.

 We think that we think our thoughts but all we are is like tuning forks and the thoughts are actually being resonated to us from the noosphere.  We notice that through the different stages of history that—even in different parts of the world—that people that have never met or known each other, yet they develop similar symbols, at similar times, similar kinds of technologies. Bronze technology developed in Africa and China and Greece. Different times, but they all follow the same pattern.

(YouTube, Part 7)

That’s because all those different cultural levels, cultural horizons, systems of thought are all being coordinated by the collective unconscious in the noosphere. So we are moving from the noosphere as the collective unconscious to the noosphere as the collective conscious. And Vernadsky and Teilhard de Chardin both said the noosphere is immanent.

In 1941, Vernadsky was writing about the noosphere and he was saying, “The advent of the noosphere is something every statesman in the world should be aware of.” He said the noosphere is a function of what he referred to as bio-geochemical combustion. That is to say the rapid industrialization and burning up through fossil fuels and creating of the greenhouse gases, which is creating a fever in biosphere. This fever in the biosphere, bio-geochemical combustion, is what will precipitate a qualitative change in the very nature of life itself. The qualitative change is referred as the noosphere.  That we are going to be snapped into higher consciousness. Vernadsky said once we snap into the higher consciousness that we will enter a whole new geological era, which he referred to as is the psychozoic era, the spiritualization of life. This is a Marxist scientist.

At the same time, Teilhard de Chardin, Jesuit Catholic, biologist and paleontologist in the south of France, developing very similar thought. He said that we had to think in terms of the universe as there being planets with noosphere and planets without noosphere. Our planet is a planet is a planet with a noosphere. The noosphere is something that is evolved into when the leading dynamic organism becomes planetary in nature, develops some type of global technology that unifies it, and that global technology that unifies it then is preparatory to its taking the humanity to a point of spiritual consciousness unification–which he referred to as the omega point. At the omega point, it’s like the Christing of consciousness occurs, and we enter into the noosphere.

The omega point is 2012.  We are very close. We are living in the cauldron of bio-geo-chemical combustion. The burning of the resources, the destruction of the ozone layer, the destruction of the rain forest, the release of radioactivity, the continuing release of greenhouse gases, the emissions—all of that is the fever of the biosphere as it is ready to precipitate its next condition, its release from the enslavement to third dimensional materialist technology and belief system into a state of spiritual advance.

It not just we who are evolving, but we are evolving life and the planet along with us.

Sri Auribindo, though he didn’t speak of the noosphere, spoke of the “descent of the supra mental,” meaning that which is beyond mind. Sri Aurobindo said what we call mind and consciousness is a just function of our ignorance—that there is something beyond mind. Beyond what we conceive of as mind—the supra mental, where our consciousness is released into absolute galactic cosmic consciousness, what R. M. Bucke wrote about in his Cosmic Consciousness.

We are to be released into this. Interesting, in the same year that Vernadsky and De Chardin coined the phrase the noosphere, in 1926, in that same year on November 24, 1926, Sri Auribindo experienced what he called the descent of the supra mental. He said for the first time in the Earth plane that the supra mental had descended into the plane of human consciousness, and that this was a sign of the acceleration of the spiritual-mental evolutionary process.

These are all fundamental signs that we are now very close to that point where the evolutionary trip switch is about to be flipped. The point of the advent of the noosphere, the point the fulfillment of the Prophecy of 2012, is that we have to do something. It is not just a matter of passively waiting for it to occur. We have to take spiritual action–mental action– ourselves. We have to read the signs and know that there is something we must do.

One thing that we must do is realize that we are operating in an error in time and return to living in harmony with the universal cycles of nature. The simple instrument to that is with the 13-moon 28-day calendar, which is based on natural cycles. That’s the first step to returning to living in the natural cycles.

This is a cry that is being taken up. People in more than 90 countries now are taking this up and following that, and because when you are doing that then you making a change in your mental frequency. That’s the key. We have to begin to change our mental frequency. We are falling into the trap of the destruction of the previous world systems where we subordinate the development of our consciousness to technological progress. That’s the mistake in the previous Atlantis’s and the previous world systems.

You have to change your mental frequency. The whole scene is dominated by an accelerating mental frequency based on the error in time. So you have to correct that first and get in tune with the natural cycles. The 13-moon 28-day is a universal cosmic cycle.

The second is to understand that it is in our power, through our intention, to actually affect the Earth’s electromagnetic field. The noosphere—as a governing mechanism, or the thinking layer of the planet that governs the thought waves of the different advancing stages of life on Earth—that this noosphere is located between the two radiation belts. So that we are already actually in our thinking operating with electromagnetic signals that are interfacing with the electromagnetic field. The point is to make it intentional and consciousness and collective.

