1964 Laborers Meeting

Excerpt Transcribed from audio tape

Messenger Elijah Muhammad Speaks: I am happy to see your smiling faces and you look prosperous and happy and I’m quite sure you are. Because we are rich if we just have the Word.

Now, Brother Ministers and Captains, we want to get through as quick as possible. It takes a very long time to get around and I won’t be able now…and if we just have two minutes each, it takes a long time. So it’s very, I would say, time-wasting report that you have in mind. You may write it give me a little hint of it, put it up here on the book stand, because I won’t have time to hear everyone. Therefore, I would like to give you this opportunity of making a little note of whatever you have in mind. I could take it and maybe I could answer it or answer some of them while we are here, this afternoon, if it’s not much of an answer, a few words might take care of it. And if not, I will write you and send the answers through mail. And the first thing I would like to say to you, that we are having this meeting here because of condition and time. That I would like that you to get in mind before we get started. The real meanings and just why that we are meeting here. It’s due to the time and what is now going on and what may come and what must come. That I thought it was very important that we meet together and get an understanding of just what we are going to do and how we are going to react to what, you know, may come tomorrow.

You are my representatives that I am the Messenger of Allah. And therefore, you cannot represent me unless you know me. I represent to you God in Person. And you are to take the Message to the people that I give to you. You can’t take it to the people unless you know yourself and believe yourself. If you don’t believe the Message that I give to you, I don’t expect the people to ever hear it and believe it. But if you believe it, and then is willing to deliver it, I’m satisfied that you will find many like yourself, that believes it. But if you don’t believe it, I can’t use you.

(Brothers Applaud)

I wish you would not applaud too loud. I don’t want the outside to know we are in here. You know how it is. And the snake is always, as the Christian says, in the grass seeking to find some Christian’s feet to bite. But I say he’s after Muslims now. Yes.

And if we are going to get the Message over to the people and get it over in a hurry I want you to remember this: We must get about in a hurry now. We’ve got to speed to beat the enemy to the door. We’ve got to speed. And if there is one of you, ministers or captains, that is sitting before me and would like to change your position or resign from your post to something else that you think you are best fitted for I would like that you tell me and let me make a change with you. Because I don’t want you on these Posts if you don’t feel that you can fulfill the position according to our expectations of you.

We expect you to do a hundred per cent job. And if you don’t think you can do a hundred per cent job on your Posts, captain or minister, Resign Now! Because I’m going to be right on you from now on, for the next six months. We are here to make a drive for the next six months on the United States of America. This is what I’m trying to get to you this morning, or rather, this afternoon. That your cause here is to hear this: that I want you and me to do our utmost for the next six months to try and get to as many people of our kind in America as we possibly can. I want you to work night and day to do it. And I want you 100%. And I would like for you to give up your Posts, any of you, that don’t think that

you could handle the post or man the post as it should be. Give up and take another post. Because I want you to do that which you have not been doing.

The time…(Secretary interrupted Messenger with information) Pardon me brothers. Excuse me brothers. As that’s what secretaries are for. To keep a record of things. As I say, the job is getting large and I cannot keep a perfect record myself all of the time. I have to have help to keep a record. I almost have to have help for myself. If Allah didn’t keep a record of me, I would be lost. So don’t think anything strange of that.

As you know, we have been all but universally attacked. Here for the last four or five months, especially. Universally attacked. And this attack was for the purpose of getting rid of me. And I don’t know who all is behind the attack. I have been trying to keep quiet to learn just the spirit of the attack. No general can put his army against another army until he knows the strength of army.

So I have not been, say, sleeping on the job, I have been trying to learn just the source and strength of my enemy. So I wish that you remember this: that this kind of attack that has been made on me, personally, and indirectly on you. Because an attack on me should be on you too. It should have hurt us gravely. But it didn’t so far. It has not so far. Because you are still here. And we still have our Temples with the same followers. So the attack is not so powerful yet, enough to destroy Muhammad.

This I would like that you get this in mind, ministers, as you are my helpers, that these kind of attacks, as you are not through with them, we have something else to face yet. It may not be the same nature, but we have attacks, yet, to come on us. I don’t want to excite you, now, in the very least. Don’t get excited in the very least.

