2009 – Year of the Great Divide, by Valum Votan

I. Forces that Divide


What is the great legacy bequeathed by the Gregorian year 2008 upon the following year 2009?  Resoundingly, it is the collapse of the world financial system – that, and the election of the first African-American president of the United States of America. These are the two forces shaping world events for the coming year. Both of these forces augur 2009 as the year of the great divide.

In reality, there is no money; there is no ownership. We are not even real. If everybody could only see what a joke we have played on ourselves with our fictions that we die and kill for! The illusion of money dies hard and those most attached to money also die hard. The coming of the moneyless new evolutionary cycle is inevitable, the passing of the old even more so. During the year 2009 we must examine very carefully with whom and what we are identified.

Of course, what makes the situation so difficult on the relative plane is that the fiction of money has so dominated the 5000-year cycle of Babylonian history – that and what comes in its wake: the dread of taxes, war and imperial domination. Indeed virtually every institution of the modern world is governed and manipulated by money.

With history in its fold, it is this fiction and its perpetuating support mechanisms – the banking system and the world governments – that is now crashing down all around us. With money going out the window, the economic system that has been sustained by money will also continue to go into turmoil. This means that for a good portion of humanity, 2009 will mean the facing of stark reality, the true enduring reality, the reality that cannot be bought or sold.

For the ruling oligarchy, the financial-economic collapse will be the cause of further entrenchment and a hardening of the arteries of power. Rather than face the fact that the old game is over, they will prefer to hold on ever more tightly. Rather than give to the new they will continue to try to shore up the failing institutions, causing an even greater dividing line between the haves and the have-nots – the latter of which will be increasing greatly in numbers as joblessness and unemployment take their toll.

Yes, 2009 is the year of the great divide. Not only do we have the crises of global warming and the war on terror, but now also the financial turmoil of the world markets – a triple global crisis! The war on terror and the global warming are results of the dominance of money on the human mind and what it has done to our character, fomenting greed and careless if not callous indifference to violence and the destruction of nature. This triple threat is the terminal crisis of civilization. But it is the financial crisis that has finally begun to bring it home to everybody – the old world is truly dying. Are we going to die with it or do we opt for the new?

Humanity is little disposed to educate itself for change. Reinforced by the myth of progress, humanity thinks that increase of prosperity alone is the greatest value and index of superiority. Few people are capable of seeing opportunity whenever any sign of loss occurs. If loss occurs, we prefer to shore up our fears with insurance companies and pharmaceuticals for every mental discontent.

The nature of materialism and the consumer economy, as well as the forces of marketing and propaganda that manipulate the mass mind on behalf of this system, cause us to believe that this way of life is the only future for humanity. Because of this, when there is an economic depression there is also an air of hopelessness and even panic.  But this is primarily a problem of the affluent countries. For the predominant number of people in the world, those who live below the so-called poverty line, and who already possess very little, this whole episode might be quite meaningless. Now it seems much of the rest of the world will be joining them. Welcome to the Gregorian year 2009!!

II. “Always remember the fifth of November” John Lennon, “Remember”


When the world woke up on the morning of the fifth of November, 2008, a great change had occurred over night – the election of Barack Obama as the 44th president of the United States of America. Like the coming down of the Berlin Wall eighteen years earlier, the election of Barack Obama was a catalytic event far greater in significance than a mere election. Obama had already catalyzed the mass mind of the planet to such a degree that his election and what it engendered must be termed the Obama factor. It is this factor that will continue to polarize the world in 2009, between those who see the present global crisis as an opportunity for real change, and those who cannot face the fact that the world as we know it is now going up in smoke.

The Obama factor is the universal focalization and making conscious of the mass mind’s desire for change, personified as and catalyzed by the man, Barack Obama, through his election victory.

What Obama the man does may be nothing in comparison to what the Obama factor has already achieved – a revolution and empowerment of the mass consciousness to take change upon itself. This empowerment is epitomized by Obama’s now immortal and disarmingly simple phrase: “Yes, we can.” Greater and greater moments of populist social protest and rebellion will become the order of the day.

An irrevocable momentum for change has been set in motion. A revolution is occurring from within the depths of the mass consciousness. It was not just a president who was elected but a symbol that triumphed. This victorious symbol – a man of color leading the most powerful nation on earth, in an office previously held only by the dominant white race – catalyzed the aspirations of the great mass of humanity who are always feeling left out of the banquet reserved only for the rich and the powerful. In the deepest sense, Obama’s victory was a reversal of the white-dominated historical process in its entirety.