You have to stop and think…if there’s cosmic consciousness and we are operating as one planetary mind, who is going to keep a secret? If you are operating with universal telepathy, you got nothin’ to hide. That’s a very big shift in our consciousnesses.

Right now we live an atomized, individualized, egotistical consciousness where you can say one thing and do another. 

(YouTube, Part 8)

You can act one way outside and another way inside. We can’t get away with that anymore.

 All of us, we think we are enlightened or advanced or New Age or spiritual. We have to have the same face inside and the same face outside. The same face when we wake up in the morning as when we go to bed at night. In the ancient Maya they describe the person of wisdom as “the one who has acquired a true face.” A true face is one that’s true all the time. It’s not different for different people. It’s true all the time. You have to work at that. To really do this thing skillfully we each have to clean up our own house. We have to go inside.

We all really know. We just have to slow out minds down a little. We all need mind training. Slow our minds down a little. Recognize what is our ego and what is our true self. The only thing that is going to get you through is your true self. You gotta learn how to recognize what that is. Once you recognize what that is, then you can recognize that all the time and in any situation. That’s the fundamental root or the basis of true self.

What is that true self? That true self is God being happy that you recognized Him. That’s what your true self is.  Because God is evolving with us—the supreme creator or whatever you want to call that. To getting into divine consciousness. Becoming the godhead. It’s all real. It’s all true. If one person can do it, why can’t another person do it?  Maybe Ramakrishna was a forerunner. But why can’t we be like Ramakrishna?

There are many, many different examples and they all exist to show us that anyone of us can do it.  Milarapa was the greatest Tibetan yogi and he practiced black magic and killed lots of people. But he still made it through.

Even Moses killed someone when he was a teenager. Everyone’s got something to…the only reason we have stuff like that is so we have something to “overcome” and beneath that seal, that’s our true self in there.

That’s the essence, really, of the spiritual journey that individually we have to make. [Understand that we can get to this place of…] Because we need to have a clear mind if we are going to be able to affect a change that is a utilization of what we might call a psycho-spiritual technology. We have to be really clear and free of our ego. If we are going to work in a group together to create some kind of change, if we are going to coordinate ourselves around the planet to create a group telepathic field—because that’s we are trying to with these prayers, with the global prayer and meditations.  We are trying to create a planetary telepathic field.

These are all kind of proto-noospheric exercises. But we need to create something that will be the equivalent and even greater than the atomic bomb, but of a positive psycho-mental-spiritual nature. We need to create that. That’s the only way that we will end the war on terror.

The war on terror really began on August 6, 1945, because those states that now hold the bomb, those are the states that are the terrorist states because those are the weapons of terror. Of course they don’t want anyone else to have those weapons. Of course no one wants anyone else to have them—but they don’t want anyone else to have them but they won’t dismantle their own. That’s the terrorism.

The only way that we are going to end that is by an act, a psycho-mental-spiritual- technological act, that is so stunning and so obviously demonstrable that it will blow everybody’s mind forever.

People will say: “I don’t think I don’t think I want my gun any more.” “That’s too far out.” “We can really do that?”

That’s what we have to do, those of us who think we’re in the enlightened minority who are going ahead. We have to really be able to spiritually unify. We have to really be able to coordinate ourselves telepathically all over the planet. And we really have to have some type of goal that says we can do something that’s the equivalent of the spiritual atomic bomb. Something that is every bit as positive in its effects and long lasting as the atomic bomb has. The atomic bomb changed the geology and the psychological of the Earth forever. To change that you need that something even greater, that has to be positive. Because if it’s greater more negative that would be the end. So we need something even greater than that, that’s positive.

Did everyone get one of these? [holds up image of the rainbow around the planet]

What we are seeing here is a visualization of something that we refer to as the circumpolar rainbow bridge, Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge, meaning it goes around the poles of the Earth.

See the Earth there and then the rainbows follow the form of the electromagnetic radiation belts. As I said, the radiation belts create a kind of doughnut shape around the Earth. Within those radiation belts is what is referred to as the noospheric thinking regulator, which is called the psi bank, PSI. That’s detailed in my book Earth Ascending. It’s the psi bank that regulates all the different thinking layers that exist.

The double rainbow, the rainbow bridge circumpolar, that follows the form of the radiation belts. In other words, where the violet is on the inside that would be toward the lower radiation belt where the heavier protons are, and then on the red end up here, that’s the outer radiation belt where the lighter electrons are. The rainbow then would be like noospheric field between the two radiation belts.