Because if I’m not excited, and I am the hare in front of the hound, I don’t think you should get excited. The hound wants me most of all. And you must arm yourself with truth from Scripture standpoints to prove my position.

If you don’t come out first and attack the enemy that attacks me. If you sit down and wait until I attack, then you are not much of a help. I’m just telling you frankly. Any time that your leader is attacked, you is attacked. And you should go after the attacker with everything you have, you know, of truth to defend yourself and your leader.

These attacks, falsely accusing and getting and paying enemies-hypocrites to do these things, I’ve been trying to wait and see whether the real enemy was at the root of it or not. So we are trying to locate the real root. But in the meantime we have enough hounds running around trying to scent tracks, to do all we can to put a stop to them.

As I say, you have Holy Qur’an you have Bible. You have what Allah has given to me to teach you. I have delivered it to you. I have given to you the Lesson that He gave to me. And you have studied them. You have tried them.

You have tested them on the enemy and you have found them so strong and invincible that you are happy to meet an attacker. Right? You look for one sometimes because you know you have the better weapon to defend yourself against an attacker when it comes to truth. Right?

For thirty-three years, I have been doing this. I spent seven years running from my enemies and hypocrites from ’35 to ’42. I was flying for my life up and down the East Coast from my enemies and hypocrites, for just the same thing that has happened here, recently. ONE WANTED MY PLACE. And they all but brought me to a naught, as far a followers is concern in ’35. I had no Temple in Chicago, here.

They brought that Temple of 715 down to about 15 or 20 people meeting in homes of the Believers. And in Detroit, of 400 regular attendance there, it was brought down to seven. I have you here today. Some of you knows about this. You were here. Especially here in Chicago and Detroit. If you don’t know it, ask the older people. They will tell you.

In Detroit once, after they ran me down there, I had about 7 people meeting in the home of someone. And today, you see, that Allah has blessed me to have a well-established Temple. Right? I did not give up because they were after me, running me over the country, hiding here and there for years, depriving me of the privilege of staying home and rear my sons and daughters, help my wife.

I didn’t lay down and cry and grieve over that because I knew what was coming. I knew one day, I would be the winner. Because Allah had taught me from the start up until the very year of it all. And I know, yet, what is coming. And so I’m saying to you that I was crushed once before, for no other reason than jealousy envy of my position. Allah put a stop to it. He overtaken those who devised the plan, tried to carry it out. He overtook them and He chastised them.

One of the leading ones, at that time, was my own brother when we were living in a house together. He was living downstairs at 5830 South Wabash, here. And I was living upstairs, yes sir. And now, Allah, taken him down from the Supreme Captain, at that time, threw him on his face, prostrated him at my feet because he had sided in with the enemy against me because he wanted to be the Big Boss over all. I made him that. I made him the Captain myself. The Supreme Captain. I had all the confidence in him. I didn’t think not one time that he would ever deviate. But Allah showed me that I didn’t know their hearts.

My Assistant Minister, at the time, Allah vanished him. He sent him into exile and I haven’t heard from him since. His name was Augustus Muhammad. And no one, yet, have told me that they have seen him anywhere. He just vanished. You’ll find the vanishment in the Holy Qur’an and it prophesied of a second vasnishment. And this may be it, now, in the workings.

As you see, and have heard, what Malcolm and his followers have been doing to me. And how that they have mud-washed me all over the country and he has taken it to Egypt and mud-washed me there and all through-out Africa. And everywhere he has gone, he has tried to mud-wash me. And taken away a couple of my sons.

Well, I don’t give them any credit at all. Because I reared them up. They knew me. And they knew that what I was teaching was the truth. And the knew that I have never did anything to them but try to be a good father. So it don’t make any difference to me if the burn in hell, or brawl in hell, or boil in hell. It doesn’t make any difference with me.