But this change was also inevitably the cause of a new polarization. “Obama Victory Prompts US Gun Rush,” (BBC News, 28-11-08). The increase in gun sales in the USA beginning on the 5th of November, the day after Obama’s election, underscores this point. This is a grim portend of events to come.

It is evident that during 2009, the momentum of the mass of humanity for change, for a realization of the new, will be matched by the polarization of the forces of reaction. Increasing populist protests will be matched by more and more anarchy and terrorist violence. While the election of Obama raised high a tide of hope and change in the human heart, there may be often unpleasant and misfortunate consequences. Fueled by armed violence, the world’s slide into anarchy will be but the accompaniment to the discontent aroused by the collapsed financial system and world economy.

If it was Guy Fawkes torching of the Parliament building that made the 5th of November a legendary landmark, then the Obama victory party, also on the 5th of November, may well be the final flame to light the fuse of permanent world disorder.

III. 2009: Through the Dreamspell Looking glass


“The great poisonous wind of the vajra ignorance blows with all pervading energy like an autumn storm and sweeps away all thoughts of possessiveness and self like a pile of dust.”

– Chogyam Trungpa, The Sadhana of Mahamudra

The changes we are reflecting upon for 2009 are only changes wrought within the limited and highly conditioned human world. That crumbling world reflects only one dimension of time. There are others. There is the fourth dimension of time defined by the law of time as the synchronic order. Within the synchronic order human history itself is but a third-dimensional perturbation in the cosmic history of the Earth. Yes, 2009 will be a year of definitive change and polarization, but only that the New may prevail.

According to the synchronic measure of the Dreamspell, what the world woke up to on the fifth of November actually occurred on the 4th of November. In the Dreamspell the 4th of November, the actual day of Obama’s election, was kin 260 – 13 Sun – the last day of a 260-day galactic cycle. The 5th of November was kin 1, 1 Dragon, the first day of a new 260-day galactic cycle. The last day of the new cycle will occur on 22 July 2009, when it will be 13 Sun once again. On that day will occur the last full solar eclipse prior to 21 December 2012. That day will be the definitive moment of the total eclipse of the old order – and the beginning ascent of the New.

An adage attributed to Einstein says that you cannot solve a problem by the means that created it. No matter how much money the governments throw at the banks, the financial system will not revive. Money created the degradation of the biosphere (in favor of shopping malls) and politics supported this destructive effort. Obama the man will undoubtedly be a political failure for he is only fulfilling policies already established by his predecessors, and will spend much of his time trying to shore up failing institutions and outmoded values. As long as he adheres to traditional political methods, and does not evolve into a full-blown visionary, he will be just another brick in the wall!

This is so, because what is occurring is that the SS Titanic of the civilization of historical materialism is going down and nothing in the universe can save it – for it is preordained that everything that is not of the truth and artificially wrought by human cleverness is doomed to be swept away. When the ship is clearly sinking, it does little good to try fix the engine. 2009 is the year when this fact will become irrevocably obvious to everyone.

In the Dreamspell the first seven Gregorian months of 2009 occur during the solar galactic year, Blue Electric Storm. This means that tremendous cosmic energies are being catalyzed – energies beyond human control. It is these energies that are actually at work, both in nature and the human unconscious delivering hurricane force blows at the fragile and artificial human institutions and technologies.

It is not just the disintegrating human institutions that will mark the year 2009 as a watershed in the rapid descent to 2012, but that human nature itself will be challenged to go to its next level – or die. While war and armed conflict will continue to be the response of both the power elite and the dispossessed, in the midst of the chaos will be signs of a mass awakening of consciousness as the cosmic force prepares the Earth-life for its next stage of evolution.

In this lies the meaning of the last five months of the Gregorian 2009 year. July 26, just four days after the solar eclipse, commences the next solar galactic year, Yellow Self-existing Seed, Kin 4. The seeds of the new will be fully planted. This also marks the beginning of another four-year cycle – the cycle that takes us to 20i2 and beyond. (The previous four-year cycle – a Seed-Storm year-bundle – essentially marked the second term of George W. Bush). The foundation of the new cycle will be laid by the First Noosphere World Congress, to be convened in Bali, Indonesia, July-18-22.

