2012. Mention that date these days and more likely than not the person will seem to remember something. “2012? Isn’t that the end of the Mayan calendar?” many people might respond.

Not exactly the end of the Mayan calendar. The Mayan calendar only recognizes cycles -cycles within cycles within cycles, ad infinitum … The end of one cycle is always the beginning of another. So, if 2012 is the end of a cycle, what is the big commotion about the cycle that is ending?  Well, actually 2012 is the end of a number of cycles simultaneously. But most importantly, 2012 is the end of the cycle of history. And, since history is the time we have been marking and making with our calendar, the end of history must also be the collapse of time—and the end of the calendar we are using. Does that mean in 2012 that we will pass beyond the edge of time as well? What will that be like? What does it really mean, 2012, the end of history, the collapse of time? And what is time anyway?

The Maya knew something about time and history that we don’t know. As mysterious as this knowledge might be, it is why most everyone sits up when the 2012 date is mentioned. Yes, there is some kind of deep mystery here, to be beyond the edge of history. Does this mean that we are going to be recycled? Do we go back to some aboriginal beginning? Will it be the end of technology as we know it, as well? This much we can say: 2012 means that it is the closing of the cycle, and, as a consequence, time, at least the old time, is on fire. What will happen when this time burns out and the cycle closes? Will there be a new time? How will that new time differ from the old time?

2012—the New Time. A great silence broods over the planet. What if the world were silent again like it was 26,000 years ago? Silent of everything but the call of the birds, and the wind rushing through the endless forests of trees. What if the world were no longer filled with the sound of machines, no more jets roaring mercilessly through the sky, internal combustion engines of every kind silenced and abandoned on freeways choked with weeds fanning out from cracks in the asphalt. And imagine, skyscrapers silent and dark, imperceptible on a cloudy moonless night… Yes, what is next for the human in Earth’s evolutionary trajectory? A return voyage into the aboriginal future?

To find the answers, we look to the stones–the mute mystery of stones–stones, shadows and light. Stones shaped by the hands of men, carved into images of gods and kings, of archetypal presences, of mythic splendor. Stones shaped into temples, pyramids, monuments to eternity. Stones meant to record some kind of history, but a history beyond the human history, a cosmic history. Stones from the past, it would seem, but which have endured to outlast the age of the machine. And as the cycle of human history is coming to an end, these stones have become a meditation on the meaning of cosmic history, the enduring history of which the human deviation is but an ephemeral bubble.

Go look at the ancient stones, the ones left by the Maya, for example. Look at the stone markers and the magic bodies so strangely supple, yet so obviously of stone. What magic did these Maya know that they left us all of these stones—and a date—2012?

Today archeologists vie with each other to fabricate theories of the Maya demise early in the ninth century—war, revolution, famine, ecological collapse—but are these not just projections from the fears that haunt our mind and world today? We, whose technological rape and exhaustion of the Earth is so epic and so monumental that it dwarfs anything any previous culture was even remotely capable of. No, it is more than just coincidence that the “collapse” of Classic Mayan civilization occurred almost precisely at the ten baktun marker of their famous long count, that is to say, somewhere around or 830 AD.

It is curious and most interesting that the classic Maya, as the archeologists refer to the peak of their civilization, occurred within one baktun cycle, the tenth one, which on the long count is between and, or on the Christian calendar of history, from AD 435 to AD 830. Before this golden age of the Mayan civilization there were nine preceding baktun cycles, and after their heyday, only three baktun cycles to go. If they were measuring their presence by a count of days that began more than three thousand years before their great era, and ended less than 1200 years after, how did they then understand their place in this grand scheme, the Great Cycle of History?

If they knew that the current Thirteen Baktun cycle began at August 13, 3113 BC (Babylonian Conspiracy), or on the long count, some nine baktuns in advance of their prime, might they also not have known that in order to avoid the worst, quit while you are ahead!

In the Mayan measure, history is a cycle 1,872,000 days in duration—that and no more. This number of days divides into thirteen sub cycles called baktuns, each baktun being exactly 144,000 days in length. 144,000 x 13 = 1,872,000. So when we say the Maya “collapse” came at, that means it came exactly 1,440,000 days after the beginning of the long countdown of history. This means that December 21, 2012, was only 432,000 days away!

On the long count, Gregorian December 21, 2012, is the same date as the beginning of history That means (13 x 144,000) or 1,872,000 days will have passed since the count began. is the equivalent of the odometer on a car reaching 100,000 which then automatically resets at 000,000. Likewise, then, both August 13, 3113 BC and December 21, 2012 register = So 2012 means that we will be back at zero, ready to start all over again. But will we be able to take advantage of this New Beginning? Yes, if we enter the New Time before then, a new time shaped by the perfect calendar of Thirteen Moons/28 days. The advent of the New Time is a fulfillment of the final prophecy of the Maya, the prophecy of 2012. It is the prophecy underlying the date 2012 that actually moves through people’s unconscious, like an undercurrent growing stronger as we approach that magical date.

Yes, the tides of change are already rising, bringing with them the tidal winds of prophecy, the prophecy of 2012, the Rx for the human race assailed by artificial time. What is the 2012 prophecy?

In a nutshell, the 2012 Prophecy is the teaching of the Tomb of Pacal Votan, the most famous of the ancient Maya. The prophecy is embedded in the facts and numbers of his tomb, its dedication, its discovery—and its relation to 2012.