Because I did all I could and when the turned back on me I was so surprised, I was all but speechless. But when I thought over it and what He had taught me, then I soon regained my Post and stood up again. And so I don’t follow no one down that, you know, turns back on his heels. I don’t go out seeking him, telling him to come back. I don’t seek that person. Because I had a job enough to try and find you in the first place.

Now if you want me to go back after you, No! No! No! That’s up to you and God and the devil, right there. I have too many in front of me to keep trying to get a hold to. So this is the thing that you must remember, that trials, sometimes, are so terrific that they will weaken the most strongest person sometimes. And these kinds of acts that have been made on me, here in this year, 1964, 1963 and 1964 and in 1934 and 1935 is the kind of attacks that will draw away from the most strongest follower if he’s not careful. The Bible says that if it was possible, they would deceive the very elects. It warns you of these kinds of attacks.

You are tried. The Holy Qur’an says, ‘Do not they see that they are tried once every year?’ You must be tried to get into the Hereafter. And as long as your leader stands firm and will not turn heels on his enemies, will stand to their face and fight them, you have nothing to hide behind your excuse for not backing him up. Nothing you have to hide. So I ask you if you don’t think that you can keep going with me, any of you, and think that you would be better on another position, stand, and I will accept it in good faith. But if you think that you can go on with me and back up the truth with me, then from this day on I’m going to expect it. I expect it.

I remember reading in the Holy Qur’an, once, I think it was pretty tough with the Jesus. He asked, who was his Disciple. So, here, some of the strong believers said, “I am your Disciple.” So they went forward. Muhammad had a tough go once and he asked, “Who will be my vice-general?” He wanted to put a stop to the enemy.

So a 15 or 16 year old boy rose up and he said, “I will be your vice-general.” He says, “I will rip their tongue up, pull it out by the root, cut it out of their mouth, that says anything against you and I will rip their bellies up and pull their intestines out.” He says, “And burn them out and throw their ashes to the wind.” He did die a martyr for Islam. He was a pretty tough man. Muhammad chose him.

It is always best for the man to do this on his own will and not to try and force him or beg him or teach him to do it. Let him take this on his own. You know, because, it may be trouble ahead and he don’t expect it to be trouble. He thinks it all smooth going. And he run into trouble, he’ll run back and say, “I didn’t think it was going to be like this.”

So a man to take this stand, today,to follow me, I cannot guarantee you no smooth going. I can’t guarantee you that. I can say this, that we will be the winner! Allah has promised me victory! And if it pleases Allah we all will come out happy. But there is a tough road, yet, ahead. And we don’t have to worry about what we probably might run into in the future, as long as we have Allah with us. If Allah is not with us we had better go home now and just dismiss. But I know He’s with us because He has been with me for 33 years and I feel Him always. Getting up and lying down, sitting and going, walking, riding I feel Him! I always feel Him with me. And He will be with you.

Next, I would like to say this to the Captains: that you, Brother Captains, if you think that you are not able to man your post, I would ask you to give them up this morning, this afternoon and let us find someone else to take that post. Any one of you that thinks that you are not able to man your post, give it up.

You might not find it so easy all of the time to just stand around and look at good Believers coming in and out of the Temple and showing them around. It might not be that easy all of the time. But if you are going to hold your post, you have to say, “My life is in the hands of Allah. And I will stay here until death do depart. I will go down on this Post if it takes my life.”

This is what you have to get in your mind. Not that we’re hasting no trouble. But trouble may come to us. And we can’t stand there and lay down a just let the wolves help themselves. We’ve got to try and defend ourselves if we are attacked.

The Holy Qur’an says, “fight with those who fight with you.” And this is true. This is the common law of justice. So, I ask you to remember these things and I expect you, from this day on, Captains, to be right with your Minister. Don’t get ahead of your Ministers. This thing about the Captain, jumping in front of his minister trying to take the lead.

That is like a soldier out there or rather the Captain on the battlefield jumping ahead of the Major General order. You go by orders. We all have orders. I have orders. And I give to you, the Ministers, orders. And the Ministers give you orders. And we all must follow and obey that superior officer. And

if not, we can use you. We hold the next officer responsible all the time. Hold him responsible.