We know that when there is an excess…we know that also, since the supra nova 1987A that super charged our local star, the Sun…

(YouTube, Part 9)

…so that since that time, especially beginning in 1989 when the sun began a 23 year cycle, a 23 year sunspot cycle.

The sunspot cycle goes in two halves, about eleven and a half years each, where the sunspots pulse from 30 degrees north and south in an eleven-and-half year cycle. They pulse until they get to the center—the equator—and then that’s when they reach a maximum intensity. Then they switch polarity and then the pulsation begins again. If the upper sunspot was positive and the lower negative, in the second eleven and a half year cycle, the upper is negative and the lower is positive. They pulse again toward center, they reach the equator, and they hit a max and that’s when the solar flares increase.

The solar flares and sunspot cycle were as intense in this last 23-year cycle as they have ever been. The 23-year cycle began in 1989; its first eleven and half years peaked toward the end of 2001, early 2001, and then the whole 23-year cycle peaks in 2012.

The first half of the cycle we saw phenomena that we hadn’t seen before, including an increase of plasma—that’s ionized electrons in the atmosphere—which create many different spectacular rainbow effects in the clouds and in the atmosphere. A lot of you have seen these. Some people call them sundogs. A great increase of these particularly in 1999, 2000, and 2001. We’ll see a huge increase of these in 2011 and 2012.

In 1999 I worked with a group of people in Picarquin in Chile for seven weeks. We had about 144 people down there. We were all following the new time and worked in groups according to the harmonics of the new time. We worked on an experiment. Our experiment was to see if the different groups could coordinate and on certain days see if they could create rainbow effects in the sky. When we did the final experiment on this, toward the end of the seven weeks, we had really spectacular effects. The skies were just filled with rainbows.

We were operating with the theory that the skies particularly charged with plasmas and our notion was if we can create that, just like the medicine man who creates rain—our brains waves are electromagnetic; we can affect the electromagnetic field.  Then we can create an effect where we can as it were telepathically stretch the aurora borealis and the aurora Australis to connect at the equator and create a rainbow bridge that goes from pole to pole on both sides.

In 2000, just before the Day Out of Time on July 25, a crop circle appeared which basically was the image of the Earth’s electromagnetic field with the Earth in it. It was exactly the theory that we were working on and we felt that it was a very strong signal that when get to 2012 we can maximize and create this effect, the circumpolar rainbow bridge around the Earth.

There are many prophecies about the rainbow bridge. In the Norse prophecies of Odin you have the Bifrost Bridge, which is often depicted as a rainbow bridge. Many native America traditions speak in the prophecies, of the rainbow bridge, when the rainbow bridge appears that the Star people and the ancestors will be able to come across on that. We have been working many groups around the world on this visualization.

[Referring the diagram] …at the center of it. That’s the octahedral core—very stylized—that’s the octahedral core. You can see yellow and blue on the bottom and red and white on top. You can see that’s an octahedron. Down the center is a positive and negative coil like a DNA coil; that’s like the prana that goes through the center of the Earth, just like the prana that goes through our body. Goes in a double helix coil like that. Goes from the North Pole to the South Pole and the South Pole to the North. So the positive-negative charge goes through the center of the Earth, goes through that octahedron.

Then you see these structures. There’s a red seven-pointed structure above, a blue one below on the polar axis.  These are called time atoms. Visualize the red time atom spinning in a clockwise direction and the blue time atom spinning in a counter clockwise direction. That neutralizes and stabilizes the polar axis. Those are the polar time atoms.

On either side there’s a white and yellow.  Those time atoms govern the gravitational plane. They move around—you can imagine them like paddle wheelers going around on the gravitational plane—stabilizing the gravitational plane of the Earth. You will notice each of them is made of seven points. 7 x 4 is 28. That’s the same number as the 28-day cycle. When you visualize that you are actually visualizing the stabilization of the Earth so that we don’t veer off course, so that the extra low frequency experiments that are being done by the HARP, and so on, so that they don’t destabilize the Earth. This is done to stabilize the Earth.

At the center of that, the plasmic energy streams in at both poles and but it also steams out again… You can visualize this actually in your heart.  You can visualize the Earth in your heart; visualize the octahedral core in the center of the Earth; visualize those time atoms moving in the manner I told you. Telepathically you are directing the plasmic energy to come out of both poles and to come into a stream of energy that creates a rainbow bridge around the Earth. When you imagine that rainbow bridge, that rainbow bridge remains stationary. You can imagine that one side is always pointing toward sun and one side is always pointing exactly away from the sun to what might call midnight. And then the Earth is always revolving within that.