This Congress will be the premiere event looking at the world through a lens not marred by adherence to any of the institutions of the old order. Instead, the perspective will be informed by a consciousness that is liberated into a whole Earth cosmic perception of our evolutionary purpose – the noosphere. As the term describing the next geological phase of this planet, the noosphere – mental sphere of the Earth – signifies the transformation of the biosphere into a condition of cosmic consciousness. This is a mental and spiritual leap forward that will also be accompanied by certain biophysical Earth changes occurring by and following the climactic 2012 omega point. What the noosphere augurs is nothing less than a resurrection of consciousness through the medium of a purified humanity.

“Do they not reflect in their own minds? Not but for just ends and for a term appointed did God create the heavens and the earth and all between them: yet are there truly many among men who deny the meeting with their Lord at the Resurrection.”

– Qur’an, 30:8

Advent of the Noosphere – the Only Real Change


“During this period in which Powers are added to the Power of the Years, extraordinary events will become effective one by one. Power is added to your memories and to your powers. Be glad that you are able to receive such powerful currents.”

– Mevlana, The Knowledge Book, p. 729.

It is significant that in the Gregorian 2009 year, a remake of the original and remarkable science fiction classic, The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) will be released (starring Keanu Reeves.) This inspired film channeling that was originally produced during the first wave of UFO sightings, details the story of a flying saucer that lands on the White House lawn, and the efforts of a greater galactic intelligence to communicate to the human race about the folly of their entry into a nuclear arms race and its potential for total destruction. 

Released in a new version nearly 60 years later, The Day the Earth Stood Still will be just as timely and equally prophetic. The film’s denouement occurs when all power on Earth is shut off – cars cannot run and electricity and all other forms of energy are inoperable. Technological man is helpless and stopped in his tracks, the day the Earth stood still.  This is done solely to demonstrate the superior power of the galactic order of intelligencer in an effort to convince humanity to abandon its childish and self-destructive ways.

Whatever the mysterious force might be that makes the Earth stand still, the story also exhibits the higher intelligence of the space aliens who arrive on our planet. It is the higher intelligence that is most noteworthy, for it is precisely this intelligence that is augured by the advent of the noosphere. Such a change in moral, spiritual and intellectual intelligence brought about by galactic evolutionary necessity is the impelling force behind the advent of the noosphere – an irreversible quantum shift into a planetary mind of collective moral intelligence and spiritual upliftment.

The shift into the noosphere – mutation of the biosphere – is the only real change. It is the only way, for instance, that terrorism can be halted, for the terrorists of today are but that part of ourselves that has had it with our myth of progress and worship of money. When money is no more, then there shall be no cause for terrorists. Osama Bin Laden is but a shadow myth invented and perpetrated by the Federal Reserve Bank, The World Trade Organization and the International Monetary Fund in order to create an aura of fear to protect the system of money.

The advent of the noosphere – ascent into collective telepathic consciousness – is the real change that will alter the very foundations of human society to such a degree that the causes of global warming and social injustice alike will be eradicated. Materialism is slavery to the machine; and the machine really is Moloch, consuming the resources of the Earth to stay alive. Material progress is to the detriment of moral and spiritual progress. Maintenance of the machine creates both social injustice and planetary pollution. With the advent of the noosphere, the machine will be seen for what it is  – a mere artifice of no real value. The human mind, the progenitor of the machine will be understood to be the new domain to explore and universalize in all of its dimensions. No machine is needed to do this.

The Gregorian 2009 year will be the year of penultimate havoc, chaos and social anarchy. The new and its values will be sufficiently evident to make the great divide between the materialistic old – the past – and the spiritually evolved noospheric future plainly evident. Humanity will have the choice. Either it may hold on to the old values of materialism, greed, neurosis and destructive behavior – as well as allegiance to all of the institutions that support this way of life. Or it may choose to realize that now is the time to empower, develop and support the noospheric values of creativity, psychic exploration, spiritual purification, and the simplified, self-sustaining lifestyle of ahimsa (non-violence). The choice is between the old values of time is money, to the new values of time is art. Where there is money there is disharmony; where there is art there is harmony. It is that simple. The Earth is waiting to be transformed into a work of art.

2009 – a year to remember who you really are.

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