If this one here, your superior, is not taking his place or functioning on his post as he should, that is up to you to report it. But it’s not up to you, yet, to disobey him. But it’s up to you to report him. And his superior is the one to call him in question. Not you to take over the Temple, unless he’s gone insane and destroying the Teachings and the congregation, upsetting them.

Then you are to set him down until you can get me word. When you get me word, then I will act, myself. And not you. We don’t do these kinds of things. This is one thing like that . We are going into to building up a Nation. And we must have absolute obedience to authority.

No Nation can build an independent Nation without obedience to authorities. We must learn that. And that’s just what we are doing. We are building a Nation. We can’t depend on the white man to look after Muslims. They are our enemies. And you are learning that daily now.

The more we grow and the stronger we get, the more we will receive opposition from them. As long as you are few and weak, he will not pay you any attention. But when you begin to grow and become numerous and begin to get strong and the people begin to flow to you to join up, then thats the time you’re offered all the opposition that he can muster.

And he’s getting ready for that now. He’s begun to learn that this Teaching is a very powerful teaching. And that it will absolutely in the long run, take away from him, all Black people. Not only here but elsewhere. Everywhere that it’s now being heard among the Black people, they are laying hold on it.

For the first time, I want you to know this, the masses of the Black people, brown, yellow and red, For the first time they are learning he’s the real devil. And we must remember All praises is due to Master W.D. Fard Muhammad. He is the One that pulled the veil off of him.

And He passed it over to me, the authorities to keep pulling it off. And I pass it over to you to keep pulling it off. So it’s going from one to the other. Everywhere you see him, pull the veil off of him so the people can see that that’s the enemy. The real one! So much for that, I say.

We have your word that we will do these things? (Ministers and Captains respond, “Yes sir!”) And for the next six months I expect you to make an all out drive. Not in such a way that you will be running yourself into trouble, like running yourself down into the heart of the city trying to get your people to pay attention. Don’t do that. Go around to their settlement. Door to door. And if they tell you to get away, “Thank you, sir.” No argument! Don’t try to tell them “Well you will wish you had heard!” Don’t say nothing. Only just say, “Thank you, I am sorry, I ask you to pardon me.”

“No! I don’t want nothing. I don’t want you niggers at my door.” They will probably tell you that, some of them. “I not with that old so and so and so.” or “I don’t want to hear it.” “Thank you.” Just say thank you and keep going. Don’t start an argument because that will hurt your progress. Because all of them are not going to say that. You are going to find some that are with you and will welcome you on inside and even give you a meal. So don’t think that one, you know, enemy means they all are enemies to you. No, we have a lot of them out there that are good. A lot of them out there wants to get with you. And all we have to do is to start getting to them now.

There is another thing that we must remember that this Paper here is one of our Best Ministers! It’s one of our Best Ministers! This Paper. And if we try to get this Paper into the hands of our people, throughout America, we will be did a good job and fact about it, we could wait for the trumpet to sound. Because they find something in here that will make them to think. And make them to look for you. This paper here, THE MUHAMMAD SPEAKS. And you have on the last page of this paper a


This Program on the last page of this Paper, you advise your readers to read, if they don’t read nothing else. Always advised them, “Please read this.” This is our standard Program. We don’t want this removed from our paper. We may revise it a little, here and there at times. But it remains the same. This is working on the enemy. It’s working on him. This is what I want you to tell them, “Brother, please read this.” And if we can get this in 22 million hands, as I say, we can say “Well done!”

This is all that is incumbent upon me is to get The Word out there to you. Then my job is up. Or rather, it’s over with you. Just to show you the way. And then I’m all up. Then, I would say, I go back to the Master then. And if He have any more work for me to do, I will do it as long as I live. But this is my job, just to get it to you. Not to try to force you to believe it, but just to get it to you so you won’t have an excuse.