Take a while to think about that and to think about that and visualize what that would look like and how that would affect the whole psycho-atmospheric field of the Earth. We have been working on this experiment since the late 1990s. We found out that we actually can create the rainbow effects, and now we are building up and saying what we want to do is create biopsychic-electro-magnetic batteries of human beings at sacred sites around the planet practicing this visualization. We have a maximum point of practicing this every July 25, which is called the Day Out of Time.  This next coming July 25, Day Out of Time 2005, there will be lots of people around the world who are already doing this. You can join them in this common visualization.

(YouTube Part 10)

As we approach 2012, then we will be getting to the point where we are going to be building up the telepathic field that is able to become so unified and so focused and become so clear and its mind so free of ego and so spiritualized that it can focus this just like we saw these dancers who could put their feet in the fire—and the people doing these fire walks. We can do anything. With God all things are possible.

No one thought the atomic bomb was possible and it happened. This is the same. This is possible. The possible vision that in 2012 we be able to spring the circumpolar rainbow bridge because we have been practicing and developing increasingly large groups of human beings who are willing to be telepathic biopsychic electromagnetic batteries in unison with each other around the Earth, projecting the same vision and the same image and holding that. This is an example—and synchronized in time. That’s the whole point.

Time is the factor of universal synchronization. We synchronize ourselves in time with a common purpose. We can create an effect that will be universal, that will be irreversible, and that will be greater than the atom bomb. The circumpolar rainbow bridge will be permanent. It will hook up the auroras from both poles and hold them there. It will be the actual manifestation and the advent of the noosphere. It will be the passage through Teilhard de Chardin’s Omega Point. It will be the advent of the psychozoic era—the spiritualization of life on Earth.

It will prove that human beings together can do something positively greater than they were ever able to do negatively.  This is a positive visualization. A rainbow around the Earth is a totally healing image. This is the healing of the Earth, the healing of our hearts, the healing of our lives. And: instant evolution, because we are at that stage. We have run out of the options of material technological progress, and we have to start looking at the options of spiritual-mental progress. How do we begin to affect that? How can we do that?

I wanted everyone here to have that [refers to rainbow bridge image]. You can go visualize that; you can go think about it. You can get more information on this on our website: www.lawoftime.org. Like I said, we can practice this visualization any time. When you see it in yourself, with Earth in the center, with the core, the time atoms, the Earth and then the rainbow coming out—you can visualize that rainbow coming out and encompassing your aura. So you have a rainbow aura. Everybody would like to have a rainbow aura. We are the rainbow people, the real rainbow nation.

You go read the book of Genesis, Chapter 9, verses 12 to 17.  It says, Noah came out of the ark and he saw a rainbow. And God says, “This rainbow is my covenant with the Earth, that I will not let the Earth be destroyed by a flood again. And when you see this rainbow coming out from behind the clouds, you know that’s my covenant with the Earth.”

So when we create the rainbow bridge, we are with God fulfilling our covenant with the Earth—to heal the Earth, to make our Earth an attraction to other galactic visitors. “Wow, did you see what they did, man? A rainbow ring around the Earth! Let’s go there. It is safe once again.” We want this place to be safe once again.

2012. It’s stamped in everybody’s heart. We need a positive vision.

I hope you enjoy the rest of this conference. There’s many things to think about. This is a spiritual journey—a truly spiritual journey. Let’s start the spirit journey right now. Everyone can make a list of things they don’t need, and start with that. Because the less things you need on the material plane, the more time you got for your spirit. Let’s take more time for our spirit. Let’s cultivate our mind, cultivate our spirit. We are evolving and we need to learn more. We can’t be satisfied with anything. Like I said, we should really forget everything we know, including our names, and start like babes and be ready to enter the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Like what Jesus said, only if you become like a child again will you get in. Children can dream things like this. We are the children of the rainbow. We are the children of the Earth. Let’s unify; let’s be at peace; let’s be one in spirit; let’s remember the creator; let’s not forget who we really are. Thank you very much.

[Standing ovation]

I would like to thank Chet and Kallista, and I know there are two other people, but I don’t remember their names, helping you administer this. I don’t come out and do public speaking hardly at all. I’ve been on retreat and I hope to continue to be in retreat for the next year and a half. But there was something about Chet’s invitation. I’d never met him before—I had heard about his book about mass hallucinations—something about Chet’s invitation and his manner in presenting the opportunity—I felt it was important to come here. I’m divinely guided—we all are. I hope we all feel a divine spark from this, just as I felt a divine spark from Chet in his invitation. Thank you very much.

Signs of Destiny Conference
organized by Chet Snow (www.chetsnow.com)
Nov, 19-22, 2004 Tempe, Arizona
Overtone Moon 5-8, Blue Crystal Storm

Keynote speech: Nov. 20, 2004 (Yellow Crystal Warrior)

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