Pacal Votan was born in AD 603, at the age of 12 he acceded to the throne and claimed matrilineal descent from his mother, Zak Kuk. His true reign and time of power occurred during a 52 year cycle between AD 631 and his death in 683. During his life time he created the incomparable Palace and Tower of the Winds. At his death he left instructions to his son and successor, Chan Balum, to build his grand tomb and over it the pyramid temple that has come to be known as the Pyramid of the Inscriptions.

The tomb was dedicated in AD 692, on the Long Count. In the ensuing centuries all memory of the existence of the tomb was erased and it lay mysteriously hidden in the jungles for almost thirteen centuries. From the time of its dedication in 692 to its discovery in 1952, lies a span of 1260 years, the numbers of the 12:60 timing frequency (irregular 12 month calendar, mechanical 60-minute hour) of the beast that holds the world soul enslaved to historical materialism. From its dedication, 692, to the year 2012, it is exactly 1320 years, numbers of the 13:20 frequency of the Law of Time and the Universal Harmony which will prevail on Earth in 2012. How will this occur?

The answer again is on the famous sarcophagus. On the eastern edge of the stone are six glyphs known as galactic signatures -one of 20 icons coded by a number, 1-13, hence 13:20. The tones (numbers) of the first set of four signatures add up to 28; the tones of the second set of two signatures add up to 13, the numbers of the perfect Thirteen Moon/28-day calendar.

What this 2012 prophecy says is this: “When my tomb is discovered fallen man will be in 12:60 hell but within 60 years in 2012, the 13-Moon/28-day calendar will take the fallen man of the 12:60 materialist hell, to the 13:20 resurrection in time.” The choice is ours, and it is now available for the taking. There is much more to the prophecy, but  all you need to know right now is that the true Ring of Power in Time is measured by Thirteen Moons-28 days, and it is that measure that will prevail in 2012.

The Maya, who precisely predicted the dates of their own destruction, knew that by 2012 it would all be over anyway, that the Babylonian juggernaut would all but have destroyed the planet by that date.  So at the ten baktun marker the advance Mayan guard departed, called an end to the long count cycles of baktuns and pictuns, and calabtuns. Abandoned the great stone temple cities that dotted the immense jungle lowlands, and the Maya elite, through their knowledge of time magic, departed back into the eternal galactic night whence they had originally come.

Yes, these were the Galactic Maya, great civilizers of the Pleiadian beyond who brought their time science to a planet which they knew was devoid of it, and hence incapable of entering the great tournament of time traveling athletes whose wanderings and mental exploits mark the annals of the galactic saga of spiritual and mental evolution. So here on Earth they infiltrated, partook of the Olmec shamanic rites, became jaguar priests, tamed naguals, and erected cosmic temples upon which they inscribed inscrutable star histories, episodes occurring hundreds of millions and even billions of years in the past—or the future. Finally they set up their dynasties and rivalries which marked the end of their time on Earth.

The greatest of these dynasties of the knowers of the Night of Time was that of Nah Chan—House of the Serpent, Palenque. Here it was that one can now visit the fabled tomb of Pacal Votan, and right next door in Temple XIII, the more mysterious uninscribed tomb of the Red Queen. From the House of the Serpent were generated the secret teachings in the language of the zuvuya, kept by the Jaguar Night Seers in the fabled lost Book of the Seven Generations, the sagas of the End of Time, the knowledge of the fulfillment of all prophecies, the teachings of 2012.

In their wake, the Galactic Maya left certain instructions, certain simplified recipes for marking the time and laying out the prophecies: The year bearer counts, the 52 year cycles or solar-galactic calendar rounds, the Tzolkin, and the long count, but merely as a count of days. Those who chose to remain behind awaited the prophet Kukulcan-Quetzalcoatl, and then before the end of the eleventh baktun, established a new empire of time, the Toltec Maya of Chichen Itza and Mayapan, as well as that of the Quiche and Cakchiquels of the highlands. Their seers maintained the mythic history, the origins, the knowledge of Tollan, the Popul Vuh and the memory of the four original prophets, Balam Quitze, Iqi Balam, Mahacutah, and the Balam Agab. And from Kukulcan-Quetzalcoatl they established lines of seers, prophets known as the Ah Bobat of the tradition of the Chilam Balam, Jaguar seers who foresaw the coming of the aliens from across the water, those who were to bring with them the seeds of destruction.

So it came to pass in the 12th baktun, the sails appeared from across the waters—the iron swords, the cannon, the horse, and the dreaded smallpox, all laid waste to the wonder that had been Maya. But can what is true really be destroyed?

A book burning in 1562, resulted in another book by the very man who burned the books, and this was the first book by a European about the Maya, Relation of the Things of Yucatan, by Bishop de Landa. And in the thirteenth and final baktun, another book burning in 1691, resulted in yet another book. Published in 1692, was The Trials of Votan, all about the mysterious Votan, descendent of Noah, the heart of the people, the planetary wanderer who built the dark house and laid his fabulous tomb beneath a pyramid in the mythic city of Nah Chan, House of the Serpent.

Those Spanish friars who wrote this text had no way of knowing that exactly 1000 years before in 692,the tomb of the great Pacal Votan, king of Nah Chan was dedicated—long count date, Not the friars, nor it seems, even the remaining Maya remembered that tomb. For 1260 years that tomb lay hidden in the jungle. Then in 1952 it came to light, exactly 60 years before the closing of the cycle in 2012.  And when it came to light, it brought with it seeds of the great Mayan reawakening, all foretold and known by those ancient galactic seers in the torch lit corridors beneath the Tower of the Winds—yes, the great Mayan reawakening which was scheduled to begin precisely on August 16, 1987—only 25 years before 2012.