These Papers have been delievered to many of you and we find that you are not trying, in many places, many of our Temples to get this Paper in the hands of your people. Many of the Temples are absolutely neglecting to try to get the Truth to their own people, while the profess to be a representive of the Truth, but is actually, I am shame to say, but actually is too lazy or disinterested. And will sit right down and the Paper comes to you and just leave them, like it’s a paper we should discard or throw it in the waste. And one of these papers…. I want to say to you…Just to throw one of these Papers away like that, you must remember that you are throwing away truth. You are disrespecting the Truth. You should never throw one away. Keep it and someone may come to your house. Give it to them.

Here’s you beautiful National sitting up on it, which is shining all over the world. You shouldn’t throw away Truth. If no one will buy it, take it back home and just give it away, but don’t throw it away. Give it away. But we would like that you sell the paper for the little small price. You who are out of work, some of you, could actually make a little suit by just selling this paper.

Everytime you sell a paper, you have a nickel (50¢ in 1994) coming to you. Okay if I sell 100 papers, maybe I could sell 100 in a couple of hours, if I’m in the right spot, I have myself $5.00 ($50.00 in 1994). Okay, I might could sell 200 papers, today, I do have $10.00 ($100.00 in 1994).

That’s getting near up to the, you know, the regular wages. And you might have not too much to do, I must say that, after a while. We are not too sure of what the government is going to do in this election. The President that is already in the White House and the one that might come in there, they both are the same. Remember that! They, both, are about the same Goldwater or Silverwater.

I say in one of the New York papers where that the devil said that I wanted Goldwater to win. I would like to tell him that it don’t make no difference to me whether Gold or Silver or Brass win. If he’s white they are all the same. I’m not going to vote for either one because I can’t see my way in voting for an enemy to rule me. And I want independence. I want to vote for myself and my people. I don’t want to vote for you, who is going to enslave me. It’s almost a disgrace. A man seeking independence and then he goes and vote for the enemy to rule him.

There is many little common things in it that we have heard our people say that make you might think that it’s nice that you do so for certain privileges. This is not no good to us. Anytime the devil, gives to you anything like, I would say, better way to go, he’s got you tied in such a manner that you have to mistreat your own people. And he has a better way to mistreat them himself as long as he puts a rosy in your hand. And he’s not going to put one in your hand, unless he’s able to get something back. You see he don’t put one in my hand! He dosen’t offer me nothing. He would do so if he thought I would accept it. But he has heard such strong language coming from me, he says, “No, no that fool will never accept… so we have to get him another way.”

I think I have a little piece of paper somewhere, where he’s talking about that. (Messenger paused to search for a magazine clip, given to him by Bro. Secretary) He was so bold to put this in his magazine that if they could liquidate or kill me, they would have a future a glorious future. Think over that.

He’s bold enough to put that and put me there or my picture. He had my picture there and pointing directly at me. It is not hard to distinguish me there, because he had my little fez on. But I want you to know, I have been knowing this all for 33 years. And this is one reason I have you before me this morning, because they may make a lunch out after me, one of these days, but that don’t mean that you should stop.

Even if I die or get killed, as the Holy Qur’an teaches you, that don’t make you turn back on your heels. You carry the Word right along! Because my kind was before me and we have the history of what happened to them.

I’m not afraid that they will or Allah will give them the privilege of taking my life, but I’m just saying these things. If it would happen, don’t worry, you have the Truth just the same! And just step up in the next soldiers track that fell, and keep going Ñ keep firing!

And let them blow you down. That’s the way we do on the battle front. As fast as one falls the others step up in his track. Until finally we overcome the enemy and destroy him. So don’t you think that Allah is not with us.

I want you to feel strong that Allah is with you if you are trying to do what I’m teaching you to do. And as long as you are with me 100%, He’s with you 1000. But if you deviate from me, He deviates from you. Try if you like.

Go and look over those who deviate and you will soon find out that they don’t have no power from Allah. No spirit. They are left just helpless, wondering around like a man in a dark room, feeling his way. And this is what happens. So I say, you must be strong.

Pray to Allah much! Try to pray your five prayers everyday, if possible, if you are in a place where you can say your prayer. And if you can’t say them in the daytime, say them at night, because you are working. This is like putting gas in your car. That prayer will help you Ñ give you the power to keep going.

That gas will keep your car rolling. The prayer to Allah will keep you rolling. Yes sir. And so don’t forget that. Pray to the God that I represent to you. Don’t pray to a God that I didn’t represent because you certainly won’t get an answer. There’s no other God has any power to help you but the one that I represent. If I go with my hands for 33 years fighting them boldly with the Truth in black and white and with the actual Words in there presence, and over-the-air, over their radio stations every week, then I want you to remember that God must be with me and able to protect me.

We want, from this day on, to try to get this Paper to our people, but I repeat don’t go down where you know the devil will attack you or don’t want you selling this paper. Don’t go there. Because in those areas he forbids you to go, well don’t go there! But try and sell the Paper among your own people. And if he comes up, he wants to buy some, “Okay, here you are, I’ll sell them to you.” But if he sees you around your own people trying to get the Paper over and not trying to sell it to him, he gets very, you know, restless. “Let’s see what’s in that Paper, maybe he’s got something in there that he don’t white people to see. Go over and buy us some.” He’s real crooked and he’s afraid he has mistreated everybody and he’s afraid someone is after him. So remember that. Try and get this Paper over and this Paper will help us to put over the Teachings throughout the country. It will help us to build Temples. This Paper has gone a long ways in helping to establish Temples. Right? It has bought us one in New JerseyÑNewark, New Jersey. Two, it has bought us in New Jersey. And it has bought us one in

Maryland. One in Washington. Just think over these things. And now it’s trying to get a root in Atlanta to buy us one there. We are barganing to buy our Temple in Atlanta, Georgia that’s going to run in to a hundred or more thousand dollars. But it’s a very nice place and that’s the center of the South. And we want something in the South that we can attract our people with and there are more intellectual people in Atlanta than there is, of our kind, than it is in any other city I know of. And they are there now, shaking, towards us. And so we are going on out to try to buy a nice Temple there for Minister Leroy here. And he likes it. A large parking space around it. Have you heard anymore from that, Brother? (Brother responds “No sir, they’re still negotiating) They’re still negotiating on the offer. Well we’re kind of “Jews” you know. We don’t bite on everything. We always look for you to come down. We are like Jews when we go out to buy. We try to buy as cheap as we possibly can. We never take your price. No you’ve got to come to our price if it’s nothing but just a dollar down. You’ve got to get down. So we are trying to get them down from there price. They have fell, I think about 5 wasn’t it? Five grand they’ve cut off, but we want some more grands off. But however Brothers, according to the Captains report of it, my son-in-law here, he said it’s really worth what they are asking. I told him all I hate that it’s not here in Chicago. I can… Brother Minister Leroy might think pretty hard of me for saying that but, you know, Brother, I have been trying to find a good place here for many years and this place we are trying to get for you, why this place looks kind of, sort of, like a cobble house to it so they tells me. It looks pretty cheap to that place. Yes sir. Well if you’re going to buy a nice Mosque, why you will find me in Atlanta. So these things we need all over the country. Everyone of you needs a Mosque. Wherein that you will know that no one can tell you to get out. But when you’re renting they can drive you out anytime that they are dissatisfied with you. And the enemy will make them dissatisfied with you anytime. But this Paper will help you. This Paper here. (Messenger pauses to speak with Brother Secretary)

The Secretary says we were selling 225,000 copies, bi-weekly – every two weeks – of this Paper and now we are down to the figure of 159,000 every two weeks. This is about let’s see, 41 and 25 is how much? Sixty-six thousand. We are off 66,000 every two weeks now. We are off that much. Remember that’s two weeks. And the month, the whole month, four weeks or two issues of the month, we are just double that. Think over that! It’s doubled. And that’s a lot of money that is wasted on the count of us. See it is not that the people don’t want the Paper. The people want the Paper, but it’s us. Won’t get around there in our backyard and over our fence and in front of our door and let the man have it. Here it is. You need people to sell this paper that is very courteous. You don’t go to the people acting independent. No seller is indepent. He’s dependent. That’s why he’s trying to sell his merchandise. The buyer is the one that is independent. Let him always be right. You’re wrong because you want to sell your goods. Yes sir. Go to him as nice as possible. With soft language. And with a good smile. Don’t look like you’ve been eating sour pickles. With a good smile. Our people likes kindness, because they have been ruled by the roughest enemy on the Earth, who never was kind to them. Now, if we will reverse this and try and be kind to each other, we can build our unity overnight. But we must remember that we gets no where going around looking sour and talking big and independent. “You don’t have to buy it!” “Aw, nigger, you just stay here. You wait. You’ll see!” Now you can’t make a good salesman. Say: “It’s a very interesting Paper, my friend, if you would once read it, you would like to read it again.” (Reply) “Well, I don’t want to even see it!” (Say) “Thank you, sir.” “Thank you, madam.” And keep going. Don’t stand there to argue. If they say, “I don’t like them old Muslims. I don’t care to have nothing to say.” Keep going. Like the Holy Qur’an says, If you find the foolish, you know, breaking up into foolishness and the common word would be that but don’t you break up with him. You just keep going. Say: “As-Salaam-Alaikum” and keep going. Yes sir.

This is the thing that I would like to remind you of, that we want to put this in every one of our people’s hands that will accept it, within the next six months because after this election, we are afraid…I’m telling you frankly…I’m afraid whatever beast gets up there, he might cut us off. They don’t like this paper, now, because it’s waking up our people. And this thing can put a stop to it overnight.

If they say it’s not in the, you know, line of their government or it’s opposed to their ways of government, “Stop”. He will stop it. And then our people, then is suffering, then for the Truth. He might try and find some way to stop us. Let’s do the best we can while it’s yet, late. Do the best we can to get it over. So if we plant plenty seeds before spring gets here, they’re bound to sprout. Yes sir, when that warm spring shower come, good old sunshine, you’ll see them spliting the Earth, coming up. So if we can get the Truth in our people’s hands, its bound to spread. They will become paperboys whispering it to each other. This is something they can’t stop. Because God is behind it, Whose Proper name is Allah. And you must remember your reports is real bad on this. How is this report, now, Brother Secretary, you have here? I guess you had better take care of that.

(Brother Secretary John Ali gave his report)

That looks very bad on us among 22 million people. That we see that this 22 million people are bound to go with the devil if we don’t try to capture them and draw them out of the fire. And take them in a place of safety. We are in the line of cross-fire or in the combat zone. The Divine is here! And I don’t think much of no Minister who will just stand and look at his followers sitting down and won’t try to get the paper out so people can see what we are doing, which will help him. It will give him more followers in his city. It will give him more prestige in his city. And I don’t think much of no minister that will just fold up his hand and will not push the paper himself. If no follower of the Minister will get out and sell the paper, he should get an arm full of them himself and go around to the people and try to sell it. He’d get a chance to meet the people and try and make converts better than the regular paper men, because he knows what he’s after and he knows how to approach them. And the paper will help him to get him, you know, where he wants to.

In Detroit, Michigan back in ’31, the late fall of ’31, I used to travel around there in the early part of ’32. I used to be a committe there. I used to have to go and try to seek you to get the rent. And I would go to many people and I would get a chance to talk to the dead. And I could get up to them far easier than my followers could. They didn’t know how to catch the wild game as good as I. And so, it stands true. We can’t stand here, up in our Temple, on the platform and say, “Well, they didn’t bring them in.” I’m the man the hunter! If they want to help me, I’m asking the to help me. But I’m the real hunter of this Temple. I have to always study some way to get out there next to the game. And if you don’t seem to be getting out there and getting after them and I know the game is out there, well then I’m going myself and see what trouble you are running into. Like the book teaches you that after Solomon sent several to try to bring back the body of his architect, they failed. But finally he went himself. He said, “I will go.” He said, “I will show you how to get him.” So he went and showed them how to put the tow on the man, the dead body, and bring it up. And they brought it back to Jerusalem, where it belonged. This is a fiction brothers, we think. But it’s not! It’s a science and an example of us, if we understand it. So I don’t think no minister is acting himself by sitting down, if he don’t have but two or three dozen followers here, or maybe a dozen, he just sits here and wait, “Well go bring me someone here, I’m here to teach!” No! You go over the city yourself. Let the people know what you have. And after you get your Temple about full, then that’s the time for you to stand around and say, “I will keep these while you go after me some more. You see? But some of us, ministers, have about 10, 12 or 15 people and then we sit down, as though we had 10 or 15 thousand. Don’t want to do any work. Don’t want to do nothing. Only stand up…. But that 10 or 15 is giving you soup. That 10 or 15 is trying to pay your rent. That 10 or 15 is trying to buy you transportation. Don’t you think you owe them something?

That’s the way I feel. You are trying to help me and I just can’t keep my mouth shut. I know I owe you something. I know I must tell the world something, and you are hear feeding me, clothing me and sheltering me! I’ve got to do something in return. So you hear my mouth every week. Right? You read it hear in this paper every week. You find it in some other paper. Right? You find me then at the “mike”. And you hear it down at your place. I’m always firing, sick or well. I laid out in Phoenix on my bed, I could not hardly speak at times. Many times, through the last three years. I was so choked

up with brochitis. Asthma attacks would sometimes come one after another. But I didn’t miss one week. Did I? No. I didn’t miss one week. I was with you every week. Yes sir. You heard me one way or the other. If it wasn’t over the radio, you found an article in the paper. Because if I can’t talk, I can write what I want to tell you. And I would lie there on the bed and dictate it to the secretary. And she would give it to them. Sometimes I would write it out and she’d take care of it. And if I would find a clearance in my voice…And many times, you know that you have heard me coughing on the tape. Right? Over the air you’d hear me coughing. That was the best break I found. And I was much worse than that, now. The secretary sometimes tried to take them all off, as much as possible. But as you hear my voice now, I am a 1000% better, than I was then. I was laying out there weighing 118 pounds. But I was not depriving you of the food. Because I said to Allah that I will do this until death stops me. So if didn’t think death had stopped me from speaking, so I, you know, kept speaking. And if I can say the last word, I am going to say Allah-u-Akbar! He is the greatest. He’d taken me away! And He brought me here. Allah is the Greatest! So these are the things that we must get in our minds. When we are put on a post as a Minister, it doesn’t mean that you go there and take a seat and sit down. You go on to work. You don’t go there to sit down. We don’t need you to sit down. We want you to work. Busy yourself in all that is pertaining to the Word. If it’s over there working among the brothers in the Fruit. Be busy over there. But don’t sit down. No sir. Don’t sit down. And if you are not with them, be sitting here or standing here trying to learn more about the Truth. Be better prepared to argue the Truth with any opponet. This is the thing that we must do.

I don’t want know minister acting like ice-makers. He’s all finished now. He has 25 or 30 people, and that’s enough. And he has a nice car, that’s enough. And he has a good home, that’s enough. And a big pot of bean soup, that’s enough. He’s not particular now. He gets his stomach full of bean soup and a steak and he’s lazy. He doesn’t care whether he does anything or not. You go there and ask, “Where’s the ministers?” He’s getting up at 11 or 12 o’clock in the day. And he’s sitting around yawning. And, you know, that is no Minister! With millions of people here on the brink of fire! Just think over that. Millions of your people.

I want to say to you, Brothers…As you know the Christians, they think that 1964 they would have from 1964, 36 more years…, right?… To bring them to 2,000. Alright, then they say that is the end of their time. But Allah says to me that they are absolutely mistaken. The time is already here. Now, comes Islam. Islam says here, 1400 years from Muhammad, the end comes. I’m giving it to you because it’s here now. The last 20 years of the 1400, it must come. Not at the end now, but in the last 20 years of the 14th century after Muhammad, the end comes. We are just about six years now in that twenty. I want you to remember that.

According to the Teachings of Allah, we have about three more years to do this. According to the teachings of Allah. One of the these years is trouble. And in the midst of this three years a collapsing of the government. I say we are in it now. We have this at the end of these three years here then the total resurrection of the dead or the complete birth and establishing of Islam, here. Now that’s just three years now. We are in almost the third year.

[originally published by Muhammad Speaks]

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